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Top Reasons Why People Prefer Beach Weddings in Kerala

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Weddings are special moments that as a rule, take place only once in a life. Therefore, we want everything to be perfect and make it an unforgettable moment with good memories for the bride, the groom, and the guests. Many couples choose to celebrate their marriage and start their matrimonial life on a beach. It is a romantic place with a pleasant tropical climate. And when we add the beaches of Kerala to the mix, it becomes a dreamy and a magical combination indeed.

If you are thinking about getting married on the beach, consider using shoes instead of heels that are suitable for the beach. If the wedding is on the beach, it is better for the groom to wear a white suit. Several people in India prefer getting married on a beach in Kerala and with an excellent reason.

Here are seven reasons to get married on a beach in Kerala!

1. Beach wedding is a more intimate event. It is common to go to a wedding where you don’t even know the people. However, if you organize your wedding on the beach, only the people who are special and important to you will go. It will seem like an expense to go to the beach, but consider that a smaller number of guests will compensate you. The more the number of guests, the more budget you will need.

2. Guests enjoy the luxury. Those who attend your wedding enjoy two benefits. They accompany you to the celebration and enjoy a day or two resting and unwinding by the sea.

3. You save on the honeymoon expense. If you decide to enjoy your honeymoon in that same place, you save an extra expense. The guests accompany you for one or two days, but you and your partner can stay a week or more to enjoy the beginning of your matrimonial life.

4. A great view is another reason for a beach wedding in Kerala. A sunset wedding is perfect for spectacular and unforgettable scenarios and landscapes in Kerala.

5. You relax more. There are packages where professionals are responsible for organizing your wedding on beaches in Kerala. Some packages include the essentials such as a photographer, a minister or a priest, decoration and the wedding cake. There are many tourist destinations in Kerala with specialized plans for weddings on the beach. If you hire one, you will only have to worry about the wedding dress.

6. It is economical. Thinking about a wedding on the beach may seem quite expensive, but depending on the place, a beach could involve fewer expenses. Air tickets, the hotel, and the wedding ceremony is almost half the cost of a conventional wedding. Obviously, if you pay for the guests’ accommodation, the costs will rise.

7. Pleasant weather is a bonus of a beach wedding in Kerala. The warmth of the sun and the cool sea breeze are ideal for people to have a great time. Everyone will be in a good mood in a cheerful and tropical environment.

Hence, there are several reasons to have a destination beach wedding in Kerala. If you also wish to get married in Kerala, you can check out Kerala matrimonial sites to find your perfect ONE.

Why Kerala is a Perfect Honeymoon Destination?

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Kerala is also known as God’s own country and truly the magnificence of Kerala justifies the title. It is a beautiful state which basks in the glory of nature, sprawling luscious greenery, pristine backwaters, scenic landscapes, misty hills, spice garden, tea, and coffee plantations to name a few.

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Kerala is one of the preferred tourist spots for the honeymoon couples owing to its natural beauty, pleasant and calm weather, and unique local cuisines – An ideal spot to wander with your life partner in the lap of nature.

You can plan a trip around the year but the best time to visit Kerala is after the monsoons to watch greenery in full swing.

Top 7 Destinations of Kerala to include in Honeymoon Trip Package

1. Munnar

Munnar is a large expanse of seamless tea plantations and the entire region is covered with luscious greenery. The beautiful hills of Munnar are the special attraction for the tourists. Eravikulam National Park of Munnar is the hot spot to watch the exotic species of flora and fauna. The pristine waterfalls Pallivasal and Chinnakanal are not to be missed. It is a favorable place for long nature walks, rock climbing, rappelling, getting wet under the waterfalls on way to Munnar and viewing sunrise together. The young couples are energetic and adventurous and Munnar is one of the best places for them to indulge in fun and frolic.

2. Wayanad

Chembra Peak is the highest peak in Wayanad and the heart-shaped honeymoon lake is the center of attraction. The lake is halfway on the way to the peak and people reach the peak via trekking or walking up to the top. The lake is covered with mist and it is a top rated place in Kerala for the honeymoon couples.

3. Kumarakom

Houseboat cruise in the vast backwaters of Kumarakom is the major attraction of this place. Book a houseboat to relax with your life partner and get a close view of nature, rice paddies, and unending coconut groves. Fresh fish are offered in the local cuisine of Kumarakom and foodies can savour their taste buds with its tasty cuisines.

4. Marari Beach

Marari Beach is a serene spot and turquoise blue waters, bright sun, golden sands, eternal coconut palm trees and delicious cuisines are the major attractions of this place. Traditional cottages are available here with private swimming pools for the couples seeking privacy and fun.

5. Thekkady

Thekkady is a tourist paradise and tree houses are a major attraction of this place. The tree houses are stationed between the forest areas. It invokes kid feeling staying in these tree house spots and is a romantic escapade for couples. Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, Abraham’s Spice Garden, Murikkady, and Kadathanadan Kalari Centre are some of the hot spots to visit during your staycation at Thekkady to watch the wildlife, to sense the aroma of spices, springing Ayurveda herbs, organic farming and to watch martial arts for self-defense.

6. Vagamon

Vagamon is a charming hill station and has attracted the attention of tourists. It is studded with green meadows, wildlife, tea plantations, valleys, gardens, and dales. The chain of hills Thangal Hill, Murugan Hill and Kurisumala is an extraordinary feat for Vagamon and fresh air and lively atmosphere is the gift for the visitors.

7. Bekal

An ideal place for couples, far away from the hustle bustle of city life, Bekal is nestled with amenities and comforts of nature. Clean sand and water, panoramic view of the Bekal Fort and the calming backwaters of Valiyaparamba are the major attractions of this spot.

If you are searching for a honeymoon spot, certainly plan a trip to the beautiful places in Kerala. Soak yourself in the goodness of nature and rejuvenate yourself with aromatic Ayurveda wellness treatments. Kerala is the exotic amalgamation of hill stations, valleys, beaches, backwaters, wildlife and waterfalls along with elephant ride in forests and long walks in spice gardens and tea and coffee plantations.

You can gift Kerala honeymoon package to your near and dear one’s matrimonial couples. Various matrimonial sites also present an exciting package for the newlywed couples.

Reasons Why Weddings in Kerala Are Such an Extravaganza

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Kerala weddings are truly an extravagance if you compare them to the other types of weddings. They are truly a class apart. If you happen to attend a matrimonial ceremony in Kerala, you will definitely have a jaw-dropping experience. Yes, it is true! So let us check out some reasons that make weddings in Kerala an extravaganza!

A Lot of Gold

Yes, the brides in Kerala wear a lot of gold. If you happen to attend a Kerala matrimony ceremony, you will see girls with a lot of gold jewelry. You might feel that they buy gold in kilos because it is just so much! Nevertheless, it makes weddings in Kerala a treat to the eyes. It is their tradition to load the brides with a lot of gold. It is also an offering to the God. Moreover, the gold jewelry becomes more evident on the cream-colored sarees.

Amazing Food

“Sandhya” or the Kerala wedding feast is something that you simply cannot miss at a Kerala wedding. For the Sandhya meal, a banana leaf is placed in front of all the guests. Then, they start serving different types of typical Kerala cuisines for you. Many servers are assigned to making sure that the guests are served well. They start by serving on the banana leaf from the top left part of the leaf and then follow the order. It starts with upperi, sarkara upperi and papadam. It is followed by a wide range of wedding-special cuisines like olan, thoran, khichdi, pachadi, kaalan, erissery, avial, and koottukari. Your mouth will start watering even at the sight of these dishes. After the starters, they serve you with rice, ghee, sambar and dal curry. They ask you to make a small hole in the rice heap where they serve you the sambar. By the time you finish your food, they pour amazing rasam that you can mix with rice and have it. The meal ends with desserts like milk payasam and dal payasam. In the end, they also take care of your digestion and serve you some buttermilk.

The Wedding “Event”

Weddings in Kerala are more like an event than a ceremony. There are wedding planners involved who try to make everything perfect for the guests. The weddings planners try to make innovations in making the wedding a spectacular event praised by everyone who visits. You can look for a Kerala bride or a groom on matrimonial sites to find your perfect match and plan an extraordinary wedding for yourself. The wedding ceremonies go on for several days with ceremonies like Haldi, mehndi, sangeet followed by the actual wedding day and a follow-up reception. Of course, a Kerala wedding is a huge event and worth visiting.

To sum up, Kerala weddings are truly amazing. If you are looking for a Kerala bride or groom, you can definitely check out Lovevivah matrimony site. Surely you find your right match here!

Kerala Wedding: 5 Sarees No Kerala Bride Should Miss on Wedding Day

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Kerala Bride for Wedding

Kerala wedding is one of the most beautiful and simplest of all. You will hardly see any kind of show-off or larger than life expensive wedding there. Similarly, the wedding attire of the Kerala bride is more elegant and beautiful. Most of the Kerala brides wear traditional saree on their wedding day. Kerala people are very particular about their wedding rituals and religiously follow their traditions. Whether it is a Kerala Hindu wedding, Kerala Muslim wedding or Kerala Christian wedding, all follow the rituals and complete wedding gracefully. If you are a would-be Malayali bride and looking for wedding attire, then you can’t miss exploring some traditional Kerala wedding sarees. Here, we are sharing some wedding saree options for you to consider for your special day.

Kasavu Saree for traditional Kerala bridal look: The Kasavu saree with its beautiful iconic golden zari contrasted with white cloth has become a symbol of the Malayali girl for marriage. This is one of the most popular saree for a Malayali bride. This South Indian saree is a true masterpiece and one of the most favorite wedding dress of Malayali brides. This is a perfect choice for elegant and simple looks. Mix right kind of jewelry with this beautiful saree. This saree looks really nice on all complexions, so you need not to bother about the skin tone and looks.

Modern Zari Kasavu saree for contemporary looks: If you are not really crazy about the traditional simple Kasavu saree and want to experiment with your traditional saree, then Kasavu zari saree is the right choice for you. The beautiful golden motifs at the border make this masterpiece really beautiful. There are plenty of designs and options available in the market to choose from for your wedding day. Even you can get your saree customized and get some work done on it if you want to enjoy a different look in traditional saree.  You can wear this saree on your wedding day or even on your wedding reception as well.

Kanchipuram saree for royal touch: It is one of the most expensive and preferred South Indian saree for wedding Kerala girls prefer this saree over lehenga. It is considered as Banarasi saree of South India. Kanchipuram is known for its quality, beauty and craftsmanship. It’s one of the most favorite saree of Kerala Hindu Brides. This saree is easily available in almost every color and shade. This is one of most expensive sarees, so if you are ready to spend good amount on your wedding dress and budget is not a constraint for you, then this is just perfect for you.

Brocade saree for graceful look: If you are looking for something different and don’t want to look like a stereotype, then this is a perfect choice for you. You can’t go wrong with this beautiful saree. These brocade sarees looks really beautiful and elegant. These are even more comfortable and easy to carry. The beautiful work and designs on these sarees makes them really adorable. These sarees are available in almost all colors and shades.

Banarasi Saree to look gorgeous: This is really unconventional option for all those brides who want to look gorgeous in this masterpiece. Malayali brides can mix this North Indian saree with their traditional jewelry to get the desired looks. These are the real masterpieces and look nice on every bride. The beautiful designs and vibrant colors make this saree a perfect pick for your wedding day. You will look really stunning and gorgeous in this beautiful banarasi saree.

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