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Onam Festival: Follow Latest Fashion Trends & Look Trendy

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onam festival kerala

Onam festival is the most important festivals of Kerala. It is known as harvest festival. A festival celebration is incomplete without wearing great and trendy clothes. The food and clothes are the most important parts of this Malayalam harvest festival. Do you want to look trendy yet traditional on this special festival? It is ten days long festival and you can make your own style statements by wearing some trendy clothes during this ten days long festival. To match the festive spirit, wear some vibrant and stylish clothes. To enjoy the never-ending celebrations and enjoy the festival mood ensure that you are following the right fashion on this Onam festival.

Long kurta with palazzo: Go for this trendy and most chick fashion trend. You can wear a long kurta with palazzo. Go for a makeover to your pastel shades this Onam and wear some interesting colors like golden & yellow combination, pink and green, purple and golden to get the new look this festival. Choose the right jewelry to match your trendy outfit and look elegant this Onam. While making pookalam with your friends, this dress will be very comfortable and you can enjoy the comfort and ease.

Suits with pants: This is another trendy option which you can try this Onam cerebration. These suits with pants are very much in trend and you can wear this trendy outfit this Onam festival. You can go for body fitted pants or some comfortable lose pants to make your style statements. Don’t forget to match up with the traditions of Onam Malayalam festival colors like green, yellow and pink. You can also see the same traditional colors in their pookalam, which a traditional rongoli is created by the females of the family. If you want to add some jazz in these colors, then go for orange, golden and burgundy color suits.

Lehenga choli: This is one of the most favorite and loved dress of all Kerala people, when it comes to dressing for festival. During this Onam harvest festival you can wear a colorful lehenga choli with some elegant and matching jewelry. Kerala females love to wear border lehenga choli during festivals. Even during Kerala marriage you can easily see ladies dressed up in colorful lehenga choli.

Saree: Saree is considered as traditional dress of Kerala and females love to wear this six yards trendy outfit. You can go for some nice border saree or you can also choose from other trendy saree. You can go for some designer saree matching up with the spirit of this color Onam harvest festival. If you are not comfortable in wearing silk saree, choose some georgette, chiffon or crape saree as these are very comfortable and easy to manage. Don’t forget to add some bling in your traditional attire to look trendy. Wear some nice trendy jewelry matching to your gorgeous saree.

Anarkali suits: This is another good option to wear during this ten days long Onam Kerala festival. You can wear a long anarkali suit. These suits are available in almost all colors and different patterns and designs as ankle length or floor length suits which gives you a lehenga look. Choose some trendy and vibrant colors like green, orange, yellow or red for your anarkali suit this festival. Long dangling earring and a nice neck piece will complete your festival look.

Suit with churidar: You can wear a nice churidar with your suit to get the perfect festival look. This is something very much trendy and elegant. You can wear a long suit or kurta with churidar or leggings. If you are not comfortable in churidars, then you can pick leggings to complete your Onam festival look. This festival season go for some vibrant colors give a break to those dull and off shades.

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Onam Celebration in Kerala with 10 Days Long Events

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Onam Festival Kerala

Onam is one of the major festivals of Kerala and celebrated with high spirit and fervor. This is ten days long festival, which starts from Atham on the first day and the last ceremony, which is celebrated on the tenth day and the one of the biggest day during this festival is known as Thiru Onam.

The ten days long celebration attracts a large number of tourists from across the country and world to this beautiful place. It is a harvest festival and celebrated across the Kerala state in the month of August or September. According to one of the most popular legend, the festival is celebrated to welcome King Mahabali. The people of the Kerala believe that during the ten days long Onam celebration the spirit of King Mahabali visit there.


10 Days of Onam Festival

  1. Atham
  2. Chithira
  3. Chodhi
  4. Vishakam
  5. Anizham
  6. Thriketa
  7. Moolam
  8. Pooradam
  9. Uthradom
  10. Thiruvonam

Celebration Starts with Pookalam

 The ten days long carnival and festival starts with Pookalam.  It refers to creating floral designs and during the whole celebration more and more flowers are added with each passing day. Girls create beautiful floral designs in front of their home. People visit local temples and offer prayers to God.

Thiru Onam Celebration

The most important and happening day in the carnival of Onam is Thiruvonam. The celebration begins early in the morning. On this special day, people clean up their house, wear new clothes and offer special prayer to God to receive their blessings. On the tenth day, an extremely big Pookalam is prepared to welcome the spirit of King Mahabali.

The biggest attraction of the day is known as Onasadya, an enormous lunch conducted by the people collectively. Most of the people are really passionate about conducting such enormous lunches. If people can’t afford the enormous meal they at least prepare the meal, which includes all the 11-13 different dishes.

Onkalikal Refers to Games

This refers to all the games played during the festival Onam. People play different games such as Talappanthukali, which is played with a ball. They also conduct Ambeyyal (Archery).

Vallamkali Boat Race

Vallamkali boat race is also known as the snake boat race. This is one of most entertaining and happening events of Onam festival. In the boat race, nearly 100 boatmen compete with each other in a boat riding competition. All the boats are beautifully decorated with different designs and patterns.

Glorious Elephant Procession

Elephant procession is one of the most awaited events of this high-spirited festival. All the elephants are decorated with flowers, ornaments and beautiful clothes. This procession takes a long round of the whole Thrissur.


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