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Awesome Gujarati Wedding Rituals You Will Find Nowhere!

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Gujarati Wedding Rituals

Gujrati’s are full of life and they are true heart foodies. Their life is full of colors, excitement and joy. You can’t imagine a single Gujarati wedding is performed simply or without much of fun and fervor. If anytime you will get a chance to attend any Gujarati wedding you can easily imagine that how colorful clothes Gujarati Bride and Groom wear. Here, we are sharing some awesome Gujarati wedding ceremonies which you will surely encounter if you will attend it.

Garbha night: In almost all Gujarati weddings they hold a special garbha session, which is generally attended by all family members and friends. This is really exciting and full filled ceremony. Generally, they organize garbha more than three to four days before the wedding night.

Pithi ceremony: This ceremony is held in both the families a day before the marriage. All close family members and relatives attend this special ceremony. The females of the family apply the turmeric paste on the body of the bride and groom. They believe that turmeric will bring prosperity and wealth in their married life.

Big packet of shaguns and gifts: Gujarati people love to gift their relatives and they take gifting very seriously. For them wedding gifts are like investments. They prefer to gift in cash, rather than kind. Even they believe gifting good amount of money as shagun to Gujarat Bride and Groom in marriage.

Special welcome ceremony of Gujarati groom: In all Gujarati weddings, mother-in-law welcomes the groom in a very special manner. The groom will not be allowed to enter into the wedding venue until the mother of the Gujarati bride pulls his nose. This special ritual is one the most fun-filled ceremony which is generally liked by all in Gujarati wedding.

Dandiya on wedding day: On wedding day as well, they make special arrangements for dandiya in the wedding venue. You can see most of the guests and family members enjoying this special dandiya with family and friends. Even you can see many young hearts enjoying this ceremony to the fullest.

End number of delicacies and starters: As Gujarati’s are foodies and their wedding not less than a feast. In their wedding, you can see end number of dishes and starters. Besides, you can enjoy different sweets and juices. Therefore, attending a Gujarati wedding is not less than big feast bonanza for all food lovers.

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Gujarati Wife Suitable for Business Family Marriage

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Gujarati bride

People of Gujarat state in India are referred as Gujarati. Most of them are from business families and affluent class. Gujarati culture is very vibrant with beautiful. Here the people of Gujarat speak Gujarati- it is their local language of communication. Besides, Gujarati people also speak some other languages like surti, charotari, kathiawai and kutchi. These people are highly educated and famous for the strong bonding and togetherness. They are highly professional and career oriented. They pay more attention to career and their business. Gujarati people are very traditional and fallow all the rituals in weddings. Most of the people in Gujarat are Hindu followed by Muslims. Gujarati males are usually involved in the family business.

Gujarati marriage is like an extravaganza for eye and a cultural treat for all. The parents or Gujarati bride and groom search the prospective life partner for their children. Nowadays, most of the families give respect to the choice of their kids and give them chance to select a life partner for them. If they will say yes to their choice, then only they take the next step. All the pre-wedding rituals are performed in their respective families. The first and foremost ritual of the pre-wedding is Lord Ganesha pooja. This ritual is conducted to seek the blessing of Lord Ganesha for the grah shanti and uninterrupted marriage rituals.

The next ritual is ‘Jaan’ where the groom come to bride’s house and seek blessing of his mother-in-law by touching her feet. The mandap is specially decorated for Vedic ritual ceremony. The mandap symbolize the four parents of both Gujarati bride and groom and they are the pillars of their life. Their parents take oath for the marriage of their children. Most of the ceremonies are conducted in the presence of guests, relatives and friends.

On wedding day, the groom and bride exchanges garlands which is popularly known as ‘Jaimala’ function. The groom’s feet are cleaned with water. He is offered milk and honey to drink which is called as ‘Madhuparka’ before wedding ceremony. Next is ‘Juta Churai’ where groom’s shoes are traditionally hidden by sisters of the bride. After this ceremony, the next ritual is ‘Kanyadan’. In this ritual, the father of the bride gives the hand of his daughter in the hand of groom and expects that he will take care of her and support her in all ups and downs of life.

In ‘Hasta Milap’ ritual the grooms shawl is tied with the saree of the bride. The last ritual of Gujarati wedding is seven rounds take around the holy fire steps which are considered very sacred and known as saptapadi. After completing the saptapadi their parents and elders give them blessing for their happy and successful married life.

After the marriage rituals, there is a reception party for family, guest, relatives of bride and groom. In ‘Vidaai’ ceremony, the bride takes farewell from her family and house. Once the couple reaches groom’s house the next ritual is ‘Ghar Ni Lakshmi’ ritual where the bride knock down rice vessel with her right leg before entering the home. The Hindu bride is considered as Goddess Laxmi for the house.

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