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Valentine’s Day Is Not Only For Lovers: Celebrate Is Differently!

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Valentine's couple with celebration

Generally, we consider Valentine’s Day as lover’s day or a day only meant for those who are in love. But, this is not true, anyone and everyone can celebrate this beautiful day in their own ways. Even there are people who don’t like idea of Valentine’s Day. But, one should not forget that it is not only for lovers, you can express your love to your parents, your cousins, and friends, even to your pet, etc. It is a day when you should share your love with your loved ones. If you are not in love, but love your family, friends, and cousins, this is your day to celebrate it differently and make it special for you and for everyone around you. Here are some useful tips to make first Valentine’s Day special and memorable:

Appreciate those who care for you: It is a good day to appreciate the love and care of all those for whom you matter a lot. Be thankful to all those who are always with you and care for you a lot.

 Send some special gift to your parents: It is a nice thing to do on that day. Send a nice card to your parents telling them that how much you love them and how important they are in your life? Make them realize that you love them a lot.

Make yourself happy and pamper yourself: Don’t feel sad or lonely on that day. Do something nice for yourself. Do all such things which make you happy. Pamper yourself, treat yourself, buy a gift for yourself, order your favorite food. Hey, it’s your day, love yourself and enjoy the day!

Go for outing with your friends: Every friend is really important and this is the perfect day to show your love to them.  Plan an outing or get-together on that day. Ask all your friends to join you and have fun with them. Friends are the best gift of God. Value them, tell them how happy you are in their company.

Do something nice for someone: If you believe a small gesture can bring smile on someone’s face. Follow it and do something nice for someone. It could be as small as offering a seat to someone in need.

Talk to someone with whom you have not talked: Make a call to your friend or relative with whom you have not talked from a long-time. Call him/her and enjoy a nice chit-chat session and recall some of the good memories.

Thank God for everything: Don’t feel sad over anything, you should feel happy that God has gifted you  very beautiful life, loving parents, a caring family and some really good friends and strength to achieve your dream.

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Supper Sizzling Dressing Ideas To Look Diva On This Valentine’s Day

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valentine's day dressing idea

Are you planning to celebrate your Valentine’s Day with your fiancé? Do you want to look like a Diva on this Valentine’s Day ? This is one of the most awaited day of the year when all lovebirds want to celebrate this day together. To woo your man are you making some plans? You can’t miss this important occasion to look like a diva. Whether you are going for a romantic dinner date or for a movie, still you have to look stunning. Here are some awesome dressing tips to look like a Diva on this Valentine no matter wherever you go.

Beautiful knee length dress: To look super cute and awesome on your first date with your fiancé you can try a knee-length dress in pastel or some vibrant shades. Depending upon your taste and color complexion you can choose your dress. Put nice and light make-up with your beautiful dress. Since this is your first date, so you don’t want to miss a single opportunity to look gorgeous, but don’t do over of anything. Finish off the look with a cute bracelet, stylish bag and matching footwear. Don’t forget to wear a nice short coat or jacket with it.

A stylish short one-piece: This is one dress which looks nice on almost all the girls. If your man is taking you out for dinner then you can go for a stylish one-piece dress. You can choose the length of the dress depending upon your comfort level. If you are confident enough to carry a short dress with ease then you can go for shorter one, but if you are not confident to wear short dress then you can go for a decent length dress. Accessorize your outfit a classy clutch and elegant jewelry and strappy sandals.

Maxi dress: This is very much in trend and you can see many Bollywood divas wearing this maxi dress on various occasions. You can wear this beautiful maxi dress on a candle light dinner or even when you are going out for movie. Complete your looks with a half-up-half-down hair style and some nice antique jewelry.

Ripped jeans with some cool t-shirt: If you are going for some picnic or to some century park then this is the ideal outfit to look cool and classy. You can wear your favorite ripped jeans with a cool t-shirt to look decent. You can also pair your ripped jeans with quirky sweatshirt. You can go for some cool fishtail braid, a pretty pink lip-color and sneakers.

Long-comfortable skirt: If you both are planning to watch a romantic movie and dinner at your favorite hangout place, you can wear a long comfortable skirt to look stylish yet elegant on your movie-dinner date this Valentine’s Day. Enjoy this long-fit skirt in print, designs, plain solid color with some nice embroidery or border. You need not to do much with your hair as if you will go with small curls still you will look elegant and gorgeous in it.

Fiery Red: This is one color which you can never miss if you are planning your date with your fiancé on Valentine’s Day. You can choose any of the outfit in red color to look stunning. You can wear one-piece or for long-dress or even nice net frock in red color will also charming. Try and experiment with your looks in this bold color to make your own style statement. To complete your looks try some messy buns or curls for styling your hair.

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Gift A Luxury Watch To Your Man This Valentine’s Day!

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Luxury-Watch Gift for Husband on Valentine

Watches are important to make your own style statement. Watches are not only meant to wear as utility item, but it is a perfect example of individual’s taste, personality and style statement. Finding a stylish and perfect watch is really important for some people. If for you watch is not just a watch and for you it is your style statement, your accessory, your persona, so you will not settle down with anything and everything when it comes to a watch. The luxury watches are prime example of great looks, style and high-class functionality. Let’s take a look at some stylish branded watches which are real masterpiece.

Audemars Piguet: This ultra-luxury Swiss watch is by Audemars Piguet one of the most unique models in the market. The brand has its niche place in the market and produces 36,000 prestigious designer timepieces. They are the first one to create the first steel luxury steel watch. Gift the true masterpiece to your love.

Vacheron Constantin: Do you really want to gift him something really awesome and stylish? Gift him Vacheron Constantin watch, one of the most stylish and manly watch. This is brand is member of the Richemont Group. These stylish watches truly reflect their mastery and heritage.

Patek Phillipe: This is one of the premier watch companies which offer world class watches. The watches boast complicated mechanics and traditional styling and have been worn by the royal people as well. This is a classic masterpiece and must buy to make a royal statement. This is inspiringly classic and unique with distinctive style statement.

Rolex: Rolex is one brand which is internationally acclaimed and popular among all people who want to make their style statement. It’s has maintained the brand value consistently throughout the years. This real masterpiece has been ranked among the world’s most powerful global brands by Forbes. It is the only watch company which managed to create 2000 pieces per day.

Panerai: The watch company was founded in 1860 and since then it is creating the stylish timepieces. It has created a market base for itself because of its classic and bold designs. You can buy this stylish timepiece gift for husband on this Valentine’s Day.

Cartier: It is undoubtedly one of the most iconic watch and jewelry brands globally. It is very popular among the mainstream people and celebrities. These royal and classic watches don’t require any introduction as they speak for themselves. Its world-class material and classic design sets it apart from rest of the brands. It is true value for money and worth buying for your husband on this Valentine’s Day.

Omega: This Swiss luxury watch brand has earned its place with its classic work as well as contemporary designs. It is a leading luxury watch brand which is one of the most sought after. It is a must buy timepiece with contemporary designs and world-class standard.

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Some Interesting Ideas To Celebrate Your First Valentine’s Day Together

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First Valentine’s Day

14th February is considered as lover’s day and popularly known as Valentine ’s Day. It is the day when cupid strikes, a day full of love, flowers, chocolates, promises and gifts. The most usual way of showing your love to your beloved is gifting her flowers, chocolates, and teddy bear. But, sometimes it is good to think out-of-box and plan something, which is not very usual. It will add real fun and excitement to the event. It is really important that you think and try some ideas that not at all common or usual. Here, we are sharing some exciting & fun loving ways of celebrating Valentine ’s Day together.

Visit some unusual/new places: Like every second couple, don’t plan your Valentine ’s Day celebration in some lavish restaurant or biggest mall of the city. Spending the whole day there in indoor shopping and eating fast food. To add some fun and excitement in your valentine’s day, you can visit some unusual places on this special day. Visit some places, which you have never visited earlier.

Home restaurant for love bites: Another idea that you can try at home to make your valentine’s day memorable is set a table for two on your terrace, in your balcony or garden and decorate the surroundings with small lights, candles with some awesome music. This would give the evening a very romantic and personal touch.

Organize a small personal party: You can also organize a small personal party at home. You can invite a few of your friends or family members to celebrate the day differently. This is something unusual, which nobody does because we consider it as personal affair.

Give personal touch to your wedding: Instead of buying an expensive gift, you can make something for him/her. You can make some nice handmade card or a dairy notes, decorate his/her cupboard with different handwritten messages or decorate your room.

Go for some unusual events: You can plan your day differently by organizing some different events. You can think about events like spending some hours at some old age home, pet rescue organization, some NGO or such placesm, where you can do something for humanity.

Donate something for humanity: You can also organize some donation camp or donate your old clothes, or unused clothes to some organizations that need such things. If you have old toys, books, stationary or some stuff which you are not busing, you can also plan something like that. You can also organize some food camp where you can offer food to some unprivileged people.

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Festival of Love on Valentine’s Day with Special Partner

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Happy Valentine Day - 14th February

Valentine’s Day is special week for celebration of love among the lovely birds. This is fall on the February 14. It is stared with week-long celebration by the young generation boys and girls in the world to express their love each other. The history of Valentine’s started from the Christian saint Saint Valentine who belongs to Rome state remembered for love who jailed under the Roman Empire for arranging marriage for soldier. Then he fell in love with jailer officer’s daughter during his jail period. From this story the love festival is observed as the Saint Valentine’s Day relating to his name.

Significant of Valentine’s Day

The symbols Valentine are the heart colored in reds and pinks, and pictures Cupid icon. Small winged image with a bow and arrow is known as Cupid which is used as symbol for winning of love. The arrow is to strike the hearts of lovely person to fallen in love with each other. Romantic couples in loving embraces with gifts like flowers, chocolate, red roses are used as natural symbol of Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Week from February 7 – February 14

The duration of 7 days dedicated as Valentine style special day wise celebrate of love festival with your special partner.

February 7- Rose Day

The celebration starts on first day with Red Rose to partner on 7th February. Offer Rose (Red or Pink) to your special person for Happy Rose Day.

February 8- Propose Day

On day two is Propose Day on 8th February after your Roses accepted by love partner. You can say “I Love you” to make relationship official. Roses, cards and bouquet are to express your feelings your sweetheart.
February 9- Chocolate Day

Day 3 of Valentine’s week, you should offer chocolates to your love partner celebration the Happy Chocolate Day 9th February. Chocolates will be a sweet moment of friendship.

February 10- Teddy Day

Day 4 as Teddy day on 10th February. Gift a cute Teddy bear to lady love as best way to express your heart feelings. This teddy will be remembered as the symbol of your love.

February 11- Promise Day

Day 5 of Valentine’s week is known as Promise Day on 11th February. Day is promise and trust of love seal with relationship forever. Keep happy safe note, love wrist band, and love letter to be exchanged.

February 12-Hug Day

Day 6 of Valentine’s Week is Hug Day on 12th February. Give a tight Hugs to you love partner. A trusted hug can make your day special with motivation to take to the love. It makes you closer and feels safe each other with intimate bond of love expression.

February 13- Kiss Day

Day 7 of Valentine’s day is Kiss Day on 13th February. This is most special day for lovers to make Kiss of Love. Romantic Kiss can impress Lady Love before Valentine’s Day which marked as victory of love.

February 14- Valentine Day

Finale day 8 of Valentine’s Week is celebration as Valentine Day on 14th February. It is time of D day celebration with a teddy bear, red rose, romantic gift, lovely music and candle light dinner. Love festival for special person whom you love, deserve this day with you. Go and say Happy Valentine’s Day to your dear partner of keep love relation forever.

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