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Building a positive bond with in-laws

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Once you enter the holy bond of matrimony, life stands ahead, staring at you with multiple responsibilities. You and your partner are in a life-long commitment to taking care of each other. The fact that responsibilities differ throughout the countries does not change the fact that responsibilities exist in the first place. Indian bride and groom enter wedlock with families. This means that the bride has a new family to cater and so does the groom. Every marriage starts a new web of relationships, and it takes the effort to start this new life on a good note.

The in-laws become a serious part of your marriage, and they are a source of constant encouragement. They act as a guide during the first phase of married life and also make sure that you are well-adjusted. They try to create a niche for the newlywed so that they do not find themselves out of the place. We cannot live in isolation, and the same applies to a marriage. A happy family is a promising one, and every newlywed needs to make an effort to nurture it. This process is a time consuming one, but fruitful at the same time.

Spend time together
Your bond with your husband’s or wives’ family will add to the strength of your marriage. Make time to sit together for lunch or dinner or else just go out for a picnic. This will help you know your in-laws better

Be honest
This is the key to all good relationships. Never sugar coat things and let them know whether you are comfortable with a particular thing or not. Convey your likings and disliking but be considerate when you do so.

Know and understand
Since it’s a start of a new relationship, so take your time to adjust. Try knowing the people around. It is obvious that everyone will not match your beliefs or values, but instead of making any fuss about it, try to accommodate the differences. Do understand that people cannot be judged and categorized as right or wrong, they are just different than you and may be right in their own way.

Be considerate
Your nature can set you miles apart. If someone wronged you, forgive and if you wronged someone, apologize. This is the key to sustain lifelong relationships. Try forgetting ‘not so good’ things and move on. Clinging to any dispute or disagreement can lead to disruption of your peace.

The point is you are into a lifelong commitment and have vowed to take care of your partner and his /her loved ones. He/she is related to a family which now you are a part of. For a healthy marriage, it is compulsory to value and respect your in-laws. A positive bond with your spouse’s family can help pave the way for matrimonial bliss. At the end of the day, having another family is a beautiful thing, and it deserves the love at your end. This additional bond will help keep away the frustration and bestow positivity to your day to day life.

5 tips to befriend mother-in-law after marriage

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In India, marriage is not just a bond between the couple but the entire families. Especially in the context of women, they are supposed to build a strong bond with in-laws even if it calls for going an extra mile to please them; though men are still relieved from such expectations. Not to mention, a good bond or a not-so-good bond with in-laws can have a direct impact on your relationship as a couple and on your marriage too.

Since in most of the families mother-in-law would have played the key role binding the family together, influencing the family decisions, handling the chores and doing what all it takes to create a family, hence it becomes all the more important to build a good rapport with her to establish your own position in the new family. In most probability, she can be and will be the one who will help you adjust and settle in the family after marriage.

Here are a few tips to befriend your mother-in-law.

1) Understand her expectations

The way you have certain expectations from your new family and in-laws, they too have certain expectations from you. They are the ones who were instrumental in making your marriage materialize and they will be more than happy to be with you in all odds and evens, provided you respect their expectations. Though the efforts have to be from both ends to make the things work yet no harm in initiating the first step.

2) Respect and admire her

Do respect her for the simple reason that she is your husband’s mother, and now yours too. She has been taking care of your husband since the time he was born till the date you got married to him and that deserves an admiration. Do acknowledge her efforts throughout these years. Once you start showing respect and appreciating her for what all she has done, she is sure to develop a soft corner for you too.

3) Offer Support Carefully

Believe it or not, there are few MILs who want their DILs to be fully involved in household chores from the day one whereas on the contrary there are few who are a bit possessive about their home and kinds of stuff they do and might not release responsibilities so quickly. It is better to understand their psyche and act accordingly. Too much of eagerness to offer support to a MIL possessive about her things might push her apart. Be careful about how you go about it.

4) Confide in with mother-in-law

Your mother-in-law has been an integral part of the family that you have just entered. Don’t make her feel that you are there to take her place. Assure her that you are there to compliment her in all possible manner and make “her” family complete. Don’t let your actions signal otherwise. Don’t let insecurity creep in.

5) Respect and care for your father-in-law

The relationship between a father-in-law and a daughter-in-law is often a neglected one. Though this can be a sweet father-daughter relationship provided you take a lead. Respecting and taking care of your father-in-law will not only help you establish good terms with him but will also help you establish firm grounds in your new family. As it is an indirect way of touching your mother-in-law’s heart. She will be delighted to see someone taking care of the person she loved the most her entire life.

Unique Gifting Ideas for Your Father-In Law on This Father’s Day

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Father's Day Gifting Idea

You are reading this post because you are clueless about the ideas what you should gift to your father-in-law on this father’s day. I am sure that you have invested countless hours in searching a unique gift for your father-in-law. You must be looking for a gift, which is unique, different, practical, original and special. Because of all these reasons you must be looking for something nice for him to show your love, gratitude and affection towards him. Here, I am sharing some unique, handpicked gifting ideas with you for Father’s Day.

Personalized photo frame: This is one of the most memorable and loved gift. You can buy a customized photo frame for him on this father’s day. You can make a photo collage and get it printed according to the size of the frame. You can also get a nice message printed on your photo-frame to give it personal touch.

Mobile phone: If he is good with gadgets and loves to spend most of his time on mobile phone, then this will be a perfect gift for him. Buy a nice, trendy, latest phone with features he wants in his next phone. A latest phone will be something, which is generally liked by all.

Digital camera: Is he the one who loves to capture the happy moments with his camera. Buy a latest, updated digital camera for him on this father’s day. This will help him in capturing some best moments with new digital camera.

Personalized night lamp: Gift him a personalized night lamp. You can get a photo printed on the shade or top of lamp or you can get some message printed on the lamp. This will be a perfect gift if he is used to of reading or doing work in the night.

Leather wallet: You can buy a nice leather wallet for him from a good brand. This is something, which is useful and loved by all males. You know his life style and requirements too, you can buy wallet according to his taste and requirements.

Kindle: If he is a reader by heart and he doesn’t miss even a single good book, then this one is just perfect for him. Buy Kindle for him, so that he can continue reading endless books. This is the best way to express your love and care for your father-in-law.

Smart health watch: If he is health conscious and never miss his jogging session, then a smart watch can help him about counting his walk pace, his pulse, etc. This is the best way to monitor health and keep a close watch on your daily activities and health results. Buy this smart watch to make him feel that you care for him and his health.

Perfume & body lotions: If he loves to pamper himself, this is your turn to make him feel pampered. You can gift him some nice perfume or fragrance and body lotion of his choice. Buy perfume which suits his personality and persona.

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