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While silent treatment can kill your marriage, The ‘silent mode’ can save it.

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Technology has transformed our lives. It has changed the way we look at things and made us more dependent on what it offers. We are saturated with technology and it is more than easy to get lost in the digital world. Most of us have our jobs, hobbies and communication hinged to these technological devices.

It has made communication the easiest. With constant improvements and utilities, smartphones are functioning as our brain. They have become an integral part of our life. This dependence is reflected in the way we behave within the boundaries of our relationships.

The Obsession with Technology – How It Affects Relationships

We are all so attached to our phones that we fail to realise that this may be actually sabotaging the relationships we have. Yes, we can stay in touch with the people we love as they are just a text away. The interactions become easy. But it is a whole another story when they are right next to you. Most of us are still glued to our phones without giving proper attention to people around us.

One of the most negatively affected relationships in the smartphone frenzy is a marriage. Our cell-phone habits make us forget that matrimony needs continuous nurturing, heart to heart real-time conversations. While we are on our smartphones all the time, it feels like a burden to spend some dedicated time with the spouse.

Couples tend to sleep side by side, scrolling through their face book and Instagram pages. This behaviour is considered normal and that is an irony. It is fine to spend some time with things you find good or interesting, but do not forget to prioritise. In the middle of an interesting conversation with your spouse, the phone rings and whoosh! There goes all the attention.

It is high time to ask yourself, “Are you married to your smartphone”

We cannot run away from the technology. But we can make sure it does not hamper our matrimonial union. Give your partner the time and attention they deserve, because phones can wait. Take some dedicated time off and spend it with your partner. Keep the flow of communication smooth with your partner so that they do not feel neglected. Here are some things that we need to care about right now:

1- Phone-free meals:
While all of us agree to that fact that phones are necessary, prioritising your partner over your phone is the wisest thing of all. Ensure that you can both sit down for a meal without your phone distracting you.

2- Take some time out:
When you cannot put your phone on silent, you can at least ensure to take out some dedicated time for your partner and communicate without any distractions.

3- Be open:
Simple communication can prevent disputes. If you are having a hefty load of work, be straight-forward about it. Convey the reason to your partner.

4- Keep the bedroom cell phone free:
Bedrooms are intimate. Keep the area cell phone free if you can. Use it with your partner to relax and talk about things that actually matter.

Taking periodic vacations from your phone may help you and your partner establish a more intimate bond. Because at the end of the day “Marriage is worth the effort”.

Get the Perfect Match with Lovevivah.com Premium services

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The task of finding a perfect partner for you in life is a daunting one. The reason for such a dilemma isn’t the shortage of good prospects. But the prevalence of online fraudery. This is why LoveVivah reigns as the best online platform to find the best matches. The premium services of LoveVivah is your best friend in finding your soulmate.

With Lovevivah.com premium range of services, you have access to the following benefits:

1) Profiles that are curated by moderators using the stringiest of filtering criteria
2) Handpicked profiles from the elite social stature
3) Personalized suggestions based on stature and social stature
4) Impeccable privacy from prying eyes
5) The added services and advice from a dedicated relationship manager

While love is the ideal thing, marriages are the real deal! And both, love and marriage together make our lives worthwhile. Marriages ease our lives, but it was never easy to find a partner. Matrimonial  Sites entered the scene and made marriages tranquil and easy once again. This once in a lifetime, life-changing experience is at our fingertips now.

With the majority of people actually preferring arranged marriages, online matrimonial services make the experience a love-laden one. We are over the time when choices were limited. One would ponder into classified ads, or else relatives would come up with some pictures of prospects, and that would be all!

The Online Way To Find Your Indian Groom Or Indian Bride

Online matrimony services offer choices where you can choose among thousands of prospects. One can simply shortlist profiles and forward it to families for approvals. The process is not tedious, and the convenience makes online matrimony one of the preferred modes of getting married. Online matrimony services are neutral. The information is transparent and obviously – no scope for exaggeration.

While millions of users are registered online for matrimonial services, and the number is increasing, we at LoveVivah are dedicated to making a union that will be cherished. Our choices are vast, and It has never been easier. Just tell us whether you prefer a long drive or a nice dinner, we will make it worth your while.

We have a portfolio of Elite profiles that is carefully curated by our moderating.

Find your soon-to-be with Lovevivah.com Premium Services

Our relationship managers will dedicatedly look into what you want and take care of it. Our membership plans vary depending on your need. Our premium membership takes care of your preferences regarding lifestyle and stature. We believe that marriages are the strongest when ideas and thought processes of two people are inline.

We at LoveVivah overcame the only hindrance when choosing online matrimony service- the horror of fake profiles. First, of its kind, premium services from LoveVivah provides authentic profiles after a rigorous process of verification. Introducing our Aadhar linked profiles. The details mentioned by the user while registering are mapped with the details provided by them to UIDAI for Aadhaar Card, thereby assuring the genuineness and trustworthiness of the profile. We know what you want, and we strive to make your experience the most memorable one. At LoveVivah, The love you seek is seeking you.

Connect with who you like with our premium membership options and see your dashboard filled with elite proposals. LoveVivah is one of the most trusted and authentic matrimony platform available. Let us help you find a partner you deserve.


Making marriage work for two professionals

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In today’s competitive world, we often find both the partners in a marriage, working. This may be either out of choice or a necessity to live a comfortable life. In either case, sometimes couples may find it increasingly difficult to make things work. With both constantly juggling careers and relationship to make time for projects, travelling, long working hours and at the same time, for each other, there may hardly any time left for each other. So much so, that sometimes we may start to feel matrimony being a hindrance to our career growth and then, things may start to change for the worse.
At the same time, having a partner alongside should only prove to be a blessing, both in the professional space, as well as personal. If you follow our guide, balancing career and marriage should no longer seem to be difficult.

Don’t take work home
This may sound obvious, but in practice, it may be hard to follow. Most of the times, it is not the long hours spent in the office, but lack of attention at home that causes friction between husband and wife. Often, when we leave from office, we carry home our frustrations, our unfinished work and sometimes, even grudges. This may tantamount to venting these feelings on to our partner. Agreed, we must communicate with our partners, but it must not become a practice to dump our negative feelings on the other person.

Another golden rule could be to keep the phone away. Yes, try to keep the evening slot for the both of you. This means no work-related phone calls and no emails, as much as possible.

Keep one day for you both

Allocating and reserving one day for you both is a great idea to adopt and follow. Try doing what you love doing – together, as a team! Whether this is shopping or dining or watching movies together. Do things that you both enjoy doing and it may surprise you how you may start looking forward to that one day!

Divide your chores
Times are changing and so are the traditional roles. We may know this, yes, but it may often become a necessity to remind ourselves once a while. Remember, when both are working, by the end of the day a long day at work is enough to drain you both physically and emotionally. Always be aware of this and try to be as accommodating as possible. Putting food on the plate, for example, should no longer be a task reserved for the typical Indian bride or the bahu of the house. If it must be, then perhaps tasks like clearing the table or doing the grocery etc., can be shared by the other partner. This will hold true even later, when the family grows and when the tasks for bringing up of children must be shared.

Having the comfort that you always have someone to take over, in case you have longer hours for few days is a great feeling. And if you are able to manage your relationship by following these simple rules, you will be thankful for being married.

Tips to Manage Finances Post Marriage

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Matrimony is not just about finding a perfect match but also about working out the various aspects of relationship post marriage. Online Matrimonial Sites can help you find a perfect match but managing your relationship post marriage is something that you have to work on. An important aspect of a marital relationship is the efficient handling of finances. A well-organized management of finances brings in peace and harmony. If both the partners are earning then jointly managing the funds and expenses with transparency and without clashes is an art. Whereas in case of only one partner as earning arm, it becomes all the more important to be transparent about the available funds and manage all expenses accordingly.

Here are a few tips for smooth management of finances:

1) Work as a Team – Set your goals as a team and estimate the efforts, funds and investments required to fulfill those in the required time frame. It is thus crucial for both to be on the same page first with a common vision to properly work as a team. Find ways to accomplish those goals. Be each other’s support and encourager. Being aware of your weaknesses and strengths as a couple will give you confidence.

2) Share Responsibilities – Finance management by a couple is not about having a rushed discussion with each other and then one person taking the entire responsibility for the couple. Rather it involves both partners working together and sharing responsibilities equally. Both husband and wife need to take part in planning, decision making, budgeting, spending and more.

3) Be Candid – Honesty is always the best policy, especially when it comes to financial management in a matrimonial relationship. For any mistaken spends or investment that have turned otherwise, do confess with your partner. This might give rise to some unpleasant moments initially but eventually will strengthen your relationship owning to amplified trust and respect for each other.

4) Trust Your Spouse – Unless you have got a reason to doubt, trust your new spouse to handle money. Holding all responsibilities to yourself or watching every move he or she makes is supercilious and demeaning. Do not try to keep a tab on each and every penny spent, rather – trust him or her.

5) Identify the Right Level of Risk as a Couple – Your spouse and yourself might not always be on the same page when considering investments. The frequency of risk-taking mindset might vary or even be at extremes. At such times, you both need to settle down at a level you both are comfortable with. It has to be a compromise rather than one person dominating over the other.

6) Gain from each other’s experience – Everyone has a different level of expertise in different fields. You might be good at managing and controlling day to day expenses whereas your partner might be good at managing investments or vice versa. As mentioned previously, analyze your strengths and weaknesses as a couple and then divide the responsibilities.

7) Don’t get hyper while discussing finances – In any adverse situation keep a control over your emotions and anger to be specific. Reacting in fury won’t do any help but instead would spoil your relationship. Discuss sensitive finance matters calmly and address the issues as a team rather than as individuals.

8) Reminisce your Wedding Vows – Eventually, successful matrimony alliance is all about keeping to the vows you made. When you vowed to stand by your spouse in all circumstances, stand by your vows. You will face good times and bad times as a couple and try not to let money issues worsen your difficult times. Don’t let the financial matters be a reason for a tiff between you and your spouse rather use it as an opportunity to grow closer.

7 Things to Avoid While Chatting with Someone on Matrimonial Site

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chatting on matrimonial site

Chat is one of the most convenient and easy way to share your thoughts and feeling when you are online. These days’ matrimonial websites also offer this feature to their registered member. This feature makes your search journey easy and simple. You can share your thoughts, ideas and views with other members to know him/her better before taking the next step. But, this could also play a negative role if you don’t know how to maximize the benefits of this useful tool. If you are also among those people who have registered with any matrimonial site, but not very sure what you should discuss and what you should not discuss while chatting on matrimonial site. Here, to make your journey simpler and hassle free we are here sharing some things and topics to avoid while chatting with someone.

Don’t get too personal: While chatting with someone on matrimonial site always remember not to get too personal with him/her. No matter how much you liked him/her or no matter how close you feel while chatting with him/her, still avoid getting personal. Giving some special name to him/her in your initial chat might be counted as negative as the other person might count you kiddish or too fast. So, be cautious while getting personal with him/her on matrimonial site. Chatting with someone on matrimonial site is more serious as compared to dating site as you consider the other person as your prospective partner. You can’t take this thing too casually.

Don’t discuss things about your ex: It is important that you should always be loyal to your partner, but in the initial phase it is important to understand the other person first and then only share something important and personal with him or her. It is important to keep things clear and transparent, but this stage comes only when you have a level of trust with your partner. In the initial time, it is not easy and simple to figure out how the other person will react on this disclosure. Sharing such things personally is far better than discussing and sharing on chat.

Never compare things: While chatting with someone on matrimonial site don’t compare him/her with your friends/ex/or someone else. It might hurt his/her sentiments and feeling. No two people are same and they can’t behave same in all situations. Therefore, comparing someone with someone else is not the right approach. This way you will miss exploring and understanding him/her better. It will further increase your stress and anxiety because there is no point of comparison. It might be he/she is not too good in expressing thing online or while chatting with someone. So, always keep this in mind that meeting and sharing things personally is far different from doing this online.

Don’t flaunt too much: It might be you are too good looking, smart, intelligent and the best in your professional field, but there is no point of flaunting this thing too much. Nobody wants to marry someone who is self-obsessed and only thinks about self. Therefore, always keep this in mind that telling something about you is different and being self-obsessed and flaunting too much about self is different. It might irked the other person and encourage him/her to avoid chatting with you.

Avoid sharing too much information: This is another thing, which you should avoid while chatting someone on matrimonial website. It is good to understand someone first, once you develop a good level of understanding, and then only start sharing information. Avoid sharing too much of information because it might be the same can be used against you in the future.

Avoid using abbreviations: To sound cool and updated, it is not necessary to use different abbreviations and jargons. There are many parents who handle the accounts for their kids, so in that case if you will chat in your whatsapp and chatting language, it might be the other person will not understand what you want to say. It might be even he/she will find it difficult to understand your point. It is always better to use simple words to make your chatting sessions more fruitful and meaningful.

Don’t be rigid with your approach: When you chat with someone avoid being rigid in your approach. There are times when you don’t agree with other’s point and when you think that you are right, but in such situations avoid being rigid with your thoughts. Be flexible and good listener. There is no harm in listening someone and knowing their point. It might be you don’t agree, but you give him/her an impression that you are open with thoughts and ideas and always ready to listen other’s view point. This also shows you respect and maturity.

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