How to Ensure Your Honeymoon Continues Throughout Your Life

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Can you make honeymoon period last forever?

Ah, well, if by honeymoon you strictly mean staying at faraway exotic destinations, crunching on strawberries and spending all day and night in conjugal bliss, then the answer to that question is simply – you can’t! But if by honeymoon you are talking about the freshness, the fervor, the Love and the passion between the couple, then it’s quite possible to maintain that intimacy and conjugal Bliss throughout your life. Of course, it will require mutual commitments and constant effort, but it is indeed achievable!


Marriages are not founded on romantic love! Yes, you read that correctly. It’s not romantic love or sexual passion that keeps matrimonial  bliss ongoing for years, but simply the friendship couples share.

So, what do you usually do for and with a Best Friend?

1) You spend time with them.
2) You spend time with them chatting up, talking and listening, both!
3) You talk out any misunderstanding and not do the typical “matrimonial silent treatment”!
4) You create a space of confidentiality and trust with your best friend.

Couples having such secret language and codes of understanding and fun peculiarities tend to feel their bond remain fresh even after decades.

Real-ness and Fun

Most importantly, you have fun with your friend, AND without masks of pretenses. You must be the real you. The wacky you, the naughty you, the uninhibited you. Contrary to the orthodox hierarchical “the god in the husband and the somber subservient wife,” which inevitably kills the honeymoon phase pretty soon, keeping the dynamic Real and Free-flowing does great good to the conjugal pleasures.

Romancing a lover, not a spouse

Most people vouch that moment you tie the knot, the thrill of being the boyfriend or girlfriend, the passionate, romantic rebels suddenly start feeling like domesticated animals yoked together. This doesn’t happen if you continue to romance that passionate rebel in your lover and not some dutiful date night with a spouse. You treat them as your, again, Best Friend, and your lover even before as your legally wedded social whatever!

So, let’s do this again!

1) You spend time with your best friend and passionate lover.
2) You spend time with your passionate lover and best friend, both at home, but more so outdoors, going to interesting places and doing exciting things together.
3) You go on movie dates with your friend and lover.
4) You go on special outings meant just for you and your lover friend.
5) You arrange for surprise dates, passion getaways, pleasure trips just as before the wedding. And mind you, it’s NOT only the “boisterous and shameless” man’s responsibility. The Indian bride, even the Indian wife, needs to be unabashedly planning such initiatives.

Read Together, Create together

And if you’re going to object to that idea, unwittingly misquoting some “holy” scriptures about “nice, decent and holy Indian wives,” maybe doing some pleasure reading together as a couple, of books on matrimony and matrimonial obligations, belonging to ancient Indian traditions can clear your ideas.

1) What’s more interesting is this fun couple activity can also turn your reading together into passionate reading sessions. Imagine dutifully reading Vatsyayana (an ancient Indian philosopher) together as a couple! Your post-wedding honeymoon will not only get prolonged but most likely improve in passion and art and science of matrimonial bliss!
2) You can also regularly involve yourselves in joint sessions of creative activities – as simple as gardening, for instance. How does that help spruce up your prolonged honeymoon, you ask? OK, just close your eyes, try to see yourself in soil and mud, smelling of the earth, splashing water on glistening green leave, together! You get the point, we know! Couples who enjoy creative activities and hobbies together tend to find long-lasting interest and passion in each other, and this too keeps your honeymoon phase going stronger year after year.

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