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Things You Can Easily Relate To If You Are Already Engaged

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Marriage engagement ceremony

Engagement is the beginning of your new phase as a couple and you make a lot of plans for your future life. No matter how many days or months you have taken to decide and how many months you dated each-other, engagement is something which changes your emotions and sentiments for your partner. Things eventually change post engagement ceremony. Here, we are sharing a few things that you will notice and relate to if you are engaged. Take a look at these interesting things and see if you are also experiencing the same.

Courtship period is the most romantic period: If you are engaged now, then you will feel a special connection and attachment with your spouse. You will find this phase very romantic as you want to spend more and more time with each-other. You find everything so cheesy and lovey-dovey during this phase. During this period, you get to know each-other well. You connect with each-other and try to know more about each-other.

You get excited about everything: You are so excited about everything related to your marriage and marriage rituals. You want to participate and be a part of everything related to your marriage planning. You easily get excited about everything, be it as small as deciding the color of lighting to decorate home on the wedding day. Everything seems so important to you that you don’t want to miss anything.

Shopping madness: You prepare a long list of things which you are supposed to buy before your marriage. You spend hours and hours in market to buy your wish list. You feel like there are hell lot of things which need to be bought and you are left with no time for anything else. All your weekends are pre-booked for shopping or making changes in your shopping list.

You start worrying about your shopping budget: If you are engaged and you are busy in shopping for your wedding, then you can easily relate with this. All the time you must be listening from your parents and family members that you are spending too much money on shopping and shooting up the overall budget of wedding.

You get emotional about leaving your home: This is something you feel sad about. Your siblings start teasing you that you are going to leave your home very soon. Even you see your mom crying sometimes with the thought that very soon you are going to leave your home. You start feeling sad about leaving your home, your room and your belongings behind, which will be nno more yours after wedding. You also fear a bit about the new home and starting everything from fresh in the new home.

You are busy in receiving gifts: You are being pampered by your friends, relatives, and family members. You are busy in receiving gifts from others. Your in-laws also send a lot of gifts, jewelry and other things for you as per rituals. You feel pampered because everybody wants to gift you something or other of your choice.

You are nervous about new beginning: Most of the girls can easily relate with this thought that you feel nervous about the new beginning in the new home after your marriage. Marriage is one of the biggest life changer in one’s life and feeling of nervousness is quite obvious as you are about to start your life afresh, trying to create your niche in your new home.

You are getting too much Gyan: All your aunties, uncles, friends, cousins and even your parents are busy in giving you various suggestions and gyan about the married life. They instruct you about many things – what you should do and what you should not do in new home. How you should behave there and much more, as ifyou are a five year old kid. They are all the time very busy in giving you different kinds of gyan about how being a new-daughter-in-law you should meet their expectations.

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Special Gifting Ideas for Roka Ceremony

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Gifting Ideas for Roka Ceremony

After all the initial processes of searching bride and groom, and choosing the perfect one, the next ceremony is engagement ceremony or Roka ceremony among Sikh wedding rituals. In Punjabi families, they call it Roka ceremony.  Recently, I got an invitation from my friend for her Roka ceremony. This is one of the most important ceremonies in Punjabi community. As she is a very good friend of mine and I was not very sure what I should gift her on this special occasion. I discussed this with other friends what I should gift her on this special occasion. They gave me different suggestions and ideas. However, the journey of finalizing and buying something special for her Roka ceremony was not that simple. I am here sharing the list of some options which you can also consider to make your journey simple and hassle free.

Gold jewelry: I found gold jewelry is one of the most suitable and apt gift for girl. You can gift an elegant ring, earring or gold chain. If your budget is higher, you can choose something better for your friends like gold bangles, necklace or diamonds ring for her Roka ceremony.

Skin and body care kits: This is another good option to gift her on her special day. These kits include different products for skin and body care. These are the best to pamper your body and skin before marriage and feel happy. There are various skin care and body care kits available in the market from different leading brands. Moreover, you can get a kit customized according to your requirements and choices.

Make-up kit: This is hot favorite of all girls. You can buy a nice make-up kit for your friend. You can buy a regular make-up kit with different items. But, you can also customize your make-up kit as per your requirements. You can add or remove some items if you want. These make-up kits are available in different price range from minimum Rs. 500 to Rs. 5000 and more.

Microwave oven: This is something a choice based gift. If you know that your friend loves to bake things and she is good at it. This will be a perfect gift idea for this ceremony. You can gift her microwave which she can use after marriage in her new home and bake something mouthwatering dishes for them. You can buy a good microwave from any leading brands like LG, Electrolux, Whirlpool, Samsung and Phillips, etc.

Digital camera: If your friend is a good photographer or photography is her hobby, go ahead and gift her digital camera. This will be one of the most desired gift for her. There are various cameras available in different price range from minimum Rs. 3500 to Rs 1lakh or more. So choose a camera suiting your budget and meeting her interest.

Dinner set: Dinner set is very useful gifting option. Buy a nice branded dinner set for your friend to gift her on Roka ceremony. You can choose a dinner set of minimum 13 pieces to 56 or 60+ pieces. Dinner sets are available in different material and price range. So, chose a set that you think is the best to gift your friend.

Handbag: Handbag is something, which is very much loved by all the girls. For girl’s handbag is like a dress that you never had enough.  You must know the taste and choices of your friends, so you can give her nice handbag. Decide the pattern or style whether you would like to give her party clutch or an office handbag. Make your choice smartly to make an impression.

Spa voucher: To pamper her and relax her senses and body you can gift her spa voucher. You can also gift her a couple spa voucher as well if her marriage date are within three months to enjoy some special time with her spouse. Most of these vouchers are valid for three months at least. So, gift her something to pamper her and take a break from hectic schedule.

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Awesome Gifting Ideas For Your Fiancé On Engagement

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engagement gifts for fiance

Engagement is first official step towards your marriage ceremony. In India, engagement is very special occasion attended by most of the family members and friends. For a would-be-bride and groom it holds special importance. They plan various things for their engagement which not only includes buying a nice dress for the day to look their best, but nowadays, couples buy nice gift for their future partner. They spend a lot of time and money to buy a perfect gift for their partner to make them happy. If you too are searching for some nice gifting ideas, your search ends here as we are sharing some gifting ideas to make it easy for you.

Ring bands: These are not typical rings with traditional designs and stones. But, these rings bands are very stylish and smart. These bands are of same design for male or females. So, generally the size varies for male and female, but design remains same for both the rings. You can buy these ring bands easily from any jeweler. Even you can get them customized as per your requirements. If you want some love note to be printed on it, you can also get it done. So, gift these beautiful ring bands with a love note.

Diamond pendent: Diamond is loved by all females and it is a perfect gift for your fiancé on your engagement. You can gift beautiful diamond pendent to your fiancé to woo her. Buy a pendent according to her personality and taste.

Designer watch: A designer watch is not just a watch, but a kind of jewelry for females. You can buy a gorgeous designer watch for your lady love. Before buying the watch for her, always keep her personality and lifestyle in mind. Don’t gift her sporty watch if her lifestyle and work culture is different where she needs to look smart and elegant.

Special fragrances: Buy nice perfume or special fragrances for her. A special fragrance to suit her personality. Buy something exotic for her to make her feel special. You can buy a nice perfume of Gucci or some other brand or you can also buy something aromatic from her favorite brand.

Caricature painting: Get a caricature painting created for her. You can choose special theme or get your picture created, similar to one of your couple photograph. You can also get it done on T-shirt or pillow cover or in any other form like night lamp or wall painting etc. It will be a touching and special gift for her.

Designer outfit: A designer outfit is loved by all females. There will be no single woman who will ever say no to a designer outfit. If you want to gift her something traditional like saree or suit there are plenty of brands like Biba, W, Satya Paul, Manish Mahlotra, Ritu Kumar, etc. Buy a nice designer outfit that fit in to your budget and make her look beautiful.

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Things To Keep In Mind While Planning For Engagement Ceremony

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Engagement ceremony is the first grand function, which is generally conducted before the marriage. It has its own importance or you can say a kind of rehearsal ceremony before the actual wedding ceremony. You really want to make it big and memorable. But, most of us are clueless and don’t know how to start and where to start the preparations. You never want to miss anything and leave anything unattended to make it really special. Let’s take a quick look at the checklist of things you should keep in mind while planning for engagement ceremony.

  1. First make a checklist of people/guest you want to invite in the party. If you want to make it big, then only plan for large gathering otherwise make it a family affair by inviting the family members only.
  2. Fix a date of engagement ceremony and discuss it with family members of both the families to find out the availability and suitability.
  3. Think with calm mind. Don’t get stressed & over tensed for preparation. Plan with calm mind.
  4. You can also hire a wedding planner, so he can ease the burden and will take care of each and every preparation from engagement ceremony to wedding ceremony.
  5. Fix your budget in advance. It is important factor in the planning section to fix your overall budget.
  6. Stick to your budget and plan everything within your budget. If you will shot up your engagement preparation budget, it will affect your wedding budget as well.
  7. Pick a venue which is decent, convenient to commute and above all should be within your budget.
  8. If both the families are arranging and investing in the arrangements, discuss the share of contribution in advance to avoid any misunderstanding and arguments later.
  9. Decide whether you want to inform the guests through phone call or via sending them formal invitation card.
  10. If you are planning to get invitation cards printed, print them in advance as you need some time to distribute the cards or you can hire an agency for the same.
  11. Ensure that your invitation will reach all the guests well in advance, so they will not miss the date.
  12. Decide the engagement ceremony menu. Kind of starters, main course menu, cocktails and other food items to make him understand your requirements.
  13. Select a good decorator in advance to avoid last minute hassle. If you want to create a theme based decoration or some special kind of decoration, tell this to your decorator or ask him to show some of his work before finalizing.
  14. Make a check list of gifts you are going to give the family member to the bride/groom and guests.
  15. Buy the gifts in advance and decide a maximum budget for shopping of gifts.
  16. Assign the different task to different family members for that day to ease your burden and to avoid any glitch.
  17. Don’t forget to buy/get stitched your dresses in advance. If you want to hire some designer to prepare special dresses for whole family members then don’t wait too long to finalize the designer.