Things You Can Easily Relate To If You Are Already Engaged

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Marriage engagement ceremony

Engagement is the beginning of your new phase as a couple and you make a lot of plans for your future life. No matter how many days or months you have taken to decide and how many months you dated each-other, engagement is something which changes your emotions and sentiments for your partner. Things eventually change post engagement ceremony. Here, we are sharing a few things that you will notice and relate to if you are engaged. Take a look at these interesting things and see if you are also experiencing the same.

Courtship period is the most romantic period: If you are engaged now, then you will feel a special connection and attachment with your spouse. You will find this phase very romantic as you want to spend more and more time with each-other. You find everything so cheesy and lovey-dovey during this phase. During this period, you get to know each-other well. You connect with each-other and try to know more about each-other.

You get excited about everything: You are so excited about everything related to your marriage and marriage rituals. You want to participate and be a part of everything related to your marriage planning. You easily get excited about everything, be it as small as deciding the color of lighting to decorate home on the wedding day. Everything seems so important to you that you don’t want to miss anything.

Shopping madness: You prepare a long list of things which you are supposed to buy before your marriage. You spend hours and hours in market to buy your wish list. You feel like there are hell lot of things which need to be bought and you are left with no time for anything else. All your weekends are pre-booked for shopping or making changes in your shopping list.

You start worrying about your shopping budget: If you are engaged and you are busy in shopping for your wedding, then you can easily relate with this. All the time you must be listening from your parents and family members that you are spending too much money on shopping and shooting up the overall budget of wedding.

You get emotional about leaving your home: This is something you feel sad about. Your siblings start teasing you that you are going to leave your home very soon. Even you see your mom crying sometimes with the thought that very soon you are going to leave your home. You start feeling sad about leaving your home, your room and your belongings behind, which will be nno more yours after wedding. You also fear a bit about the new home and starting everything from fresh in the new home.

You are busy in receiving gifts: You are being pampered by your friends, relatives, and family members. You are busy in receiving gifts from others. Your in-laws also send a lot of gifts, jewelry and other things for you as per rituals. You feel pampered because everybody wants to gift you something or other of your choice.

You are nervous about new beginning: Most of the girls can easily relate with this thought that you feel nervous about the new beginning in the new home after your marriage. Marriage is one of the biggest life changer in one’s life and feeling of nervousness is quite obvious as you are about to start your life afresh, trying to create your niche in your new home.

You are getting too much Gyan: All your aunties, uncles, friends, cousins and even your parents are busy in giving you various suggestions and gyan about the married life. They instruct you about many things – what you should do and what you should not do in new home. How you should behave there and much more, as ifyou are a five year old kid. They are all the time very busy in giving you different kinds of gyan about how being a new-daughter-in-law you should meet their expectations. Gujarat matrimonial site gives brides and grooms matching for wedding. Join Now for free & search through millions of Aadhaar verified profiles!

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