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Going to Tie the Wedding Knot Soon? 5 Things You Should Know as Groom-To-Be

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Indian Groom To Be

You must have heard a lot about what a bride should do and what she should not do before and after marriage. The web world is flooded with such information. But, have you ever thought about that this phase is equally complicated and transforming for a groom too. As a groom, guys also feel the similar kind of nervousness and anxiety. However, your wedding day and life after wedding is unpredictable and you can’t do much about it apart from planning for your better future. But, a few things you can’t avoid and ignore if you are about to get married soon.  For all those men who are going through the same phase and feeling a bit nervous about the new beginning of their life, we are here sharing some important things which no one else will tell before your wedding.

A few things are not in your territory: You can’t do everything on your own. It might be you are good at managing the finance or organizing things, but it doesn’t mean that you are good at everything. It is always better to divide the work between the two of you. If you think that your wife is good in bargaining, let her do the shopping to save some extra money. Don’t force yourself or don’t force her to do things which are not your forte. Never hesitate to take help of your partner if she is good at something.

Be clear about your finances: This is another thing you should consider before and after marriage as well. It is good to spend lavishly on your wedding and live your dreams. But, it doesn’t mean that you spend all your savings on your marriage or planning your honeymoon. You are supposed to plan a lot of things after marriage as well and for that you need money. Be clear about your expenses and savings. If you save some money religiously on monthly basis, then make it clear to your wife as well to avoid any issues. Besides, it will also help in planning things in a better way.

Don’t make rigid rules: Marriage is not about making rules or forcing your rules/lifestyle on others. It is true that as humans we all have some expectations from our partners. But, it doesn’t mean that you force your pre-decided rules on your partner. Don’t make rigid rules, be flexible in your approach. Always remember that you two are different personalities, with different lifestyle and mindset. So, if you force yourself on her from the day one, then you will increase the tension in your relationship. Therefore, it is very necessary you give her enough time to settle down with you and get habitual of this new lifestyle to make her comfortable, rather than forcing things on her from day one.

Don’t force your wishes: Having some expectations from your partner is quite natural. But, if you have some unrealistic expectations, then you will land this relationship in trouble. It is always better to discuss your ideas and expectations with your partner in more constructive manner instead of forcing your partner to meet your expectations. If you are keen about something and your partner is not agreeing over your idea, it is better to find a midway to stay happy.

Give freedom & space: This is another thing which nobody will tell you before and even after your marriage. For a healthy and strong relationship, it is important that you give freedom and personal space to your partner. Sharing your things and day-to-day happenings with your partner is a good habit. But, minimizing the freedom and personal space of your partner is not good. Everybody has their own lifestyle, bonding with friends, family and cousins. If you expect that she will cut off from all her relationships, this is not possible and not even good for her as an individual. Spying on your partner, checking her phone calls, messages and other personal things will add bitterness in your relationship and will not let you grow as life-partners. If she wants to go out for shopping with her friends, let her go and enjoy the day. Give freedom and space to your partner to enjoy the blissful marriage.

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Some Clever Wedding Tips To Make Your Wedding A Perfect Affair

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Wedding Perfect Affair

Wedding in India is a family affair and you can’t imagine a single wedding without the presence of family and guests. You always want to make your wedding a perfect affair. When you are planning for your wedding there are a few things, which are good to know and there are a few things that are must know to make it grand and perfect. You don’t want to miss anything or go wrong on anything when it comes to your wedding and wedding planning. Check out the list of some clever wedding tips to make your wedding a perfect affair.

  1. Be flexible with your wedding dates: While fixing your wedding be flexible with your wedding dates. Don’t just stick to single date. If there are thousands of wedding on any particular date, like we see in wedding season, so avoid such dates to save money and other venue and vendor related issues.
  2. Don’t be rigid about the venue:  It doesn’t not matter how much you liked a specific hotel, farm house or wedding venue, explore different venues and always consider the distance, accessibility for all, space it is offering for different ceremonies.
  3. Choose a location which offers everything: Always choose a location which offers you everything. It should be a perfect place offering you everything like rest room, space for different wedding ceremonies, dinner space and DJ space. So, think about all requirements.
  4. Meet different vendors: Don’t finalize a vendor in a hurry. Meet different vendors, ask for their services and other things before finalizing one. Meet two-three vendors or more before finalizing one.
  5. Compare the rate list: Price plays very crucial role in finalizing a vendor. Always compare the price with services your vendor is offering. Always negotiate price to get the best deal.
  6. Ask for demo decoration: While finalizing your vendor always ask for a demo work. Visit the wedding venue and see the decoration work. It will further help in making the decision.
  7. Look for a single vendor with multiple services: Hiring different vendors for different things can also create anxiety on the wedding day. Managing and contacting different vendor can create more tension on the wedding day.
  8. Look for a wedding planner/co-ordinator: If you think that you are not able to handle the wedding arrangement pressure and you want to stay relaxed and tension free on the wedding day and want to enjoy all the ceremonies on wedding day, you should hire a wedding planner or wedding co-ordinator.
  9. Hire a professional photographer:  Don’t forget to hire a professional photographer. A good photographer is important for capturing perfect images.
  10. Make guest list in advance: It is always good to make a good guest list in advance, so that you will not miss inviting any guest. It will ease your burden and make the process simple.


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6 Special Wedding Day Advices for Groom

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groom on wedding day

Feeling butterflies in stomach? Feeling nervous when you think about the wedding day? Don’t know what to do what not to do on your wedding day? Clueless about the things that you should consider/avoid on your wedding day?  Your wedding day is the most important day of your life and you will listen a lot of advices from your parents, family members and friends as well. You friends and family members must have given you a good number of tips to ensure that you will stay happily after marriage. You must be hearing many advices like ‘avoid arguments and unnecessary rifts whenever possible’. Or advices like ‘don’t shout on your partner’, etc. But, what would you do for your wedding day, ‘The Big Day’. Nobody suggests you for this special day as most of the friends and family members are busy in telling you a thousand of things about happy married life, but not for your wedding day. We are here sharing some important advice for the groom to help them to be the best on their special day.

Set your alarm: This is really important that you set your alarm for the wedding day to wake up on time. It will help in not to get late for other rituals and leaving for your wedding venue. If you will set an alarm for your wedding day for early morning that ensure that you will not oversleep. It will further give you enough time to complete other stuff on time with important ceremonies.

Get your shave cleaned: It does not matter how much you love your shave or how trendy or cool you look in your shave, get it CLEANED. It is really important that you get your shave cleaned on the same day that your face will shine and you look fresh. Nowadays, there are many males, who don’t like to get their shave cleaned, but on your wedding day you should look good and clean at the same time. It is not for bride only to look beautiful and stunning on your wedding day. Rather, it is equally important for groom as well to look handsome and smart on their wedding day.

Eat well in the morning: Ensure that you are filling your stomach well before you leave your home. It is very important that you have a good breakfast in the morning. It might be that you will not get the opportunity to have something during the whole day. Therefore, it becomes important you have something really filling and healthy. Even if you don’t eat breakfast usually, still on this day eat something good to get going. It might that you will not be able to have anything during the whole day because of too many ceremonies, rituals or travelling. If you will stay empty stomach, it might be you will feel unpleasant and uneasy. You will never want that your stomach will give you trouble during ceremonies.

Dress your best: This is just about wearing the perfect wedding suit or sherwani on your marriage day. You should be wearing the best of everything from your socks to your under garments. Your bride must be wearing her best of everything, so you might want to consider the same.

Don’t forget to carry to ring/mangalsutra: In Indian marriage, it is very important that you should carry your wedding ring/mangalsutra with you. Before you leave home for the wedding ceremony, you should always check whether you are carrying all required things with you. You never want to be in a situation where you ceremonies got delayed because you forgot to carry your wedding ring or mangalsutra.

Reach on time: In almost all Indian wedding one thing, which is very important is wedding time or time for Feras (wedding circles). Most of the people want to start their wedding ceremonies on time or as scheduled by the Pandit/Pojari. Therefore, try to leave on time from home and reach there on time, so all your ceremonies will start on time and you will not miss any auspicious muhurat for your wedding.

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Want To Look Stunning On Your Wedding Day? Follow Some Simple Steps

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bride wedding day

Wedding day is the most special day in a women’s life.  You want to look stunning and gorgeous on your wedding day. You will surely choose the best wedding saree or lehenga, best make-up artist and best of everything for your wedding day. If your wedding is round the corner, it means that you should pull up your socks and start focusing on your looks and body as well. If you are getting married in winters, then you should take good care of your skin and hairs to look beautiful. All the girls want to look beautiful on their wedding day, not just beautiful, but flawless, special, confident and radiant. You should always keep this in mind that all the eyes of the guests will be on the bride on this special day. Your effortless beauty will be captured by the photographer that will last till lifetime. To help you to ease your go gorgeous journey, here are some simple tips and tricks to look stunning on your wedding day.

Switch to healthy diet: If you are eating too much of fast food or junk food, therefore, it becomes really important for you to make changes in your diet. Make healthy changes in your diet and eat as much as healthy as you can. Try to include fruits, salads and a lot of vegetables in your daily diet. Eat fresh food, fruits and vegetables every day. Minimize the consumption of meat, dairy products and frozen food to stay energetic and look stunning on your wedding day.

Drink more water and fresh juices: Drink more and more water to stay fresh and not to get dehydrated on your wedding day. Our body requires a lot of water, to maintain the healthy balance between your diet and drinking habit, it is important that you drink a lot of water every day. Try to include fresh fruit of orange, pineapple, guava or grapes in your daily routine. Try to have at least a glass of fresh fruit juice every day. Don’t go for canned juices, as added sugar and preservatives will do more harm than health benefits. If you love carrot and beetroot juice, you can also try that as well. If you are not able to get fresh juice, so you can have such fruits, those have high water contents like cucumber, watermelon, muskmelon, oranges, tomato and other water based fruits and vegetables.

Exercise to stay in shape and healthy: When you follow the healthy routine of exercising regularly, it helps in flushing toxins out of your body. You also improve your circulation, bringing more blood to the surface of the skin. It will give you a healthy glowing skin and it will also keep your skin healthier in long-term. Get involved in any of the physical activities such as jogging, running, cycling, hiking and yoga, etc. You will get glowing skin as well as you will reduce your anxiety and boost your blood circulation and mood as well.

Exfoliate your body: Gently exfoliate your face and body with a washcloth or mixture of ground oatmeal and water or olive oil/almond oil/any other your favorite message oil/body oil. This process will remove the top layer of the dead, dull skin that’s hiding the beautiful glowing skin underneath. It will help in boosting the blood circulation and gives you a rosy glow too. It your wedding dress will show more skin, in that case, you can also use the same mixture on your arms, legs and other parts of the body. You surely want your whole skin to glow, not just that your face.

Make changes in your skin care: If you are not happy and satisfied with your current skin care routine results, go for a skincare makeover.  Make changes in your skin care products, but ensure that you are doing it much in advance. If the new product doesn’t suit your skin, at least you will have enough time to take corrective measures. Coconut oil and almond oil are the fantastic skin moisturizers, if you are not happy with your body moisturizer, try these oils. For your face, apply some petroleum based ingredients and oils.

Improve your digestion: To get that flawless skin, you need to work upon your digestion. It is very important that you take right kind of diet and fruits that help in boosting your digestion. Eat green leafy vegetables, fruits like mango, pineapple, orange, pomegranate, guava and grapes in your fruit list to improve digestion. These fruits will help in improving your digestion and minimize the chances of skin problem like pimples, pigmentation and acne.

Buy good beauty products: What you put into your body and how much you move around are both important will result in beautiful, glowing skin, but on special occasions-like your wedding day-you really want to look gorgeous. Go for good beauty products from good brands. Go for such skin products which are good and go well with your skin.

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