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Top Fashion Rules for Would-Be-Groom to Look Perfect

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fashion for groom

As a groom when you will enter into the marriage hall all eyes will be on you, therefore, it is important that you should look astonishing on your wedding day. You should always compliment your wife with your looks and styles. So, if you are worried about your looks and style for groom’s wedding day, follow our rules and look stylish. Here, we have covered a few rules which you can follow during your wedding and before wedding to look stylish.

Buy your wedding attire early: To avoid any last-minute hassle and glitches, it is always better to buy your wedding dress at least a month in advance. It will help in saving you from last-minute rush. You need not to worry much about delay in the delivery date or any last-minute alteration because you have enough time to get it fixed before the wedding date. Check the fitting of your wedding attire: Always check the fitting of your wedding attire while buying the suit. Your wedding suit or sherwani should fit well. Check the fitting, cuts, shoulders, sleeves and comfort while buying your wedding suit. Always remember that you are going to wear it for longer hours, so it should be well fitted and comfortable at the same time. Besides, you will be center of attraction in the wedding hall, so even a small issue in the fitting might spoil your wedding look.

Look for the comfort while buying your wedding dress: You should always focus on the flow and comfort of your wedding dress while buying it. It should be very comfortable and easy-going with your body. If you feel irritation or discomfort, then it is better to buy a wedding suit or sherwani that is more comfortable. You will not feel relaxed and stay at ease if your wedding suit is not comfortable. Always pay attention to the comfort level while buying and taking the trial of your wedding dress.

Buy according to your body type: The key to sharpen your wedding looks is to buy a wedding dress according to your body type. Don’t buy something because it was looking great on the model or any actor. Buy your wedding dress because it suits your personality, increases your charm and not because it was looking nice on someone else.

Customize your wedding attire: It is always better to customize your wedding attire. You should ask for alteration and changes in your wedding attire according to your personality and taste. It will enhance your style and persona. You should always remember that your wedding dress style should be very much your own. If you want to have special kind of buttons on your wedding suit or some special kind of work on the sleeves or shoulder of your sherwani, then don’t hesitate to ask for such alterations in your wedding dress to customize it.

Buy trendy accessories: To complete your wedding looks, accessorize your wedding dress. Buy some nice and trendy accessories that will go well with your wedding dress. Buy a perfect watch, cufflinks, handkerchief, socks and tie that will go well with your wedding dress and compliment your looks.

Go for some matching shoes: Don’t forget to buy the matching shoes with your wedding attire. Matching shoe is very important when it comes to your wedding day. You can’t go wrong with anything on your wedding day. You should always buy a perfectly matching shoe for your wedding day.

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Going to Tie the Wedding Knot Soon? 5 Things You Should Know as Groom-To-Be

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Indian Groom To Be

You must have heard a lot about what a bride should do and what she should not do before and after marriage. The web world is flooded with such information. But, have you ever thought about that this phase is equally complicated and transforming for a groom too. As a groom, guys also feel the similar kind of nervousness and anxiety. However, your wedding day and life after wedding is unpredictable and you can’t do much about it apart from planning for your better future. But, a few things you can’t avoid and ignore if you are about to get married soon.  For all those men who are going through the same phase and feeling a bit nervous about the new beginning of their life, we are here sharing some important things which no one else will tell before your wedding.

A few things are not in your territory: You can’t do everything on your own. It might be you are good at managing the finance or organizing things, but it doesn’t mean that you are good at everything. It is always better to divide the work between the two of you. If you think that your wife is good in bargaining, let her do the shopping to save some extra money. Don’t force yourself or don’t force her to do things which are not your forte. Never hesitate to take help of your partner if she is good at something.

Be clear about your finances: This is another thing you should consider before and after marriage as well. It is good to spend lavishly on your wedding and live your dreams. But, it doesn’t mean that you spend all your savings on your marriage or planning your honeymoon. You are supposed to plan a lot of things after marriage as well and for that you need money. Be clear about your expenses and savings. If you save some money religiously on monthly basis, then make it clear to your wife as well to avoid any issues. Besides, it will also help in planning things in a better way.

Don’t make rigid rules: Marriage is not about making rules or forcing your rules/lifestyle on others. It is true that as humans we all have some expectations from our partners. But, it doesn’t mean that you force your pre-decided rules on your partner. Don’t make rigid rules, be flexible in your approach. Always remember that you two are different personalities, with different lifestyle and mindset. So, if you force yourself on her from the day one, then you will increase the tension in your relationship. Therefore, it is very necessary you give her enough time to settle down with you and get habitual of this new lifestyle to make her comfortable, rather than forcing things on her from day one.

Don’t force your wishes: Having some expectations from your partner is quite natural. But, if you have some unrealistic expectations, then you will land this relationship in trouble. It is always better to discuss your ideas and expectations with your partner in more constructive manner instead of forcing your partner to meet your expectations. If you are keen about something and your partner is not agreeing over your idea, it is better to find a midway to stay happy.

Give freedom & space: This is another thing which nobody will tell you before and even after your marriage. For a healthy and strong relationship, it is important that you give freedom and personal space to your partner. Sharing your things and day-to-day happenings with your partner is a good habit. But, minimizing the freedom and personal space of your partner is not good. Everybody has their own lifestyle, bonding with friends, family and cousins. If you expect that she will cut off from all her relationships, this is not possible and not even good for her as an individual. Spying on your partner, checking her phone calls, messages and other personal things will add bitterness in your relationship and will not let you grow as life-partners. If she wants to go out for shopping with her friends, let her go and enjoy the day. Give freedom and space to your partner to enjoy the blissful marriage.

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Get Inspired By Some Most Trendy And Unique Wedding Cards To Seal Your D Day

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Wedding Invitation Cards

Generally, most of the Indian wedding invitation cards more or less look similar- Cream colored base with red or golden border, some flowers and glitter work or some elegant patterns and idol of Lord Ganesha on the top. Though, we all like these elegant and sober wedding invitation cards, but there is no harm in adding a little bit creativity to it. Nowadays, people are more open to new ideas and they don’t want to stick to the traditional patterns, rather they are ready to experiment with their wedding invitation card. When you want everything different and awesome on your wedding day, then why to settle down with ordinary kind of wedding invitation. Let’s take a look at some new age ideas for your wedding invitation card just to ensure that your wedding invite is as unique as your wedding.

Match box invitation card: This is really creative and funky style of wedding card. You can choose this theme for your wedding invitation. In this match box pattern wedding card, you can get your images printed on the cover/box of the card and add two or more different sheets to mention your wedding schedule and the different ceremonies and timing. You can add some more creativity by customizing this card with different images or using caricature images to get the funky look.

Popcorn box invitation: If you are a movie freak and you are fully occupied with movie-magic, then this wedding invitation idea is just perfect for you. You can get your wedding invitation card printed in a popcorn box pattern and get your wedding details and other things printed on the box or you can add some separate small sheets in ticket format to add details about different ceremonies, venue and other important things. To add some more twist to the card you can fill those boxes with popcorn and sweets.

Caricature pattern wedding invitation card: This wedding invitation card looks very trendy and stylish. You can also get your wedding invitation card printed in the caricature format. These wedding cards looks attractive and you can also add your wedding journey or some small special moments as card place holders like image of your ring ceremony, dinner date, or something similar. You can add your couple photo on the wedding invitation in the caricature to make it more appealing. Go for some colorful and bright shades, rather than going for simple and traditional colors.

Passport style wedding invitation card: If you are looking for something different and stylish, then this card is just perfect for you. You can get your wedding invitation card printed in the pattern of passport. Get your couple photo printed on the card and mention all details in the similar format as printed on the passport to make it more appealing.

Boarding pass wedding invitation card: Looking for some unique designs for your wedding invitation? Get your wedding card printed in the style of boarding pass. Get your couple photo printed on the card and mention other details on the boarding pass in stylish manner. You can use two-three folds boarding pass to mention all details if single sheet is not sufficient to mention all.

Birdcage wedding invitation card: This is a really different and unique style. Use the birdcage as wedding invitation card. Get your wedding invitation card placed smartly in the birdcage. To make it more stylish and beautiful you can decorate this birdcage wedding invitation with ribbons and flowers. You can also use your photographs. Besides, you can also add some sweets or chocolates along with the invitation. Credit card wedding invitation card: This is another unique style for wedding invitation card. You can get your wedding invitation card printed in credit card format. Get your couple photograph printed on the card and mention all the programme details on the card. This will be a totally different and unique wedding invitation card.

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A Complete Wedding Planning Checklist for A Perfect Affair

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Wedding Planning Checklist

Wedding in India is not less than a hectic job, you are all the time busy about planning or coordinating with vendors. This is really serious affair as you want everything to be perfect and matching up with your requirements and social status. It can also give you jittery nights, if you are not sure about the different things and you have no clue how to make all wedding arrangements. In such a situation, this becomes more important that you make a checklist of things for a perfect wedding affair. Here, we are sharing a checklist which will help in ensuring that you are going on right track and you are not missing anything for the D day.

Decide a wedding date: Before you start your wedding planning or start your marriage preparation, fix a wedding date. Fix a wedding date according to your convenience. Always keep various factors in mind like both the families should agree over the date, you will be able to find a venue and other vendor for the specific date. The best tip for fixing a wedding date, try to fix it during off season, so that you will be able to get the best deals within your budget.

Fix a budget: This is another important and decisive factor. You should always fix a budget before you start wedding planning and start booking vendors. This way you will be able to decide how much money you want to spend on what? Furthermore, divide the budget into three-four different categories like shopping, jewelry, venue booking, decoration, and gifts, etc.

Allocate responsibilities: Never assume that you can handle everything at your own and you don’t need anyone to help you in wedding arrangements. The best thing to reduce your stress and arrange everything perfectly allocate responsibilities between family members and those you think will be able to help you out in different things be it your relatives or friends.

Hire wedding planner: If you think that you are not able the handle everything at your own, then it is always better to hire a wedding planner. They can help you in almost everything related to wedding and wedding arrangements. They are the experts of the field and can provide you the best wedding arrangement solutions within your budget.

Plan your events: Before you start booking the venue for your wedding and other events, it is better to decide the total events pre wedding, wedding and post wedding. It will help you in understanding for how many days you need to book a venue or arrange other things. Are you going to conduct an engagement ceremony? Are you going to throw bachelor party? Do you need a separate venue or you will organize such events at home? Decide all such things before fixing the venue, so that you know all the events in advance and make arrangements accordingly.

Make a guest list: Make a guest list in advance before you start booking venue and other vendors. Are you going to invite 400 people or 200 people in your marriage party? Are you going to make it a grand affair by inviting 800 or more guests? Decide the number of guests because it will help in deciding the overall budget. It will also help in knowing that are you sticking to your fixed budget or you are exceeding your budget.

Book a venue: The sooner the better is just apt when it comes to booking your wedding venue. The early you start exploring a venue and book it, the better deal you will get. It will help in booking the desired venue and getting the best deal in terms of booking amount. In most of the cases, when you book venue just a month before your wedding day, you are supposed to pay the increased price and at times you settle down with some ordinary marriage venue because most of the venues are booked in advance. The best thing is you should book a marriage venue at least three to four months in advance.

Complete shopping before D day: Complete your wedding shopping at least a month or so before your wedding day. In most of the case, we have seen people rushing from one place to another even just a day before the wedding to shop something. To reduce your stress and relax, complete your shopping before the wedding day.

Book photographer: Don’t delay in booking the photographer for wedding reception and other wedding ceremonies. If you want to do a pre-wedding shoot, which is very much in trend and cover all your wedding events, it is better to book a photographer and videographer well in advance.  

Select card: To send invitation to guest on time it is always suggested to select a wedding invitation card in advance. A wedding invitation card is one of most important thing. It is not easy and simple to fix a card as most of the time you get confused because of multiple options available in the market. Besides, it is important to fix a card in advance because it takes time to complete the printing part. Most of the people like to deliver the card personally, therefore, it becomes more important to get it fixed well in advance.

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Easy Tips to Get the Magical Bridal Glow Before Your Wedding

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Magical Bridal Glow for Wedding

Before your wedding, one thing for which you are worried like anything is your skin. You always want to have flawless and glowing skin on your wedding day. To achieve that flawless and sparkling skin, it is not necessary to spend countless money in salon or skin clinics for skin treatment. You can get a glowing skin by investing some time at home in simple home remedies. These simple home treatments are easy and don’t require much investment on the part of money. But, getting a perfect skin is only possible if you follow some simple tips and take proper care of your skin every day.

Fruit detox diet: To get the glowing skin switch to a fruit diet until your wedding week. You can swap your normal meals to fruit diet. It is one the best and simple way to get the glowing skin on your wedding day. A healthy fruit diet will help in detoxing your whole digestive system. It will help in getting rid of unwanted fat and oils of your body. It will not only make your skin glow, but also help in losing some kilos from your body. It will help in shedding weight faster as compared to any other diet.

Scrub your face and body: We all face sweating, pollution and dust every day. This leads to acne, pimples and other skin problems. To minimize such skin issues and to let your skin breath, scrub your face and body twice in a week. It will take out the excess oil from your skin, but will also help you to get rid of blackheads and whiteheads. White and blackheads are the major skin concern of those with oily skin.

Moisturizer and night creams: Your skin also needs nourishment the way your body requires. Therefore, it is important to nourish your skin with good moisturizer. It helps in making your skin soft and supple. You should always use a good moisturizer after taking a bath and before going to bed. Besides, you should also use good night cream on your face, neck and hands before going to bed. A light weight lotion will help in reducing acne and other skin problems.

Apply face mask once a week: Apart from other skin treatment and it is good to apply a good face mask once in a week. Going for a facial once in a month is a good idea, but using homemade face packs will help in improving your skin tone and texture. It will help in reducing the extra oil of your skin and lighten spots. It will help in making your skin flawless and make-up ready. Go for a face-mask based on your skin type.

Cream massage: A cream massage will nourish your face and will help in improving the skin tone. It will make your skin glow and provide ample moisturisation that is required by every skin. It will also increase the blood circulation, which will then control the excess oil that accumulates around the T-zone.

Drink more water: This is another good way to keep your skin hydrated. You should drink at least 8-10 glass of water every day to keep your skin glowing. It will reduce the extra oil in your skin. To keep your body hydrated drink more water every day.

Say no to tea & coffee: To get the glowing skin on your wedding day, it is important to say no to tea and coffee until your wedding. If you drink more than two cup of tea or coffee every day, either reduce it to once in a day or if possible just quit drinking tea and coffee. Tea and coffee not only increase your weight, but it also creates a lot of skin problems. Instead of drinking tea and coffee, drink lemon water or juices. Lemon juice is rich Vitamin C which helps to improve the skin tone and reduces ace problems.

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