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Facing Financial Crisis after Marriage? Money Management Tips For Newly Married

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married couple

When you say money can’t buy love and happiness, do you really believe in this? Do you think that can survive with love only? Do you think that you don’t need money to run your family because you love them so much? Do you think that your true love will give them all things what they want in life? The answer is NO. For emotional part love is important, but for all materialistic things you need money. After marriage, one thing that is as important as love is money, without money you can’t survive for long time. Therefore, money management is really important after marriage. Some people don’t think too much about money management after marriage too. They lead a similar kind of life as they use to live in their bachelorhood. With similar spending habits and limited money you will not be able to survive after marriage. If you will not plan your financial things in advance, then you will be in financial mess. Therefore, it is really necessary that as a couple you plan your financial things accordingly. Here are some simple tips for money management for newly married couples, so they can lead their life happily and tension free.

  1. Start talking about finance: This is very important to talk about finance and discuss things. If you both are working and you have your own account, still it is important that you should discuss about your total earning and spending limits. You should also discuss about the bank balance and saving as well. It will give you a fair idea about your earnings and financial responsibilities.
  2. Take note of your spending & debt: This is another important thing which should be taken into account. As a couple, most of the time we discuss about shopping, buying something new, or buying some unnecessary things, which you really don’t require. Therefore, it becomes necessary to take a note on your spending limits and spending habit. Also, take a close view about how much money you require to pay-off your debts. It is really important that as couple you stay debt free. It will further help you to take some big loan, if you are planning big purchase like buying a home or a brand new car. Therefore, to improve your CIBIL score you keep a track of your spending and debt together.
  3. Write down your financial goals:  Write down your financial goals. As a couple you should write down your financial goals. You should always know your financial goals clearly. If you are planning any big purchase in future, then it is important that you should plan it properly. Write down your small and big financial responsibilities and even plan in which year or after how many years you want to achieve your financial goals.
  4. Build emergency funds: If you don’t have any emergency funds, consider developing this as your top priority. An emergency fund is amount which you should keep aside in case something expensive happens unexpectedly, you can meet all your expenses without any problem. Try to save at least 6 month’s household funds as contingency funds to meet any unexpected financial expenses. It will bring financial stability and financial security in your life.
  5. Design your monthly budget and follow it: It is really important to design a monthly budget. Based on your monthly earnings and expenses, you should decide an amount and make your budget accordingly. After making your budget, it is very important that you follow your budget religiously. It is important that you are following and sticking to your financial budget. It will help you to save more money as couple and increase your funds and regularize your expenses.
  6. Save for retirement: If you both are working, in that case, have you planned your retirement? In what age you want to retire? It is really important that you should be very clear about your retirement age. If you want to retire in the age of 55 year, you should start saving money for your retirement as soon as possible. Throughout your age you don’t want to work and continue working till your late 60s. It is equally important to live a good and respectable life after retirement as well, therefore, start saving money accordingly to retire in your desired age. matrimonial site provides Indian bride and groom profiles looking for wedding. You can select your perfect future life partner with free registration.

6 Special Wedding Day Advices for Groom

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groom on wedding day

Feeling butterflies in stomach? Feeling nervous when you think about the wedding day? Don’t know what to do what not to do on your wedding day? Clueless about the things that you should consider/avoid on your wedding day?  Your wedding day is the most important day of your life and you will listen a lot of advices from your parents, family members and friends as well. You friends and family members must have given you a good number of tips to ensure that you will stay happily after marriage. You must be hearing many advices like ‘avoid arguments and unnecessary rifts whenever possible’. Or advices like ‘don’t shout on your partner’, etc. But, what would you do for your wedding day, ‘The Big Day’. Nobody suggests you for this special day as most of the friends and family members are busy in telling you a thousand of things about happy married life, but not for your wedding day. We are here sharing some important advice for the groom to help them to be the best on their special day.

Set your alarm: This is really important that you set your alarm for the wedding day to wake up on time. It will help in not to get late for other rituals and leaving for your wedding venue. If you will set an alarm for your wedding day for early morning that ensure that you will not oversleep. It will further give you enough time to complete other stuff on time with important ceremonies.

Get your shave cleaned: It does not matter how much you love your shave or how trendy or cool you look in your shave, get it CLEANED. It is really important that you get your shave cleaned on the same day that your face will shine and you look fresh. Nowadays, there are many males, who don’t like to get their shave cleaned, but on your wedding day you should look good and clean at the same time. It is not for bride only to look beautiful and stunning on your wedding day. Rather, it is equally important for groom as well to look handsome and smart on their wedding day.

Eat well in the morning: Ensure that you are filling your stomach well before you leave your home. It is very important that you have a good breakfast in the morning. It might be that you will not get the opportunity to have something during the whole day. Therefore, it becomes important you have something really filling and healthy. Even if you don’t eat breakfast usually, still on this day eat something good to get going. It might that you will not be able to have anything during the whole day because of too many ceremonies, rituals or travelling. If you will stay empty stomach, it might be you will feel unpleasant and uneasy. You will never want that your stomach will give you trouble during ceremonies.

Dress your best: This is just about wearing the perfect wedding suit or sherwani on your marriage day. You should be wearing the best of everything from your socks to your under garments. Your bride must be wearing her best of everything, so you might want to consider the same.

Don’t forget to carry to ring/mangalsutra: In Indian marriage, it is very important that you should carry your wedding ring/mangalsutra with you. Before you leave home for the wedding ceremony, you should always check whether you are carrying all required things with you. You never want to be in a situation where you ceremonies got delayed because you forgot to carry your wedding ring or mangalsutra.

Reach on time: In almost all Indian wedding one thing, which is very important is wedding time or time for Feras (wedding circles). Most of the people want to start their wedding ceremonies on time or as scheduled by the Pandit/Pojari. Therefore, try to leave on time from home and reach there on time, so all your ceremonies will start on time and you will not miss any auspicious muhurat for your wedding. matrimony website gives suitable profiles of brides for grooms listed. Today you can get registered on the portal.

Want To Look Stunning On Your Wedding Day? Follow Some Simple Steps

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bride wedding day

Wedding day is the most special day in a women’s life.  You want to look stunning and gorgeous on your wedding day. You will surely choose the best wedding saree or lehenga, best make-up artist and best of everything for your wedding day. If your wedding is round the corner, it means that you should pull up your socks and start focusing on your looks and body as well. If you are getting married in winters, then you should take good care of your skin and hairs to look beautiful. All the girls want to look beautiful on their wedding day, not just beautiful, but flawless, special, confident and radiant. You should always keep this in mind that all the eyes of the guests will be on the bride on this special day. Your effortless beauty will be captured by the photographer that will last till lifetime. To help you to ease your go gorgeous journey, here are some simple tips and tricks to look stunning on your wedding day.

Switch to healthy diet: If you are eating too much of fast food or junk food, therefore, it becomes really important for you to make changes in your diet. Make healthy changes in your diet and eat as much as healthy as you can. Try to include fruits, salads and a lot of vegetables in your daily diet. Eat fresh food, fruits and vegetables every day. Minimize the consumption of meat, dairy products and frozen food to stay energetic and look stunning on your wedding day.

Drink more water and fresh juices: Drink more and more water to stay fresh and not to get dehydrated on your wedding day. Our body requires a lot of water, to maintain the healthy balance between your diet and drinking habit, it is important that you drink a lot of water every day. Try to include fresh fruit of orange, pineapple, guava or grapes in your daily routine. Try to have at least a glass of fresh fruit juice every day. Don’t go for canned juices, as added sugar and preservatives will do more harm than health benefits. If you love carrot and beetroot juice, you can also try that as well. If you are not able to get fresh juice, so you can have such fruits, those have high water contents like cucumber, watermelon, muskmelon, oranges, tomato and other water based fruits and vegetables.

Exercise to stay in shape and healthy: When you follow the healthy routine of exercising regularly, it helps in flushing toxins out of your body. You also improve your circulation, bringing more blood to the surface of the skin. It will give you a healthy glowing skin and it will also keep your skin healthier in long-term. Get involved in any of the physical activities such as jogging, running, cycling, hiking and yoga, etc. You will get glowing skin as well as you will reduce your anxiety and boost your blood circulation and mood as well.

Exfoliate your body: Gently exfoliate your face and body with a washcloth or mixture of ground oatmeal and water or olive oil/almond oil/any other your favorite message oil/body oil. This process will remove the top layer of the dead, dull skin that’s hiding the beautiful glowing skin underneath. It will help in boosting the blood circulation and gives you a rosy glow too. It your wedding dress will show more skin, in that case, you can also use the same mixture on your arms, legs and other parts of the body. You surely want your whole skin to glow, not just that your face.

Make changes in your skin care: If you are not happy and satisfied with your current skin care routine results, go for a skincare makeover.  Make changes in your skin care products, but ensure that you are doing it much in advance. If the new product doesn’t suit your skin, at least you will have enough time to take corrective measures. Coconut oil and almond oil are the fantastic skin moisturizers, if you are not happy with your body moisturizer, try these oils. For your face, apply some petroleum based ingredients and oils.

Improve your digestion: To get that flawless skin, you need to work upon your digestion. It is very important that you take right kind of diet and fruits that help in boosting your digestion. Eat green leafy vegetables, fruits like mango, pineapple, orange, pomegranate, guava and grapes in your fruit list to improve digestion. These fruits will help in improving your digestion and minimize the chances of skin problem like pimples, pigmentation and acne.

Buy good beauty products: What you put into your body and how much you move around are both important will result in beautiful, glowing skin, but on special occasions-like your wedding day-you really want to look gorgeous. Go for good beauty products from good brands. Go for such skin products which are good and go well with your skin. matrimonial site provides profiles of brides and grooms looking marriage in India. Search your future spouse from the thousands for verified profiles.

Latest Sherwani Trends To Make Your Style Statement On Your Wedding Day!

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Wedding Sherwani for Grooms

Are you looking for latest trends in sherwani? Still confused between the traditional and contemporary looks for your sherwani? Are you really keen to buy new sharwani for your wedding, but don’t know which style will suit you most? Wedding season is here and if you are the one who is going for your wedding shopping every week to buy a perfect sherwani and still confused what to buy as your wedding dress, then we can help you in buying the right sherwani. Nowadays, grooms too pay much attention to their wedding attire. Wedding day is not just for the bride as she needs to look beautiful, but it is equally important for guy as well to look handsome. Therefore, grooms wedding dress should be really nice that will create a lasting impression. Sherwani is one such traditional attire, which is stylish yet very much ethnic. Here are 9 sherwani styling ideas, which you can choose for your wedding day.

Chipkan style sherwani: This style is inspired from the contemporary era. This royal sherwani is the true reflection of Indian royal culture and traditional attire. Usually, the design of these sherwanis are inspired from the Mughal period and thus gives an impression of kings and rulers. If you are really keen to add that  royal look on your wedding day, then you can choose this special sherwani. If you surely want to add royal spark to your looks, then this style is sure buy. You can mix this sherwani with some classy accessories, but avoid overdoing it.

Indo-Western sherwani: Indo-Western sherwani’s are a perfect pick for those who want to maintain the right balance between the modern and traditional looks. When it comes to trend-setting, this is just perfect for you. There are plenty of shades, colors, hues are available in the market in this style. If you still want some bling for your sherwani, then you can choose the studded, beds, gems and royal buttons in your sherwani to get that perfect look. You can also get your sherwani customized, if you have some more ideas to add that royal touch in your shwerwani. Elaborate the essence of your sherwani with a stylish bottom wear. Always ensure that you are going for contrasting colors to enhance the beauty of your attire.

Achkan style sherwani: If you are really conscious about your looks and making the right style statement for your wedding day, then this is the perfect choice for you. Achkan sherwani is the perfect fashionable attire that can add jazz to your looks. It is one of the most popular choices in sherwani that anyone would love to wear on their wedding day to make it classic. You can add churidar, dhoti pajama, and jacket to complete your looks.

Angrakha sherwani: If you have good upper body, which you really want to flaunt on your wedding day, then this is the best choice as your wedding attire. Angrakha shwerwani is the perfect match for a masculine upper body. This style is really in demand as most of the guys who have well-structured body always want for such a wedding outfit, which will complement their physique. Fashion gurus believe that these kinds of sherwani’s look really elegant if they are well teamed up with other accessories. The shewrani offers a perfect royal look to go well with your super masculine physique. Any kind of bottoms can go well with this sherwani style, but don’t forget to pair this up with nice jaipuri or Punjabi juttis.

Jodhpuri sherwani: This is another royal style sherwani that is often worn by youngsters to get that royal look on their wedding. After all, your wedding looks can’t be completed without a perfect Jodhpuri sherwani. This is really an ethnic piece of work and designers took years to make the masterpiece. These sherwani’s are really expensive as you will always get these in limited editions and customized. You can mix these sherwani’s with a pair of churidar and cufflinks and stoles as accessories that will give you that desired royal look. matrimonial portal provides online platform for brides and grooms for marriage. Get registered now your matrimony profile for perfect life partner.

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