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Special Gifting Ideas for Roka Ceremony

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Gifting Ideas for Roka Ceremony

After all the initial processes of searching bride and groom, and choosing the perfect one, the next ceremony is engagement ceremony or Roka ceremony among Sikh wedding rituals. In Punjabi families, they call it Roka ceremony.  Recently, I got an invitation from my friend for her Roka ceremony. This is one of the most important ceremonies in Punjabi community. As she is a very good friend of mine and I was not very sure what I should gift her on this special occasion. I discussed this with other friends what I should gift her on this special occasion. They gave me different suggestions and ideas. However, the journey of finalizing and buying something special for her Roka ceremony was not that simple. I am here sharing the list of some options which you can also consider to make your journey simple and hassle free.

Gold jewelry: I found gold jewelry is one of the most suitable and apt gift for girl. You can gift an elegant ring, earring or gold chain. If your budget is higher, you can choose something better for your friends like gold bangles, necklace or diamonds ring for her Roka ceremony.

Skin and body care kits: This is another good option to gift her on her special day. These kits include different products for skin and body care. These are the best to pamper your body and skin before marriage and feel happy. There are various skin care and body care kits available in the market from different leading brands. Moreover, you can get a kit customized according to your requirements and choices.

Make-up kit: This is hot favorite of all girls. You can buy a nice make-up kit for your friend. You can buy a regular make-up kit with different items. But, you can also customize your make-up kit as per your requirements. You can add or remove some items if you want. These make-up kits are available in different price range from minimum Rs. 500 to Rs. 5000 and more.

Microwave oven: This is something a choice based gift. If you know that your friend loves to bake things and she is good at it. This will be a perfect gift idea for this ceremony. You can gift her microwave which she can use after marriage in her new home and bake something mouthwatering dishes for them. You can buy a good microwave from any leading brands like LG, Electrolux, Whirlpool, Samsung and Phillips, etc.

Digital camera: If your friend is a good photographer or photography is her hobby, go ahead and gift her digital camera. This will be one of the most desired gift for her. There are various cameras available in different price range from minimum Rs. 3500 to Rs 1lakh or more. So choose a camera suiting your budget and meeting her interest.

Dinner set: Dinner set is very useful gifting option. Buy a nice branded dinner set for your friend to gift her on Roka ceremony. You can choose a dinner set of minimum 13 pieces to 56 or 60+ pieces. Dinner sets are available in different material and price range. So, chose a set that you think is the best to gift your friend.

Handbag: Handbag is something, which is very much loved by all the girls. For girl’s handbag is like a dress that you never had enough.  You must know the taste and choices of your friends, so you can give her nice handbag. Decide the pattern or style whether you would like to give her party clutch or an office handbag. Make your choice smartly to make an impression.

Spa voucher: To pamper her and relax her senses and body you can gift her spa voucher. You can also gift her a couple spa voucher as well if her marriage date are within three months to enjoy some special time with her spouse. Most of these vouchers are valid for three months at least. So, gift her something to pamper her and take a break from hectic schedule.

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Pre-Wedding Rituals of Punjabi Wedding: Full of Life & Excitement

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punjabi wedding rituals marriage

Whenever we see a weeding scene in the movie, we find it really exciting and fun filled as in most of the Indian movies we see Punjabi wedding rituals. Do you remember any movie where you find a wedding scene really exciting and fun filled? Every time when we talk or think about Punjabi weddings, we just remember the cheerful faces, fun filled rituals and goody attires and loud dance, etc. Karan Johar and Yash Chopra are two people, who have depicted the Punjabi wedding rituals in their movies and people loved these larger than life ceremonies and rituals.

Punjabi wedding is not just about different rituals, but more about vibrant and full of life ceremonies to bring everyone closer and feel the happiness and joy. Punjabi wedding consist different rituals, let’s take a look at different wedding ceremonies of Punjabi wedding.

Roka ceremony: This ceremony is something similar to engagement ceremony. In this ceremony, the bride and groom give their acceptance to this new relationship in respective families. Both the families exchange the gifts and other things. Generally people invite their family and friends in this ceremony.

Taka ceremony: This is next thing after Roka ceremony, when both the families meet and sit together to fix the date of wedding. Taka means ‘setting the date’ for wedding. This ceremony generally takes place at bride’s place to fix the wedding date and start the preparation of other important ceremonies.

Kurmai: This is formal engagement ceremony, which is generally done at grooms place or at some Gurudwara. In this ceremony, all the family members from both the families are invited and groom present the engagement ring to bride. After the exchange of ring the bride’s family offers kara to the groom as ritual. Generally, the engagement ceremony starts with a short prayer by Granthi (sikh priest). After this short prayer, red scarf is places around the groom’s shoulder along with dried dates according to granthi’s instructions and then grandfather feeds that dried dates to the groom. After this ritual both families enjoy the meal.

Chunni rasam: This ceremony takes place at bride’s house, where the mother of the groom cover the brides head with chunni, which indicates that from now onwards she is part of their family and she is supposed to respect and upload the honor and pride of the family. In this ceremony, the bride wears clothes and jewelry gifted by her in-laws. Groom marks her head with sindoor as sign of commitment. After this, groom’s parents offer shagun to bride and her family as blessing and acceptance of engagement. Both the family exchange the gifts followed by lavish celebration with a lot of music and dance take place.

Mehendi and Sangeet ceremony: These two ceremonies are full of excitement and joy. Mehendi ceremony is generally conducted in both the families, where all the ladies of the family smear mehendi on their hands. In sangeet ceremony, the family members, relatives and friends perform dance on various songs and other traditional folk songs.  Sangeet is all about making merry and having fun. Women sing and dance on various traditional songs as well.

Chuda ceremony: This is the ritual that happens in the bride’s house. The girl’s maternal uncle or brother helps her to wear chuda, set of white and red bangles. After that, the girl is smeared with turmeric and oil paste. All the ladies of the family smear turmeric paste on the girl’s face, hands and feet. After this ritual, she takes bath with holy water and then wears bridal dress, which is brought by her maternal uncle. The same kind of ritual is also performed in boy’s family as well. But, there one thing is different that is ‘sehra’ ceremony in which an elder man of the family helps him to wear ‘sehra’ along with his wedding dress.

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Popular Punjabi Wedding Ceremony in India

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Punjabi wedding

The Punjabi language is spoken by native people of Panjabi origin in India and worldwide. Punjabi language is widely used for communication by the people in Pakistan, England, Canada, UAE, United States, and Australia. Also there is cultural influence through Bollywood films among the Indian diaspora. Punjabi wedding are mostly organized in Punjabi with reflection of Punjabi traditions. The Punjabi people are generally well income and business class living in various parts of the globe. They may prefer to marry to a partner with Punjabi culture or original family.

The traditional marriage ceremony of Sikhs and Punjabi are packed with dance, music, rituals with delicious foods. Wedding ceremony of Punjabi are steps of cultural programs.

Pre-Wedding Ceremony

At this function the groom and bride committed for wedlock with matrimonial proposals. Before the engagement a ceremony called ‘Rokka’ where the groom’s family comes to the bride’s house to give gift and blessings. One the engagement day “Mangni” is ver high profile, when the bride’s family members come to groom’s home with jewellery gifts to confirm the marriage. On the Sagai day, the bride’s father applies ‘Tikka’ on the groom’s forehead. Sangeet day is celebrated in a banquet hall where the women sing Punjabi songs and dance party dinner. Mehndi ceremony is major program before marriage, where both the bride and groom apply Mehendi to their palms, hands and feet. Bride apply the Mehndi which gifted by her future Mother in Law.

Marriage Day Ceremony

This function is arranged at the bride’s house or wedding venue with mutually decided. First introduction ‘Milni’ of Sikh marriage ‘Ardas’ is done by the head in charge Sikh scriptures with the family members. The bride’s side gives ‘Shagun’ to the groom’s father. Next is Jaimala (Varmala) where both groom and bride exchange flowers garlands on each other by accept each other love to live together. Then the ‘Kanyadaan’ ceremony where the bride’s father gives his daughter hand to the groom. And ‘Saath Pheras’ with the 7 rounds circles of sacred fire. Now the groom applies Sindoor (vermilion) to his bride and ties necklace which called ‘Mangalsutra Rasam’. After the rituals the couple touches the feet of elder family members for their blessings for happy marriage. Finally the ‘Joota Chupai’(hiding the shoes) by bride’s sisters which is fun tradition and they charge gift from groom to return his shoes.

Post-Wedding Ceremony

After the wedding, the ‘Doli Vidaai’ is the departure of newly married bride from her parental house and says goodbye to her parents and family. Then she is welcomed by her mother-in-law and accepts her Bahu as newest daughter. Reception at the Groom’s house newly married couple, first the bride step to house with her right foot at entrance door before she enters the house. Then, along with her husband, she must offer puja in their room. Wish you a very happy wedding.

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