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Get Inspired By Some Most Trendy And Unique Wedding Cards To Seal Your D Day

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Wedding Invitation Cards

Generally, most of the Indian wedding invitation cards more or less look similar- Cream colored base with red or golden border, some flowers and glitter work or some elegant patterns and idol of Lord Ganesha on the top. Though, we all like these elegant and sober wedding invitation cards, but there is no harm in adding a little bit creativity to it. Nowadays, people are more open to new ideas and they don’t want to stick to the traditional patterns, rather they are ready to experiment with their wedding invitation card. When you want everything different and awesome on your wedding day, then why to settle down with ordinary kind of wedding invitation. Let’s take a look at some new age ideas for your wedding invitation card just to ensure that your wedding invite is as unique as your wedding.

Match box invitation card: This is really creative and funky style of wedding card. You can choose this theme for your wedding invitation. In this match box pattern wedding card, you can get your images printed on the cover/box of the card and add two or more different sheets to mention your wedding schedule and the different ceremonies and timing. You can add some more creativity by customizing this card with different images or using caricature images to get the funky look.

Popcorn box invitation: If you are a movie freak and you are fully occupied with movie-magic, then this wedding invitation idea is just perfect for you. You can get your wedding invitation card printed in a popcorn box pattern and get your wedding details and other things printed on the box or you can add some separate small sheets in ticket format to add details about different ceremonies, venue and other important things. To add some more twist to the card you can fill those boxes with popcorn and sweets.

Caricature pattern wedding invitation card: This wedding invitation card looks very trendy and stylish. You can also get your wedding invitation card printed in the caricature format. These wedding cards looks attractive and you can also add your wedding journey or some small special moments as card place holders like image of your ring ceremony, dinner date, or something similar. You can add your couple photo on the wedding invitation in the caricature to make it more appealing. Go for some colorful and bright shades, rather than going for simple and traditional colors.

Passport style wedding invitation card: If you are looking for something different and stylish, then this card is just perfect for you. You can get your wedding invitation card printed in the pattern of passport. Get your couple photo printed on the card and mention all details in the similar format as printed on the passport to make it more appealing.

Boarding pass wedding invitation card: Looking for some unique designs for your wedding invitation? Get your wedding card printed in the style of boarding pass. Get your couple photo printed on the card and mention other details on the boarding pass in stylish manner. You can use two-three folds boarding pass to mention all details if single sheet is not sufficient to mention all.

Birdcage wedding invitation card: This is a really different and unique style. Use the birdcage as wedding invitation card. Get your wedding invitation card placed smartly in the birdcage. To make it more stylish and beautiful you can decorate this birdcage wedding invitation with ribbons and flowers. You can also use your photographs. Besides, you can also add some sweets or chocolates along with the invitation. Credit card wedding invitation card: This is another unique style for wedding invitation card. You can get your wedding invitation card printed in credit card format. Get your couple photograph printed on the card and mention all the programme details on the card. This will be a totally different and unique wedding invitation card.

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Wedding Card? Really Worth To Invest?

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Wedding Invitation Cards- LoveVivah

Last week, when I entered home my mother told me about a wedding card and I was happy to hear this because this is the first marriage card of the season and I was really excited to see who is getting married. I asked my mom, ‘who is getting married?’ She replied that one of my distant cousins is getting married next week. I asked for the card to check the date and venue. I looked for the card in the room and asked mom where she kept that card she told me it was right there on the table.

It was a huge colorful box with proper lock and images. I was really surprised to see this new pattern of wedding card as it was really different and royal card, beyond my expectations and imagination. The card was designed very beautifully and fixed inside a big box with sound effect of ‘Shenai’. It was two-fold box similar to the vanity box, as my sister has already booked the box to keep her jewelry in it. The first fold or layer of the card box was a full of nice design, art work with a caricature of the would-be-bride and groom. The second fold consists the venue, a road map of the location. Even the map was not the simple one, rather full of landmarks and spots indicating with images they both have visited or might not have visited, but marked in a way with their images enjoying food, playing ball game and driving on highway. Even the box was not empty, it was filled with American dark chocolates and chocolate dry fruit. It was really creative and hats off to their ultimate choice of box.

I got more curious to know how much they have invested in such lavish card, as they must have ordered more than 300 pieces and the amount must not be in thousands, but surely in lakhs. I checked online and shocked to know the cost of the card was approximately Rs. 2500 and the total cost would have been for 300 cards was Rs. 7.5 lakhs. It is an eye and mind delight to watch such kind of lavish cards, still I am not very convinced with spending huge amount in wedding cards where people will forget about it after next 15 days. Is it really worth to invest huge money on cards to show off? My answer is ‘NO’, rather you can invest the same money on more constructive things rather than a card of worth Rs. 1000 or Rs. 2000. Here, I want to suggest you some simple ideas to go for some really nice cards, but within your budget.

  1. Buy a card from wholesale market, rather than looking for a vendor in your area.
  2. Go for a card that is creative, yet pocket friendly. A wedding card worth Rs. 50-100 is more than enough to invest.
  3. Even you can go for some personal invitation with simple one leaf card not more than Rs. 50 is good to go.
  4. Make a call to relatives, send messages or make your group to send online invitation.
  5. Get your wedding card created as online mailer as many companies do for their promotional activities and send it to your relatives by investing minimum amount of Rs. 1K to Rs. 2K only.
  6. Go for a mobile app or online card. It will save more money and will be handy. You need not to visit people’s home to deliver card. You can send them online invitation with minimum investment.

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