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How to Ignite Passion in an Arranged Marriage?

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Courtship is the happiest stage of a couple in which the partners live a beautiful fairy tale where love and passion flow on their own. But, with an arranged marriage through a matrimonial site and coexistence, life becomes a routine, both the partners take a relaxing backseat, and the strength of the relationship weakens day by day.

Therefore, if you found your soulmate through a matrimony site, got married and you feel that the passion between you is fading, or you are afraid that routine has taken over your marriage with the passage of time, read on, because we give you a few tips to keep the fire burning in your arranged marriage.

1) The Importance of Communication

The lack of dialogue is the main cause of wear and tear in a relationship. But do not be alarmed! Everything has a solution. Following these tips, your relationship will improve, and you can go back to the old days. Talk about what you like and what is vital to have a good relationship. Talk not only about your life at work, with friends or at home, but also about your sex life. Sometimes, passion is lost by not having more than one necessary conversation. This will facilitate coexistence, one of the most difficult parts of an arranged marriage and with it, will increase the desire of spending more time with your partner!

2) Innovate

Having new experiences is key: activities that draw your relationship from the routine to which it is subordinated, new ideas that provoke initiative in the couple and fun situations in which you dedicate time to yourselves. A trip, for example! Also, share walks, long conversations, nice visits and even the Jacuzzi of a romantic hotel can rekindle the passion in the best way. A getaway never hurts!

3) Surprises

We are not talking about big surprises every day, but small details with which you can recover the dream life little by little, that you have lost. Couples who do things together show greater satisfaction and more happiness, thanks to the moments of surprise or moments that renew the magic of your love. Why not try them? Surely, that new connection also fuels the flame of passion.

4) Discussions

Discussions are the great common point of all arranged marriages. They strengthen a relationship like nothing else. Take the opportunity to talk to your partner and share your hopes and dreams with him/her!

5) Run Away from Technologies

It is important to know when to turn off your phone, computer, iPad and other electronic devices to spend time with your partner. Do not put obligations that are not necessary and enjoy the company of that special person. If little by little, you eliminate the little things that occupy that precious time, the desire to be together in all the senses will return, and the passion will flow by itself. We assure you that it is much more fun to leave the smartphone aside and replace it with your partner!

Every couple whether from a love marriage or an arranged, go through a period in their matrimonial life when the love seems to wane. However, follow these tips to bring back the passion and keep it alive for the rest of your matrimony.

Best Ideas for Destination Weddings in Kerala

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From North India to South India, one place that comes to mind when planning a destination wedding is definitely Kerala. This God’s own country is the perfect Indian mini-version with the most mesmerizing backdrops for your wedding. Serene beaches, beautiful backwaters, palm trees and lush green grasslands, and spectacular hills – you name it, you can find it in Kerala! With some truly amazing venues available in this southern state, your wedding is bound to become the dream you always wanted it to be.

If you know you’d like your destination wedding to be in Kerala but are confused about the exact venue, this blog will help you choose the ideal one for your D-day! Read on to discover the top 5 best venues for destination weddings in Kerala!

1) Beach Wedding

A beach wedding in Kerala is the perfect idea to get the right start to your matrimonial life. There is no dispute that Kerala has one of the best beaches in India with an indescribable aura of serenity in its environments that beckons us all. Pristine beaches of Alleppey, Kovalam, and Varkala, are the perfect venues for your destination wedding in Kerala. You can have the perfect start to holy matrimony in a typical Indian or English-styled wedding theme under the open sky while the waves splash across the sand and the sun sets in the backdrop. Is there any place more magical than this to get married?

2) Houseboat Wedding

Does anything sound dreamier than relaxing in a houseboat? Add getting married in one to the mix, and the entire concept becomes even dreamier. A houseboat, set amidst the beautiful Kerala waters and far away from the hustle-bustle of the city is the perfect place to have your dream wedding in the most lavish of ways. This is one venue that any matrimonial sites will hardly ever tell you about!

3) Mountain Wedding

How would you like to get married amidst the hilly backdrop of Kerala? These places in Kerala not just make a wedding the most memorable day in your life ever but also make for great wedding photographs to put up on the matrimony sites where you met your better half. With magical places like Wayanad, Munnar, and Ponmudi, Kerala offers a diverse range of hilly settings to have the perfect start to your married life.

4) Backwaters Wedding

Imagine a scenario of seashores, palm groves, and water as far as the eye can see. Sounds surreal, doesn’t it? It can be the perfect venue for your dream wedding. The backwaters of Kerala offer a versatile blend of natural beauty and an unpolluted environment that is akin to heaven. The coastal towns of Kerala are blissful, serene, romantic and perfect to host a wedding.

5) Temple Wedding

Temples are synonymous with Kerala. If what your heart desires is a simple and traditional wedding, then you could not find a place better than a temple in Kerala. The peaceful setting, great architecture, and aura of a temple wedding beat everything! This is one of the most preferred settings for a wedding for many people across India.

Having a destination wedding in Kerala can make your wedding a memorable day, not just for you and your partner but also for your friends and family. From the mesmerizing backwaters to hilly terrains and peaceful temples, Kerala has it all to make your dream wedding come true!

Understanding Real Meanings of Seven Vows of Hindu Marriage!

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Marriage is a sacred institution in India. In India, marriage is not only a two soul affair but it is the marriage between two families. This sacred thread binds two person together and the families of the duo unite together to be a part of the family. These days, there are several matrimonial sites to search bride and groom for your child, sibling or a friend.

The concept of matrimony is same across the world but the culture, rituals and traditions differ from place to place and what I believe that the Hindu marriage follows extensive rituals and customs to solemnize the marriage.

Among the customs and rituals, the important ones are Jaimala, Sindoor daan, wearing of Mangalsutra and the Seven vows taken by the bride and groom while taking Saat Pheras around the sacred fire. The couple seeks the blessings of God and fire to be together for next seven births by taking the Saat Phere.

The mantras of Seven vows are chanted by the Priests of the family and the bride and the groom repeats them during their turns. But do they really understand the terms of the Seven Vows that they promise to abide by. I believe very few of them understand the vows fully and follow the promises in life. Majority of couples chant after Pandit without understanding the real meaning.

They are sacred vows and if it is followed religiously by both the partners, they can lead a happy life with no grudges because it teaches them the principles to lead a happy and caring life taking care of each other’s responsibility as their own. The united soul can bring great difference in the life of each other while treading on the path of life as great companions.

The 7 sacred vows are the Vedic scriptures and it has been segregated as holy vows to bring husband and wife on the same platform of understanding and love.

The First Vow: The Groom vows to bride that he will be responsible for providing the nourishment, welfare and happiness to the wife and the children.

The Bride vows to the groom that she will take care of the family and household and will share his responsibility as her own.

The Second Vow: The Groom vows to bride that he will remain loyal and faithful to his wife and will stand by her throughout the thick and thins of life. He will be with her providing mental, physical and financial stability and security to her and family.

The Bride vows to the groom that she will willingly share the responsibility by helping him in every possible way and be ready to endure all with courage and strength.

The Third Vow: The Groom vows to bride that he will work hard putting all his efforts to bring wealth and prosperity in the house and giving education to their children.

The Bride vows to the groom that she will act responsibly in maintaining the resources and devote her love exceptionally to her husband and all other men would be secondary in her life. She will be loyal throughout life, maintaining chastity.

The Fourth Vow: The Groom thanks to bride that through this sacred affair of marriage, she has made his life beautiful and complete and he vows to respect both set of families. He will respect her wishes and will include her in all his major decisions.

The Bride vows to groom that she will stand by his side in all rituals, family and religious commitments and will walk by his side giving her consent for his decisions. She will respect and regard his decisions and include his say in all her decisions. In case any danger intercepts his way, she will stand before him to save him and will be ready to sacrifice her life for him.

The Fifth Vow: The couple vows to be with each other sharing their happiness and sorrows with great understanding and care. They together pray to God to bless them with healthy children and they both will strive to nurture their children with enriching values and generous lifestyle.

The Sixth Vow: The couple vows to love and respect each other and stand together in times of joy and grief. They together pray to seek the blessings of God to bestow them with healthy and long life filled with joy, peace and prosperity so that they can carry their duties and responsibilities towards each other.

The Seventh Vow: The couple vows together that through this ritual of Sacred Seven Vows, they have become husband and wife uniting their soul. They are united with a divine thread of togetherness and they will love each other and be there for each other till eternity. They as a couple will walk together as great companions, sharing each and everything of life, honouring and loving each other unconditionally. They promise to abide by all the holy seven vows with pure and honest intentions that they have promised during the ritual of marriage.

Ah, the segregated vows were compiled ages before but it has an essence of modern values. They stand for equality among the couple and together, they form a pure bonding of love, understanding and care entering into matrimonial relationships

All the would-be husbands and wives should read these sacred seven vows and understand their true meaning that lies in the vows and try to adopt in their life when they unite as a couple to bring love, peace and harmony in their life.

Marriage is a lifelong commitment and wise decisions usher’s life with happiness.

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9 Ways to Save Relationship from Getting Stale!

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It is believed that Marriages are fixed in heaven and solemnized on earth. It is a relationship of two individuals, who promise to stand united in all shades of life and agree to procreate.

New married couples are very enthusiastic and ready to explore the world living their dreams. With the passage of time, mostly it is observed that both the partners in matrimonial  relationship start taking each other for granted and the relationship suffers. As the responsibility gears up, the partners are distanced. They start feeling bored with their partner and miss required fervor in their relationship.

The relationship specialist advises the couples to save their relationship from getting stale by bringing in the changes in their outlook and behavior toward each other.

Appreciate & Respect Each Other

Take time out from your busy life for each other and appreciate your partner twice a day. Appreciation can be based upon looks, style, way of presentation and managing things. Do try to discover two points in a partner in 24 hours and make them feel special for those two attributes. Be honest and loving.

Avoid Criticism on Daily Basis

Being critical is good at some point of time but no one feels happy to hear their own criticism. Don’t pinpoint each other’s weakness and be at loggerheads. Keep an hour in a week to criticize each other on the issues which require brushing up and show the ways to recoup things where they lack. This way, respect for each other will grow and a clear understanding will develop.

Share Responsibilities

Instead of shelving load of responsibilities on each other, adopt an attitude of sharing responsibilities. Sharing responsibilities will keep both of you connected and both of you will love working collectively. Sense of responsibility will develop and no one will feel the heat of overburdened.

Cook Together

The kitchen area is thought to be the woman’s world. In changed scenario, where both partners are working or are living in a nuclear family, if the couple works together in the kitchen, a sense of bonding will develop, because both will be able to share quality time together. Many males are not good at cooking, but they can help their wives in cutting, chopping, cleaning, packing and lying the table. Joint venture will be enjoyable for both the partners and none will feel left out.

Go for Shopping Together

Initially, the couple ventures together for shopping but after few years of marriage, the boys opt out. To continue your marital bliss, accompany your partner to shopping in weekends and buy personal things for each other. It creates room for appreciation and respecting each other’s choice.

Plan Outings Periodically

Take time out from busy schedule and plan outings for weekends to spend time together at some pleasant locations, away from the daily hustle-bustle of city life. Spending time together will bring the couple close to each other and they will feel rejuvenated.

Give Surprise Often

Everyone loves surprises. Surprise your partner with the token of gift in the form of flowers, cards, perfumes, bouquets or a movie ticket. It can be anything that thrills the partner. You can steal each other’s heart by giving surprises.

Never Forget Important Dates of Life

Birthdays, anniversary dates are special for everyone. Never forget these dates, rather plan something exclusive for the day together or individually as you wish. Forgetting important dates scars the bliss of marriage.

Give Freedom & Space

It is good to be together but too much of togetherness mars the essence of relationship. Give each other a space to grow and prosper. Give each other freedom to pursue their own hobbies and likes. Spend time with friends. The space is required to grow relationships healthy. Too much of binding spoils relationship.

Follow the above said guidelines and save your matrimony from losing its sheen.

A healthy and loving relationship helps the couple to stay happy and strong. Several leading matrimonial sites are there for the ardent parents and individuals who are looking for an ideal partner and LoveVivah is one of the leading matrimony website.

7 Important Conversations before Tying the Knot!

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Marriage is a lifetime commitment. Matrimony is between two individuals coming straight from different families. There is a great diversity in their upbringing, outlook, culture, customs and traditions, beliefs, habits etc. whether it is an arranged marriage or love marriage.

In the age of digitization, there are leading matrimonial sites that have created a platform for the people to reach other for partners for life.

Nowadays, the groom and the bride are well-educated and independent in their thought and action. The two individuals have to stay together 24*7, hence they should be aware of their likes and dislikes, their expectations from their partners and what they can accept and what they can’t accept.

Before tying the knot, both the groom and the bride has the option to accept or reject, without losing anything.

1. Personal Habits

Discuss about your personal habits, which you feel can be annoying for the other, such as snoring, boozing, gambling, smoking, etc. There are certain habits which one is ready to give up if not liked by the other partner but there are a few that you are addicted to and is not into your control or don’t want to give up. There are people, who have an aversion for boozing and smoking and they cannot adjust in the circumstances. It is better for both the partners to know closely about each other before getting into relationship.

2. Children & Their Responsibility

People take children as a package included in matrimonial package and they don’t feel the need to discuss. But in today’s scenario, when both partners are working, there are instances where either bride or the groom is not ready for family way and they don’t want to take the responsibility of bearing children. The newbies ready to enter into commitments should discuss clearly their take on the subject and how they will manage in the event when both are working or one of them is working.

3. Finance

There are numerous conflicts among the partners over financial issues and often, their relationships are strained because of indifference on financial issues. Both the partners should talk about their concept on finances, their spending limit and saving habit. If both are working, how would they like to manage their finances, individually or in jointly and if one of the partner is working, then how it will be managed. Do acquaint your partner if any loan is currently running and how it will be managed in future. Talk openly discussing all the minute issues.

4. Career

In today’s scenario, both partners are well educated and raised with a motive in mind to carve a niche for oneself in the professional sphere. Career options and preference should be clearly discussed. There are girls, who want to take a break in a career after marriage and kids and there is a group, who don’t want to give up in any circumstances. This aspect should be discussed honestly with all pros and cons and situations expected in life.

5. Beliefs & Culture

Two people are coming from entire different families, so there will be a range of differences in beliefs and culture. Both partners should discuss their take on the subject and apprise each other their view, whether they are staunch in following or liberal in view. Are they ready to accept each other’s belief and culture or reluctant to drop or accept?

6. Responsibility of Parents

Today, both the boy and the girl is responsible to take care of their parents, especially in old age. This is an important aspect of discussion and it should be honestly reviewed so that untoward issues don’t crop up and old and ailing parents are left in a lurch. Even the financial assistance provided to parents should be discussed.

7. Delegation of Domestic Chores

Today, in the event of a nuclear family, a single partner cannot take entire responsibility of the domestic chores. It should be practically discussed and both the partners should be willing to take up the joint responsibility of all the domestic chores or they can delegate duties according to their choice and time availability.

These seven points are the important and indispensable points of discussion for smooth sailing of the marriage relationship. Everyone has to go through them in marriage commitments. When you zero in your partner and is ready to take up the journey, plan a meeting and discuss all the points honestly, clearing all your take and inhibitions on the subject. If you agree, plunge into the relationship or else wait for someone, who matches your mental horizon.

LoveVivah is one of the prestigious matrimony site which brings young and eager individuals together to start a life with an understanding partner.