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Are You Adventurous? Honeymoon Destinations for Sporty Couples

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Adventurous Honeymoon Destinations

If you think that your wedding is the best day of your life, then for sure you must be looking for a romantic gateway for your honeymoon to make it memorable for lifetime. If you are among those couples who don’t want to settle down less than best for their honeymoon, then you must visit some most romantic honeymoon destinations. You can explore some international destinations that can add a lot to your honeymoon. If you are ready to explore and experiment on your honeymoon, then some international destination is just perfect for you. If you are craving for little more fun, little more adventure and excitement on your honeymoon, then explore these international destinations with your spouse on your honeymoon. Here, we are sharing some of the most romantic international honeymoon destinations for newly wedded couples.

Fiji Island: This is one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations for all those who want to spend some romantic time together in the lap of nature. Let the love wrap around you as you explore the dark-leaved jungles and the sky-blue waters together. You can stay at the gorgeous villas, some exotic hotels and resorts. You can indulge here in water sports activities and other adventurous sports to add some excitement in your honeymoon. You can dine out at some romantic restaurants on the island. The cost to visit this gorgeous Island may range between Rs. 2.4 lakhs to Rs. 2.7 lakhs for couple. The best time to visit this place is July to September.

Greece: This bewitching location invites all newlyweds who want to fill their honeymoon with romance and passion. Clear water, glittering beaches, and romantic resorts, everything is just perfect at this location for your honeymoon. You can enjoy some more romantic and memorable moments at this very perfect honeymoon destination. This place offers you different sports and adventurous activities. You can witness the beautiful corals and the star shines upon the clear water. Enjoy some most romantic moments walking hand-in-hand on the sandy beaches and enjoy the water splashes on your faces. The perfect time to visit this destination is April-June and September-October. You can plan your honeymoon by spending minimum Rs. 2 lakhs to Rs. 2.5 lakhs depending upon type of accommodation you prefer to stay in there and kind of activities you want to indulge in there.

Seychelles: It is very gorgeous, rich and exotic location for your honeymoon. Seychelles is a perfect getaway for your romantic and memorable honeymoon. Let this scintillating destination add some magical moments to your honeymoon. Visit the beautiful rainforest with your spouse and spend some quality time with your partner. This is one such destination which attracts the honeymoon couples throughout the year. The ideal time to spend at this location is minimum five days to seven days. You can visit this picture-perfect destination by spending Rs. 2 lakhs to Rs. 3 lakhs per couple. This location can be visited throughout the year.

Kenya: It is a first choice for all those who are adventure lover. It is ranked among the best countries to visit on your honeymoon if you are looking for some adventure in your honeymoon. You can go for wildlife safari to add some adventure on your honeymoon. Even you can dine with your spouse in jungle under the trees and you can also witness the wildlife closely enjoying your meal. You can also experience the hot air balloon ride over Masai Mara. By spending just Rs. 2 lakhs you can visit this exciting location. The best time to visit this super-hot destination is July to September.

France: This is the city of light which offer you plenty of option to explore and visit. If you are a food lover and crazy about experimenting different cuisines, then this is right place for you. If you are in this country you can’t afford to miss visiting Eiffel Tower. Besides, you can also experience the beauty of picturesque Rhone-Alpes region and enjoy the traditional cart ride to make your honeymoon most romantic. The honeymoon package cost would be somewhere around Rs. 2.5 lakhs to Rs. 3 lakhs depending upon the kind of activities and amenities you chosen on your honeymoon. The tourists visit this place throughout the year, but the ideal time to visit this location is from July to August.

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Amazing Ways to Save Money on Your Honeymoon Booking & Travel

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to Save Money Honeymoon Booking Travel

When I was planning for my honeymoon one of my biggest worries were funds. I was short of funds, still wanted to plan something nice for our honeymoon. I discussed with my friends and cousins about this. I always want to plan something nice, but within shoestring honeymoon budget. Honeymoon is something which you want to make really awesome and don’t want to go wrong with it and my plans were also similar. I also had a lot of plans about my honeymoon as this was the first vacation which I was going to enjoy with my spouse. In my honeymoon planning, I used some simple tricks and able to save more money. Here, I am sharing some of my money saving ideas with you for your help.

  1. Always book your honeymoon tickets with travel reward credit or debit cards. If you have a travel reward card, then avail its benefits on your honeymoon. These travel cards offer free miles or good discounts on flight tickets. So, use these cards for travel ticket booking.
  2. Avail your rewards points and enjoy some more discounts on your bookings. If you travel frequently, you can also save some rewards points or loyalty benefits for your honeymoon trip. You can use those loyalty rewards and benefits to get discount.
  3. Fix a honeymoon budget and try to stick to your budget only. Always plan in advance what is your maximum or minimum spending limit. Try to book and plan everything within your budget.
  4. Save money for your honeymoon. This is another thing that you can do. If you know your marriage date and you know about your honeymoon start saving some money for your honeymoon. Fix an amount and save that amount religiously till your honeymoon. Enjoy some more financial liquidity on your honeymoon.
  5. Book your travel tickets and hotel in advance. If you know your travel dates, it is better to book your honeymoon travel tickets and hotel rooms in advance. If you book your travel tickets in two or three months advance, you will be able to save good amount money on your ticket and hotel booking.
  6. Plan your travel in off season. It is good to you plan your honeymoon in off season. For instance, if you are planning to visit Goa on your honeymoon, try to travel during off season like February or March. If you travel during off season you will get slashed price on your hotel and other things.
  7. Compare all honeymoon packages before booking anything. This is very important to compare different prices of honeymoon packages. If you are getting a better deal from travel agent, then don’t hesitate to book it. It you think that you are able to save more money by booking individually then go ahead and book it.
  8. Make it short. It is important that you plan your days consciously. If you are planning to book your dates for a longer time, then cut it short for a week or so. It will also help in saving some more money on your honeymoon.
  9. Avoid fancy and lavish dining on your honeymoon. However, fancy and rich dining excites all on their honeymoon. But, it is better to enjoy the normal kind of dinning in a not so expensive restaurant.
  10. Book decent three or a four-star hotel, rather than booking a lavish five-star hotel. As there are many decent hotel in three and four-star. It is not mandatory to visit a five-star hotel on your honeymoon. As you will be able to save more money on your stay as well.

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Dubai: Your Perfect Honeymoon Gateway for Fun & Excitement

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dubai honeymoon destinations

Dubai is the perfect honeymoon destination for couples who have fast-paced cosmopolitan cities with glamour and excitement round the year. If you are planning for a destination, which is very much international and at the same time cost effective, then Dubai is one of the first choice of all those couples. The city is full of excitement around every corner. You can easily book your stay in any of the five stars or seven stars hotel, you can also book your stay at budget hotels as well. There are plenty of places where you can visit and enjoy your honeymoon.

The glorious mountains, pristine blue beaches, salmon colored desert sand make Dubai as one of the most preferred budget honeymoon destinations among tourists and guests. It is a perfect romantic honeymoon destination, which offers you fun, excitement and various fun-filled activities. Let’s take a look at few of the places where you can visit and indulge in various fun activities to make most of your honeymoon trip.

A romantic dinner at Villa beach restaurant: Dubai is all about food and fun. Here you can indulge in one of the most lavish and royal dinner. The Villa beach restaurant at the Jumeirah beach hotel offers mouth-watering cuisine with one of the most exotic settings and interiors. It is just a few meters away from the iconic Burj Al Arab. This is one of the most romantic locations where you can enjoy the dinner in the starlit sky and hear the sound of sea waves.

An exotic walk on the beach: If you are in Dubai you can’t miss the opportunity to visit the beautiful beaches. The city has many beaches and some of them are owned by the hotels. These hotels give access to their guests to visit these beaches and spend quality time there. But, as private beaches, it is not easy to get the access or it might be you are required to pay some fee as well. However, there are some beaches which offer free access to tourists and guests. You can spend the best romantic moments here with your partner. You can even plan some water sports activities as well if you love water sports.

Desert Tour: You will never find a more romantic honeymoon destination then Dubai. You have the opportunity to indulge in lavish food, candle light dinner, a memorable walk at beach and to add some excitement you can also visit for desert safari. There are various desert safari operators and the fares for all packages differ from operator to operator. You will surely love this unique and wonderful experience. Nothing can be more romantic than holding the hand of your partner in the calm and shinning sand under the beautiful sky.

Burj Khalifa: It is known as the landmark of Dubai. It is rated as the tallest building of the world. For most visitors a trip to the observation deck on the 124th floor there is a must to do when you are in the city. Here you can enjoy the bird-view of the city. The best time to visit this beautiful and wonderful location is during the night. Before you visit this place, it is recommended that you buy your entry tickets in advance to avoid long ques.  Try to avoid your visit to this place during weekends as a lot of people visit this place during weekends.

Dubai Aquarium: This is a must visit place if you are visiting this city for your honeymoon. This is one of the top tourist attractions of the city. Dubai Aquarium has 140 species of sea life in the huge suspended tank on the ground floor of the famous Dubai Mall. You can get a free access to enter this beautiful museum if you enter here from Underwater Zoo.  Here you can get a very close look at the sea life.

Dubai Mall: Dubai Mall is the leading mall of the city and it provides entry to the Burj Khalifa as well to the most famous Dubai Aquarium. Here you can try ice-skating, for game crazy people there is a dedicated gaming zone and cinema complex if you are looking for more entertainment options. Here you can try various cuisines, besides, you can also view fashion shows and do shopping. If you love shopping then this the perfect place for you.

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5 Must Visit Honeymoon Destinations in India for Shudh Desi Romance

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Honeymoon Destination in India

If you are still confused between choosing a national or international destination for your honeymoon, then stop fretting about. You should not settle down less then choosing the best honeymoon destination. If you think that only an international destination can give you that special experience, then with this write up we will change your mindset.

We are here presenting you a list of most exotic and wonderful honeymoon destinations, which will give you a honeymoon extravaganza in Indian destinations. After all, honeymoon is really special for the newly wedded couple to spend some quality time and explore new destination. Get ready narrowing your choices for your first amazing and memorable trip for collecting lifelong memories on your honeymoon. Explore this list of some most amazing honeymoon destinations and select the one that allures you most.

Andaman: Andaman tops the Indian chart for honeymoon destinations. It is one of the most trending Indian honeymoon destination and of the first choice. With sunny beaches, beautiful islands and hell-lot-of activities to keep you busy whole day. Here you will wish that your honeymoon never end! The best time to visit this beautiful destination is October to December. You can easily visit this destination within your budget. You can enjoy this wonderful destination within the budget of Rs. 30,000. However, the budget may get down or up depending upon the resort or hotel you will choose to stay and the activities you get indulge in there.

Goa: Goa is one of the most visited places of India from the tourists across the country and world. It is one the most preferred destination for honeymoon couples too.  Here, you can visit the sunny beaches. If you are a party lover and you like to visit clubs and pubs for partying, this is the best place for you. The place is all about fun, party and spending some romantic time with your beloved. This place is a must visit destination for honeymoon couples. Here the minimum honeymoon package starts with Rs. 15,000 and the best time to visit this destination is October to January.

Srinagar: It is one of the most beautiful and romantic honeymoon destinations in India. This place is flooded with divine beauty and picturesque places. You can spend the most romantic moments with your beloved lying back on a Shikara. Enjoy this natural beauty and God’s one of the most beautiful creations. You should stop worrying about money as you need to burn huge money to visit this destination. Here the minimum honeymoon package starts with Rs. 16,000 and the best time to visit this place is April to September.

Udiapur: If you are looking for a destination, which is royal and exotic at the same time, then Udaipur tops the chart by capturing the top position. Let the destination allure you with captivating palaces and enjoy the royal treatment of this beautiful place. Visit this place with your beloved and enjoy the beauty of this place.  The best time to visit this destination is October to March and you can enjoy the royal treatment by spending as little money as Rs. 10,000 only on your honeymoon if you are on shoestring budget.


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