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7 tips to create a perfect balance between work and Love life

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Managing a career isn’t easy and throwing a relationship into the mix makes it worse! Extensive research on the subject of balancing careers and relationships shows that those in successful relationships are healthier, make more money, live longer and also get more promotions than single people do. So how can you create the perfect balance between your career and relationship? We’ll tell you just how:

1. Get your priorities straight:

Prioritizing doesn’t mean sacrificing. Make sure that your partner and your coworkers know that they are both important parts of your life. Communicate to both the parties that they are both high priority and sometimes one might take precedence over the other.

2. Don’t glorify ‘being busy’

It’s easy to assume that having a full calendar equates to being successful. However, it is time to stop filling your calendar with less important ‘busy work’ and start adding your significant other into it more often. Start treating date night as your priority and be non-negotiable when it comes to it.

3. Talk about work

Even though it is recommended to keep both worlds separate, your work is a part of your identity and you have to give your partner a chance to know all about you. Talk about your work responsibilities to your partner and listen to their struggles, accomplishments and encourage them to reach for the stars when it comes to their career. The chat options available on Punjabi matrimony, Gujarati matrimony and Marathi matrimony sites let you discuss your work and other interests with potential partners.

4. Never go to bed angry

This saying is meaningful to the success of both your career and relationship. Waking up angry has not only caused you loss of valuable sleeps, but also given a negative start to the day which in turn affects your productivity and mood. Work out your issues before going to bed for a better career and relationship.

5. Love the person and their title.

For a healthy balance between your work and relationship, make sure that you respect your partner for whatever position he/ she is employed in. Your partner’s job may not be to your liking, but you owe your partner unlimited support even when it comes to his career choices. Signing up on websites like matrimonial India lets you meet potential partners who have similar career goals or choices.

6. Share household tasks

Household chores are not just a woman’s job. Assign roles and decide who does what and stick to it. But make sure to do a little extra when your partner is having a bad week and he or she will love you more for it!

7. Balance Your Sacrifices

No relationship on this planet will work without sacrifices. Understand that your partner has made sacrifices for you and you should return the favor as well. This can mean anything from spending fewer hours in the office or delegating extra projects to others, just to spend a few extra hours with your loving partner.

So remember all the points listed above and give your relationship and career new heights. You will love the difference you’ll feel in both your love and work life.

Special Gifting Ideas for Roka Ceremony

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Gifting Ideas for Roka Ceremony

After all the initial processes of searching bride and groom, and choosing the perfect one, the next ceremony is engagement ceremony or Roka ceremony among Sikh wedding rituals. In Punjabi families, they call it Roka ceremony.  Recently, I got an invitation from my friend for her Roka ceremony. This is one of the most important ceremonies in Punjabi community. As she is a very good friend of mine and I was not very sure what I should gift her on this special occasion. I discussed this with other friends what I should gift her on this special occasion. They gave me different suggestions and ideas. However, the journey of finalizing and buying something special for her Roka ceremony was not that simple. I am here sharing the list of some options which you can also consider to make your journey simple and hassle free.

Gold jewelry: I found gold jewelry is one of the most suitable and apt gift for girl. You can gift an elegant ring, earring or gold chain. If your budget is higher, you can choose something better for your friends like gold bangles, necklace or diamonds ring for her Roka ceremony.

Skin and body care kits: This is another good option to gift her on her special day. These kits include different products for skin and body care. These are the best to pamper your body and skin before marriage and feel happy. There are various skin care and body care kits available in the market from different leading brands. Moreover, you can get a kit customized according to your requirements and choices.

Make-up kit: This is hot favorite of all girls. You can buy a nice make-up kit for your friend. You can buy a regular make-up kit with different items. But, you can also customize your make-up kit as per your requirements. You can add or remove some items if you want. These make-up kits are available in different price range from minimum Rs. 500 to Rs. 5000 and more.

Microwave oven: This is something a choice based gift. If you know that your friend loves to bake things and she is good at it. This will be a perfect gift idea for this ceremony. You can gift her microwave which she can use after marriage in her new home and bake something mouthwatering dishes for them. You can buy a good microwave from any leading brands like LG, Electrolux, Whirlpool, Samsung and Phillips, etc.

Digital camera: If your friend is a good photographer or photography is her hobby, go ahead and gift her digital camera. This will be one of the most desired gift for her. There are various cameras available in different price range from minimum Rs. 3500 to Rs 1lakh or more. So choose a camera suiting your budget and meeting her interest.

Dinner set: Dinner set is very useful gifting option. Buy a nice branded dinner set for your friend to gift her on Roka ceremony. You can choose a dinner set of minimum 13 pieces to 56 or 60+ pieces. Dinner sets are available in different material and price range. So, chose a set that you think is the best to gift your friend.

Handbag: Handbag is something, which is very much loved by all the girls. For girl’s handbag is like a dress that you never had enough.  You must know the taste and choices of your friends, so you can give her nice handbag. Decide the pattern or style whether you would like to give her party clutch or an office handbag. Make your choice smartly to make an impression.

Spa voucher: To pamper her and relax her senses and body you can gift her spa voucher. You can also gift her a couple spa voucher as well if her marriage date are within three months to enjoy some special time with her spouse. Most of these vouchers are valid for three months at least. So, gift her something to pamper her and take a break from hectic schedule.

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Sikh Wedding Rituals: Mesmerizing & colorful!

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Sikh Wedding Rituals

Sikh wedding rituals are very colorful, exciting and generally lasts for a week and more. It is different from typical Hindu wedding, where the priest fixes an auspicious date for the wedding, whereas in a Sikh wedding does not follow such traditions. Rather, date of wedding is generally decided mutually by the by the families of Sikh bride & groom. On the wedding day, the Sikh bride and groom for marriage takes phera in a gurudwara in front of the holy Guru Granth Sahib and their respective families and friends. Let’s take a close look at some significant wedding rituals of Sikh wedding.

Engagement ceremony/Kurmai ceremony: In the special ceremony, the bhaiji of the gurudwara applies the tilak on the forehead of the groom and recites religious rhymes to shower the blessings. Both the families exchange the gifts. The bride and the groom exchange the rings in the presence of their respective families and friends.

Chunni Chadhai ceremony: After the engagement ceremony, this is the next ceremony that is conducted in the presence of both the families. Generally, the family of the Sikh groom visits the bride’s house. The mother of the groom covers the head of her future-daughter-in-law with chunni. She also gives her gifts, jewellery, clothes, sweets and dry-fruits to the would-be-bride as auspicious ritual. As a ritual, the mother of the groom applies a little mehendi on the hands of would-be-bride.

Chuda ceremony: This is one of the most-loved and awaited rituals in the lives of all Sikh and Punjabi girls. In the ceremony, the bride’s maternal uncle get her red and white bangles on which golden colored kalire are tied as ritual.

Gana Rituals: This ceremony is held in both the families like sacred red thread is tied on the bride’s left hand and the groom’s right hand. Generally, this is conducted a few days prior to the actual wedding date. This sacred thread is believed to protect the couple from all bad omen and spirits.

Mehendi ceremony: This is very fun-filled function of a Sikh wedding. In this ritual, the families of both the bride and groom either organize a combined get-together or separate ones for their close relatives and friends. Mehendi is applied on the hands of both the Sikh bride and groom. The female members of both the families also apply mehendi on their hands. It is fun-filled activity, members of both the families also prepare special dance performances to present on the day during mehendi function.

Gharoli ritual: In this ritual, the females of the family brought holy water from the Gurudwara. The bride and the groom are supposed to bathe with this holy water. This water is brought by the sister-in-law of the bride and the groom respectively in an earthen pot.

Milni ceremony: When the braat arrives at the wedding venue, the bride’s family members welcome the groom’s family with the gifts known as sagan. Even at times, the relatives of both the families also exchange garlands.

Wedding ceremony: The actual wedding ceremony in Sikh wedding is not elaborate. Both the families go to Gurudwara and attend the main kirtan. The granthi in the Gurudwara recites the ardaas. After this, the couple then takes four pheras and carries a kripan in his hand. After that they are pronounced married and take the blessings of all elders.

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