While silent treatment can kill your marriage, The ‘silent mode’ can save it.

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Technology has transformed our lives. It has changed the way we look at things and made us more dependent on what it offers. We are saturated with technology and it is more than easy to get lost in the digital world. Most of us have our jobs, hobbies and communication hinged to these technological devices.

It has made communication the easiest. With constant improvements and utilities, smartphones are functioning as our brain. They have become an integral part of our life. This dependence is reflected in the way we behave within the boundaries of our relationships.

The Obsession with Technology – How It Affects Relationships

We are all so attached to our phones that we fail to realise that this may be actually sabotaging the relationships we have. Yes, we can stay in touch with the people we love as they are just a text away. The interactions become easy. But it is a whole another story when they are right next to you. Most of us are still glued to our phones without giving proper attention to people around us.

One of the most negatively affected relationships in the smartphone frenzy is a marriage. Our cell-phone habits make us forget that matrimony needs continuous nurturing, heart to heart real-time conversations. While we are on our smartphones all the time, it feels like a burden to spend some dedicated time with the spouse.

Couples tend to sleep side by side, scrolling through their face book and Instagram pages. This behaviour is considered normal and that is an irony. It is fine to spend some time with things you find good or interesting, but do not forget to prioritise. In the middle of an interesting conversation with your spouse, the phone rings and whoosh! There goes all the attention.

It is high time to ask yourself, “Are you married to your smartphone”

We cannot run away from the technology. But we can make sure it does not hamper our matrimonial union. Give your partner the time and attention they deserve, because phones can wait. Take some dedicated time off and spend it with your partner. Keep the flow of communication smooth with your partner so that they do not feel neglected. Here are some things that we need to care about right now:

1- Phone-free meals:
While all of us agree to that fact that phones are necessary, prioritising your partner over your phone is the wisest thing of all. Ensure that you can both sit down for a meal without your phone distracting you.

2- Take some time out:
When you cannot put your phone on silent, you can at least ensure to take out some dedicated time for your partner and communicate without any distractions.

3- Be open:
Simple communication can prevent disputes. If you are having a hefty load of work, be straight-forward about it. Convey the reason to your partner.

4- Keep the bedroom cell phone free:
Bedrooms are intimate. Keep the area cell phone free if you can. Use it with your partner to relax and talk about things that actually matter.

Taking periodic vacations from your phone may help you and your partner establish a more intimate bond. Because at the end of the day “Marriage is worth the effort”.

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