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Be Cautions While Chatting On Matrimonial Site With Future Partner

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Chatting On Matrimonial Site

If you have registered with some online matrimonial site and are seriously looking for a life partner in that case you should ways pay attention how you are presenting yourself online. Your online profile is your face for rest of the users, whatever you will mention there, write there people will believe it. You should always pay attention to your words, whatever you are writing or telling things to people while chatting with someone matrimonial profile. When it comes to talking about marriage or talking with someone for marriage it is different has its own importance. There is a fine line between introducing yourself to someone and imposing yourself to someone. You should never forget that whatever you will say to someone, it will create your image in the mind of other person. Here are some tips how you should chat with other members on matrimonial site.

  1. Don’t give too much information in the first conversation. Don’t share to personal information.
  2. Start your chat on lighter note with simple things. Don’t jump on to things too early. Don’t ask too personal questions too early.
  3. Don’t tell minute details to anybody in the initial chat.
  4. Don’t share negative details with him/her in your initial conversation.
  5. Don’t talk for long hours and too frequently into the initial phase. Don’t show that you are not too busy and all time accessible and available.
  6. Take breaks between you conversations. Don’t be the first one to start the chat always, let the other person start the conversation at times.
  7. Don’t be too tempted to say Hi all the time whenever you see him/her online. Don’t show that you are over interest and over excited to talk to him.
  8. First two –four conversations should be about common interests, hobbies and other common things. Don’t start conversation which is very much personal.
  9. Don’t share you numbers in the first or initial conversations. It is always better not to ask contact number or share contact number till the time you don’t build a certain level of trust.
  10. Don’t ask for meeting him/her in the initial days. It is better you give some time to each-other. Know each-other well, be comfortable and build your trust, then only ask the other one to meet you.
  11. Don’t get into any arguments and fiery discussions. It is better to talk something common and avoid any kind of unwanted tensed situation.
  12. Don’t start any physical conversation unless or until you are not very sure that you are taking this relationship forward and you are very much serious about it.

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Now get your marriage registered at Government’s Revenue Department of Delhi

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marriage registration

Now the government has made it easy for the couples to get solemnize their wedding. They need not to solemnize their wedding traditionally in front of a marriage registrar. Now, all they have to do is apply online and take an appointment for the day of their wishes and get it registered. This is the most recent change done by the government to make the marriage registration process simple. This new provision is also applicable on the e-district portal of Delhi government’s revenue department.

The government has added 13 new services in the revenue department. Earlier, the department has 13 online services, which included registration of marriage. The new revenue services that have been introduces on the portal include issuance of land status report, right of record, enrolment of civil defence volunteers, grant of license of cinematographer and renewal of the same are a few among other services.

The main objective of government to launch these services with revenue department was to integrate different departments. The government has now included on the portal like education, labour, social welfare and food and civil supplies for services where there is direct public interface. To start with, the higher education and skill guarantee scheme for students is not part of this new platform.

This portal offers digitally signed certificates that can be downloaded and authenticated online through a unique ID assigned to every user. To register on the portal a person is required to use his voter ID for the Aadhaar number. You can also upload your documents in your profile. All the papers have to be self-attested. After submitting the documents, you will get an acknowledgement through an SMS or email. This new process will minimize the role of middle man in all processes. It will also eliminate the operational chaos from the office by replacing manual public dealings with online processes. But, it has not totally scarped the offline services, as those who are not internet savvy or don’t have access to internet can visit district offices and can submit all the documents personally for eventual uploading on the portal.