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Don’t Want To Fight With Your Spouse? Use Simple Ways To Avoid It

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Fight With Spouse

There is no couple in this world who will say that they never fight or they never had any fight or argument. Fight with spouse is very common and it is part of married life. Sometimes you fight on serious topics and sometime you fight on irrelevant and not at all worthy. Even the couples who are happy in their married life still have different opinions and thoughts. Arguments are not bad if they are done in a healthy way. But, you should always know when it is going on right track and you are sharing your thoughts and disagreement in a constructive way with your spouse and when you are fighting for the sake of fighting with your spouse. Here, we are sharing some simple ways to avoid argument with your spouse.

Don’t fight for the old reasons: When you are arguing with your husband over something always ensure that you are not fighting over the dead topic. Don’t dig the old topics when you are fighting. It will add more fire to your argument and take it to another level altogether. Therefore, avoid old dead topics when you are fighting with your husband.

Decide not to fight: It is not important you fight with your spouse all the time. If you decide that you don’t want to fight with him/her, this way you can easily skip your fight. It is not necessary to fight over each and every topic. At times deciding not to fight with your spouse is also good to avoid unwanted arguments and fights.

Accept the way your spouse is: Always accept the way your spouse is, whether he/she is not doing all the things according to your wishes or how much unorganized he/she is, still accept him/her. It is not necessary to change him/her because you don’t like things the way he/she does. Let them enjoy their individual self.

Discuss things in positive manner: Positive and constructive discussion is always good for a healthy relationship. Discuss things in positive manner. Don’t be judgmental and analytical all the time. Rather than pointing your figure towards him/her or playing the blame game, just speak your disagreement in subtle manner.

Respect each-other’s space & privacy: Most of the couples forget that their spouse has his/her own self and a life beyond them. Respect each-other’s space and individuality. Don’t behave like a detective all the time and ask end number of questions from your spouse. Let him/her enjoy some leisure time the way he/she wants to.

Listen more: Giving solutions or telling your opinion is not all the time important. At times, listing works as healer and you need someone just to listen to your thoughts without interrupting and giving suggestions. When you think that you should not say anything over a topic just listen to your partner and stay quite.

Don’t be loud: Most of the time when you are annoyed with something or irritated, you just become loud or raise your voice a bit without even noticing that you are doing so. It might offend the other one and irritate him/her too. It might lead you both to a new argument or fight. Say calmly and casually whatever is in your mind rather than raising your voice.

Are You Fighting Fair? Beware Of These Mistakes While Fighting With Your Spouse

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There is no single marriage where you don’t go through stressful moments, fights and arguments. Such stressful and tensed moments between the couples should be handled with calm and constructive talks that dissipate stress level and increase your bonding. Or you are fighting just to win the argument no matter what you are saying to your partner to win the fight. You should always remember that happy couples are not those who are not fighting, but those who are fighting fair and self-evaluate their single word before saying it. Let’s take a look at a few mistakes that you should not do while fighting with your spouse.

Don’t fight in public: This is one thing you should not forget and follow as mandatory rule of your married life. You should never fight with your spouse in front of public. It is not only embarrassing for you as couple, but creates awkward situation for all. If it is in front of family, friends or neighbors, nobody wants to see the fighting couple. Anyway, a public fight will never give you any advantage, neither you will be able to solve it publicly. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid fighting publically.

Never fight in front of your kids: Make it a rule that you should never fight in front of your kids. Your kids are not supposed to see the heated moments. It scares them and gives them a feeling that there is something wrong between you and your spouse. It gives them a sense of insecurity and uncertainty in the relationship. These little kids are not mature enough to understand the heated arguments and the reasons behind that.

Don’t fight to hurt other: When we fight, we always forget that what we should say and what not. It is more about winning the momentary arguments at any cost. That is not the right way of fighting. During such heated arguments, you forget to filter your words and you said many things you never want to say or not meant actually. So, don’t fight to hurt the sentiments of your partner.

Fight for a reason: At times, when we are edgy and irritated, we easily got sparked up. In such kinds of tensed and edgy mood we easily get into any heated argument without even realizing that we are not fighting or arguing for the right reason. In such stressed and tensed situation try to avoid any discussion or talks which could easily turn into heated argument.

Always get ready with stop button: If you think that your fight is taking another direction or you are diverting fight from the actual point, it is better to press for the stop button. It is not fair to drag multiple things and points in your fight all the time. If you are annoyed or angry over single issue on a particular day, then be clear and talk about that only, don’t drag dead topics in between.

Don’t involve your in-laws: It is between you and your spouse, no third person should be involved in your fights unless or until the things are out of hand. Stand for your words and speak up your mind, but don’t go for the blame game in your fight. It is always easy to sort out the issues together, rather than involving the in-laws and giving it altogether a new direction.

Working Towards Improving Relationships

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Marriage Relationships

Love must consist of a daily dose for it to be active and fully effective between couples. This daily dose can be showcased in very simple terms as well and nothing very pricy. Simple actions of love and care go a long way in any relationship. This can very much be done by just simple giving a bit of your busy time to your life partner for he or she deserves it. You must keep the monotonous of the relationship or there can be serious issues that may rise. Certain tips will certainly help.

Remember you married your spouse for some qualities that you found unique in them. Appreciating these qualities once in a while strengthens the bond between the two. Make the relationship seem fresher. Acknowledge their efforts and qualities and love them every way possible. Going out and spending a night out in a hotel or if not just a nice dinner place should do the trick too. Change of environment is very crucial or otherwise people begin to feel limited. Whatever time you have outside the office, spend it together whether it is gym or swim or anything like that.

Ever tried the element of surprise on your spouse. It does wonders. Surprise him or her with a small token of love by either giving a small gift or just planning something really special for the evening. Maybe you can cook for your partner their favorite cuisine. If you can both afford to spend a little more time than just one evening then there is nothing better than a 2-3 day weekend getaway. Replenishes your energy, soul and love. Weekend getaways can sometimes be the exact thing that couples need to break the ice that forms over time between them and their partner.

Just making love before marriage is not enough for a prosperous relationship. You must continue to do so even after for healthy relationship. Please login to Indian matrimony site for getting suitable life partner.