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Honeymoon Planning Tips for Perfect Getaway to Your Wonderland

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honeymoon planning tips

Honeymoon is one small world which carries a lot of excitement in it. But, all things might go west if you don’t plan it will. It is really necessary that you know how to plan your honeymoon perfectly and what mistakes you should avoid while planning for it. For all those lovebirds who are planning for their honeymoon and very excited to make it a perfect love escape should keep a few things in mind. Your honeymoon could become so stressful if you don’t do proper planning. Here, we are sharing some honeymoon planning tips for your perfect getaway. Follow these simple tips and enjoy a hassle-free honeymoon.

Plan together: Your honeymoon is not yours only, but it is for your partner too. So, plan a honeymoon with keeping your partner’s preferences and choices in mind. Discuss things with your partner, where he/she wants to go, for how many days you want to plan your honeymoon trip. Do you want to explore a honeymoon destination in India or abroad? So, discuss everything with your partner, then only zero down your choices.

Decide offbeat destination: Rather than exploring the most sought-after destinations or places which most of the couples visit on their honeymoon, consider places which are offbeat. These off-beat honeymoon destinations are less crowded and offer everything you look forward on your honeymoon. Such offbeat honeymoon destinations offer you enough space and places to spend some candid moments with your partner, luxurious stay, and unmatched services at low price. So, planning a honeymoon to some offbeat destination is total win-win situation.

Apply for visa well advance: If you are planning for your honeymoon to some international destination, then it is good to apply for a visa in advance. Try to apply for a visa at least more than a month before. If you have not applied for visa earlier, then all formalities and clearance might take some time. Therefore, applying for visa in advance is always a good option.

Buy your travel tickets one-month advance: If you have zero down your destination, try to book your travel tickets at least a month before. The sooner the better, in case of booking the travel ticket. Booking travel tickets in advance might help you in saving some money as well. If you book your travel tickets just a week before, you are supposed to pay the higher price for the same. However, the ideal time to book a travel ticket is at least three months before your trip.

Compare, check & book: Before you finalize a hotel/stay it is always better that you compare the price, check different facilities and other things after that book your stay. Before booking your stay check how far it is from the airport, bus stop or railway station. Also check, how far is it from monuments, local market, tourist spots and other attractions. Because if you spend most of the time in travelling on your honeymoon then you will not get enough time to spend together. Therefore, check all these things before you book your stay in any hotel, resort or villa for your honeymoon.

Make a checklist: To avoid forgetting anything, make a checklist of things. It will help in minimizing the chances of forgetting something important to carry in your luggage. Always check that you are not missing anything from the list.

Carry first aid kit: This is something very important to carry in your honeymoon luggage. If you are on some special medication or otherwise too carry some basic medicines in your luggage like nausea, fever, headache, allergy, cold, body pain, etc. In case of any medical issue, you are not required to run from places to places to find a medical store to buy medicines.

Plan activities: This is something which most of us don’t plan in advance and just do things randomly. Plan your activities in advance according to your total number of days you are going to stay there. If you are going for 5-6 days, then plan your activities accordingly and plan fewer activities on your first and last day of honeymoon to save your energies.  

Pack lighter baggage: Most of us end up filling our luggage with too many clothes and other things and later on find it difficult to carry things. Therefore, it is always good to pack minimum things on your honeymoon travel. Try to avoid packing unnecessary accessories, scarfs, jewelry and foot wears. Even don’t carry too many clothes in your honeymoon luggage.

Plan surprise: To add some spark in your honeymoon plan some surprises. You can plan a romantic candlelight dinner with your wife or you can plan something else which you think she would love. So, don’t forget to add the zing of surprise in your honeymoon.

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Some Most Romantic Honeymoon Destinations To Add Some Flavor

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Romantic Honeymoon Destinations

Recently, one of my cousins got married and he was searching for some romantic honeymoon destinations. As he too like typical couples was looking for some romantically awesome honeymoon destination. He was not sure which location is best as there are plenty of romantic honeymoon destinations in Indian that you can explore as couple. He was confused between South and North India, as both places offer luring and captivating destinations. To ease his tension and to make his journey of finding the most romantic destination, I suggested him some most romantic honeymoon destinations.

Andaman-Alluring island: This exotic and most romantic honeymoon destination offers you sunny beaches, secluded islands. In the last few years, this exotic destination has emerged as first choice of couples as their honeymoon destination. It is one of the most trending honeymoon destinations and offers you everything which you require on your honeymoon. You can indulge in water-sports activities, sunny beaches and glittering water make you feel that you are in heaven and your honeymoon will never come to an end. You can also try scuba diving, snorkeling and water sports activities. Besides, don’t forget to visit the historic places and museums of this beautiful destination.

Pondicherry-Live in French style: Pondicherry is one such Indian destination attracting most of the youngsters who want to visit some stunning Indian destination at par with any other international destination. In India, Pondicherry is one of such destination that is a perfect mix of Indian and western beauty. Here, you can see the French style villas to beautiful churches and stunning beaches. This place offers you a different experience which will make your honeymoon a perfect affair.   Here, at this beautiful location you can try some local food and shop from the local shops where you find funky jewelry to stylish clothes, everything you want, you can buy from these local shops.

Tawang- Express your love: Tawang is however among the less frequently visited honeymoon destinations of our country. But, this is ideal place for nature lovers and for those who want to spend some romantic moments together in the lap of nature. This place is located on the border of Tibet in North, Bhutan border-in the South-West. This beautiful place is rich in culture, history and natural beauty. Its beautiful glacial lakes with crystal clear water will make you feel to get yourself soaked. You can visit Buddhist monasteries, war memorial and you can also enjoy trekking.

Lakshadweep-Natural beauty: Lakshadweep is located 200-400 km west of the cost of Kerala in the Arabian Sea. Only ten of the Lakshadweep islands are inhabited and becoming the hot favorite of tourists. It is one of the fastest emerging honeymoon destinations attracting more and more couples every year. It offers you most exotic and uninhabited beaches. If you are at this mesmerizing destination, then don’t forget to visit the Ujra mosque, Marine aquarium, Kalpeni, Minicoy, and Agatti are the important places you should not miss.

Gulmarg- Bewitching hill station: If both of you are sports enthusiast, this destination is just perfect for you. You can here indulge in adventurous sports like trekking and skiing. This place offers you world class adventure opportunities and an exotic honeymoon destination. Plan your honeymoon to Gulmarg, mainly popular skiing and adventure sports. Besides, you can also visit St. Mary church, Gulmarg Golf club and beautiful neo-colonial style hotel.

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5 Most Exotic Honeymoon Destinations You Can Visit Within 50K

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Exotic Honeymoon Destinations

Before you decide your luxurious honeymoon, it’s better you decide your budget. There are plenty of honeymoon destinations which are pocket friendly and exotic as well. If you are getting married very soon and you want to enjoy your perfect honeymoon tour at a very romantic destination within your budget, there are many options available for you. Let’s take a look at some of the most exotic honeymoon destinations which are amazingly beautiful and friendly budget honeymoon too.

Sri Lanka: This beautiful island has a lot of things to offer to the visitors-endless pristine beaches, playful elephants, and historical ruins of Sigiriya. There are various World Heritage Sites which you can visit on your honeymoon. Besides, you can spend some romantic time at the beautiful beaches and lush forests. It is one of the most nearby country and is very much within your pocket. This is a must visit destination, if you are looking for some international destination for your honeymoon within your pocket.

Bhutan: The mesmerizing and beautiful Bhutan is a land of serene monasteries, marvelous forts and stunning valleys. The glorious mountains of Himalayan make this place different from others. No wonder, Bhutan is one of the most beautiful and mesmerizing country. Enjoy the beauty of this wonderful place by travelling in local buses and enjoying the mouthwatering roadside street food. If you want to take an international budget trip, this is the perfect choice for you.

Thailand: This beautiful destination tops the chart of the world’s most honeymoon renowned destinations. Here are plenty of places you can explore and indulge in like you can visit beautiful beaches, mountains, learn more about their culture and cuisine that is very much in budget. While planning a visit to this beautiful place you can explore cities like Bangkok, Pattaya and Ayutthaya is good option to explore the culture of this electrifying location. Almost every city of this adventurous destination has some ancient Buddha temples, floating market and elephant show.

Nepal: It is a perfect budget friendly honeymoon destination for all newly wedded couples. This amazingly stunning place is surrounded by lofty peaks and scenic landscapes. This beautiful country is every traveler’s delight. While visiting this place you should include Nagarkot, Kathmandu, Bhaktapur in your list. Don’t forget to visit Bindabasini Temple, Old Bazaar of Pokhara and Seti River. You can easily plan a good trip within INR 50K.

Indonesia: This adventurous place has a very rich cultural heritage. When you are planning your budget honeymoon you can’t ignore this natural beauty. Make sure that you are not missing visiting places like-Bali, Yogyakarta, Jakarta and Sumatra. You can indulge in Spa treatments at places like Anika spa, water sports and volcano tours. You can easily plan your four to five days trip within INR 50K.

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6 Honeymoon Myths Busted: Solving Your Confusion!

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Honeymoon Myths

Honeymoon is the most awaited event after marriage. As soon as the wedding date is fixed, couples start dreaming of their honeymoon. People around you like your family members, friends, peers, and relatives start giving you different advices related to honeymoon.


Generally couples have a pre-set notion about their honeymoon. They only refer to those things which they have heard from others, read online, in newspapers, or magazines. Therefore, you as newly couple start filling your head with their advices and thoughts for your honeymoon. When you start planning about your honeymoon, try to ensure that if you are going in right direction and don’t have any confusion regarding honeymoon. A perfect honeymoon is all about a perfect destination, filled with fun and excitement. Here are five common honeymoon myths that you want to consider. This is the first time when you and your life partner is going to take this first exciting and fun filled step together.


You need to be likeminded to enjoy honeymoon: Generally people believe that to enjoy your romantic honeymoon to the fullest you need to be like minded. You need to agree over things and think and act in sink and in similar manner. But, hold on, how could you forget the fact, opposite attracts. To enjoy your honeymoon it is not important that you need to think and act alike, but you need to act in a manner that you will get maximum out of your honeymoon.


Honeymoon is just about fun activities and excitement:  Most of the people believe that honeymoon is all about fun and adventurous activities, excursion, visiting different places and full of excitement. But, it is much more than that. Your honeymoon is all about building life-long relationship & understanding. Not rushing for things rather enjoy the company of each other, romancing, spending quality time together and capturing some precious moments and happy memories for life time.


Honeymoon period ends soon:  This could be right if you relate it with the situation. We relate this with your return ticket. Generally, you will listen the statements like now you are back home. So your honeymoon is over. It is true that that the official honeymoon might be over, but you can continue to enjoy the same love and passion afterwards too. You can build your relationship by devoting more time together and keeping aside all personal issues. This way you can build a strong relationship and never let your honeymoon end.


Honeymoon is only for newly-wedded couples: No, that’s not true! It is not a mandatory notion that only newly-wedded couples can go for a honeymoon and older couples can’t go for a honeymoon. You can plan your honeymoon any time after marriage. It is not mandatory that only newly-wedded couples can go for honeymoon. There is no written rule book for booking your honeymoon package and it has nothing to do with years of your marriage.


Honeymoon period has nothing to do with your level of intimacy:  The intimacy in your relationship has nothing to do with your honeymoon. In fact, honeymoon period of love relationships is the critical stepping stone, the true gateway of starting and nurturing a long-lasting relationship. This is the quality time, where you both can spend good time together in knowing each-other better. To build the right level of understanding and intimacy, it is really important that you put all your efforts in developing the right intimacy level for a smooth life journey.


Honeymoon is for rich only: In India, there are many families who believe that honeymoon is just for rich people only. Only they can afford it. You can’t plan a budget honeymoon. You can’t visit a place within Rs. 10K or Rs. 20k. But, that’s not true, there are many places in India, where you can plan your honeymoon within Rs. 10K-Rs. 20K. So, it is not an extravaganza always. You can plan it according to your pocket.


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Avoid Some Money Mistakes To Save Money In Your Honeymoon!

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save money with honeymoon budget

Most of us plan the budget for our wedding and want to sum up all the expenses within the budget, but we hardly decide any budget for our honeymoon. We don’t pay much attention to the budget related to honeymoon. Honeymoon is no doubt a romantic gateway, but going beyond your budget can spoil the feel of it. If you are planning honeymoon at some international destination, in that case, you are not going to spend less than Rs. 50K-80K on your honeymoon. Even if you are going for some exotic honeymoon destination in India as well, your overall expenditure will be more or less same. Therefore, it is really important that you decide a budget for your honeymoon and plan everything accordingly. Here are some mistakes in honeymoon one should avoid on his/her honeymoon.

Don’t rush for your honeymoon: You both must have enjoyed the wedding rituals to the fullest. Leaving just after your wedding could be more tiring. Besides, you must have spent a good amount on your shopping and other expenses in your marriage. So, there are chances that you are left with less funds, so plan your honeymoon accordingly. Don’t rush for honeymoon.

Don’t plan a place that is out of your budget: It might be you and your wife has different opinion related to the honeymoon destination. Always go for destination, which is very much in your budget. Don’t book a location which will create a hole in your pocket and after your honeymoon you will be left with no fund in your account.

Don’t book a plan out of your budget: Before booking any plan compare your plan with other plans. It might be the plan you have chosen must be offering ten different things, but don’t forget your budget. Book a plan, which is very much in your honeymoon budget, moreover you will be able to save some money as well.

Don’t book in peak season: It is always good to book your hotel and travel tickets in advance. Don’t book in peak season. In peak season you end up paying high rates for your travel and hotel stay. If you know the seasonality of your desired destination and your travel dates fall in the peak season, try to postpone your plan for some time if possible to save some money.

Miscalculation of your budget: If you are going out of country for your honeymoon, then it is really important that you calculate your budget well. At times we don’t calculate the expenses based on the currency on that country, rather we calculate the expenses in our currency only. This gives a rocket high jump to our overall budget.

Not adding shopping and dining in your budget: Generally, we calculate the cost of travel, accommodation in our tour package. But, we forget to add the cost of shopping in that city. We always love to buy something for our loved ones as memory gift. We love to explore the different cuisine of that place and end up burning some more money. So always calculate the cost of shopping and dining as well to get the close estimate of your budget.

Planning too many paid activities beyond your package: Many of us to make the honeymoon fun filled get involved in too many fun and adventure activities and end up paying more money. If you are on a shoestring budget, then it is always good to go for a few activities or for free activities only.

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