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Khatri Wedding Rituals: Enjoy The Colors Of Celebration & Excitement!

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khatri wedding rituals

Kharti community basically belongs to Punjab state. Their wedding rituals are more or less similar to Punjabi wedding rituals. The people of this community like to marry their son or daughter within the community. They are Khatri brides and groom within their community. Their wedding rituals are full of life, excitement and enthusiasm. Let’s take a look at some of the wedding rituals of Khatri community.

Sagaai: Once the alliance is accepted between the families of Khatri boy and girl for marriage, the family members and close relatives of the bride go to groom’s house with fruits, gift, sweets and other things to confirm this new relationship. The elder members of the bride’s family apply tilak on groom’s forehead and offer him gifts, clothes and sweets. This whole ceremony is known as Sagaai in khatri community.

Godh Bharai: This ritual is generally conducted two or three days prior to the wedding. The groom’s family and relatives visit the bride’s house with gifts, dry fruits, sweets, jewelry, clothes and other things. The mother and other elder ladies of the family offer all these things to would-be-bride. The groom’s mother places silver platters containing all these gifts in the lap of the bride. They also apply tilak on her forehead.

Kangna: This ritual is conducted in both bride’s and groom’s family. The pujari performs all the rituals related to this important ceremony. He ties a sacred red thread on the hand of bride/groom which contains betel nuts, tamarind and tiny shells. This is generally done to protect the bride/groom from the ill/negative powers and all the rituals of the marriage end peacefully. They are supposed to keep it on their hands till the end of all wedding rituals.

Mehendi: This ceremony is performed in both the houses. The heena is applied on the hands and feet of bride by the mehendi artist. All the females of the family also apply heena on their hands. This is really important ceremony. Heena is important and has its relevance too. As per a common belief, if the color of the bride’s mehendi is really dark, then her husband/mother-in-law will love her more.

Sedhe hath tanni kadhai: This ceremony is also conducted in both the families wherein the relatives and family members of both the family apply paste of besan paste made by mustard oil, fresh milk, curd and turmeric. The paste is applied on face, shoulders, hands and feet of the couple. After this ceremony they take the bath.

Chuda ceremony: In this ceremony, the bride’s maternal uncle and aunt slip a set of red chuda bangles on bride’s wrist after a puja is done by the priest. She receives blessing by all the family members after this ceremony.

Sehrabandi and Ghodi chadhna: An elderly male of the groom’s family tie the veil on the forehead of the groom. This ceremony is known as sehrabandi. The next ritual is Ghodi chadhna, after which the groom’s  family proceeds with baraat towards the wedding venue.

Varmala: After reaching the venue the bride and groom exchange the garland as ritual, it is known as varmala ceremony. After this, rest of the ceremonies takes place.

Kanyadan: After the vermala ceremony, the bride and groom is taken to the mandap, where father of the bride performs kandyadan ceremony. This is followed by the mangalsutra ceremony in front of the sacred fire. Khatri Matrimony site gives birdes and grooms of Khatri for wedding. Select your future spouse from the latest Punjabi matrimonial profiles.

6 Honeymoon Myths Busted: Solving Your Confusion!

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Honeymoon Myths

Honeymoon is the most awaited event after marriage. As soon as the wedding date is fixed, couples start dreaming of their honeymoon. People around you like your family members, friends, peers, and relatives start giving you different advices related to honeymoon.


Generally couples have a pre-set notion about their honeymoon. They only refer to those things which they have heard from others, read online, in newspapers, or magazines. Therefore, you as newly couple start filling your head with their advices and thoughts for your honeymoon. When you start planning about your honeymoon, try to ensure that if you are going in right direction and don’t have any confusion regarding honeymoon. A perfect honeymoon is all about a perfect destination, filled with fun and excitement. Here are five common honeymoon myths that you want to consider. This is the first time when you and your life partner is going to take this first exciting and fun filled step together.


You need to be likeminded to enjoy honeymoon: Generally people believe that to enjoy your romantic honeymoon to the fullest you need to be like minded. You need to agree over things and think and act in sink and in similar manner. But, hold on, how could you forget the fact, opposite attracts. To enjoy your honeymoon it is not important that you need to think and act alike, but you need to act in a manner that you will get maximum out of your honeymoon.


Honeymoon is just about fun activities and excitement:  Most of the people believe that honeymoon is all about fun and adventurous activities, excursion, visiting different places and full of excitement. But, it is much more than that. Your honeymoon is all about building life-long relationship & understanding. Not rushing for things rather enjoy the company of each other, romancing, spending quality time together and capturing some precious moments and happy memories for life time.


Honeymoon period ends soon:  This could be right if you relate it with the situation. We relate this with your return ticket. Generally, you will listen the statements like now you are back home. So your honeymoon is over. It is true that that the official honeymoon might be over, but you can continue to enjoy the same love and passion afterwards too. You can build your relationship by devoting more time together and keeping aside all personal issues. This way you can build a strong relationship and never let your honeymoon end.


Honeymoon is only for newly-wedded couples: No, that’s not true! It is not a mandatory notion that only newly-wedded couples can go for a honeymoon and older couples can’t go for a honeymoon. You can plan your honeymoon any time after marriage. It is not mandatory that only newly-wedded couples can go for honeymoon. There is no written rule book for booking your honeymoon package and it has nothing to do with years of your marriage.


Honeymoon period has nothing to do with your level of intimacy:  The intimacy in your relationship has nothing to do with your honeymoon. In fact, honeymoon period of love relationships is the critical stepping stone, the true gateway of starting and nurturing a long-lasting relationship. This is the quality time, where you both can spend good time together in knowing each-other better. To build the right level of understanding and intimacy, it is really important that you put all your efforts in developing the right intimacy level for a smooth life journey.


Honeymoon is for rich only: In India, there are many families who believe that honeymoon is just for rich people only. Only they can afford it. You can’t plan a budget honeymoon. You can’t visit a place within Rs. 10K or Rs. 20k. But, that’s not true, there are many places in India, where you can plan your honeymoon within Rs. 10K-Rs. 20K. So, it is not an extravaganza always. You can plan it according to your pocket. matrimony portal gives verified profiles Indian brides and grooms for wedding. Get registered for suitable spouse for happy marriage.

Avoid Some Money Mistakes To Save Money In Your Honeymoon!

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save money with honeymoon budget

Most of us plan the budget for our wedding and want to sum up all the expenses within the budget, but we hardly decide any budget for our honeymoon. We don’t pay much attention to the budget related to honeymoon. Honeymoon is no doubt a romantic gateway, but going beyond your budget can spoil the feel of it. If you are planning honeymoon at some international destination, in that case, you are not going to spend less than Rs. 50K-80K on your honeymoon. Even if you are going for some exotic honeymoon destination in India as well, your overall expenditure will be more or less same. Therefore, it is really important that you decide a budget for your honeymoon and plan everything accordingly. Here are some mistakes in honeymoon one should avoid on his/her honeymoon.

Don’t rush for your honeymoon: You both must have enjoyed the wedding rituals to the fullest. Leaving just after your wedding could be more tiring. Besides, you must have spent a good amount on your shopping and other expenses in your marriage. So, there are chances that you are left with less funds, so plan your honeymoon accordingly. Don’t rush for honeymoon.

Don’t plan a place that is out of your budget: It might be you and your wife has different opinion related to the honeymoon destination. Always go for destination, which is very much in your budget. Don’t book a location which will create a hole in your pocket and after your honeymoon you will be left with no fund in your account.

Don’t book a plan out of your budget: Before booking any plan compare your plan with other plans. It might be the plan you have chosen must be offering ten different things, but don’t forget your budget. Book a plan, which is very much in your honeymoon budget, moreover you will be able to save some money as well.

Don’t book in peak season: It is always good to book your hotel and travel tickets in advance. Don’t book in peak season. In peak season you end up paying high rates for your travel and hotel stay. If you know the seasonality of your desired destination and your travel dates fall in the peak season, try to postpone your plan for some time if possible to save some money.

Miscalculation of your budget: If you are going out of country for your honeymoon, then it is really important that you calculate your budget well. At times we don’t calculate the expenses based on the currency on that country, rather we calculate the expenses in our currency only. This gives a rocket high jump to our overall budget.

Not adding shopping and dining in your budget: Generally, we calculate the cost of travel, accommodation in our tour package. But, we forget to add the cost of shopping in that city. We always love to buy something for our loved ones as memory gift. We love to explore the different cuisine of that place and end up burning some more money. So always calculate the cost of shopping and dining as well to get the close estimate of your budget.

Planning too many paid activities beyond your package: Many of us to make the honeymoon fun filled get involved in too many fun and adventure activities and end up paying more money. If you are on a shoestring budget, then it is always good to go for a few activities or for free activities only. matrimonial website provides online registered Indian brides and grooms for wedding. Select your perfect partner for lifetime from hundreds matrimony profiles.

Rituals Of Arora Wedding: Traditional Yet Fun Filled!

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arora wedding rituals

Arora wedding rituals are more or less similar to Punjabi wedding rituals. Arora community has so many pre-wedding and post-wedding rituals. Arora wedding is full of interesting and lively ceremonies. Durng the whole wedding ceremonies Arora bride and groom perform various rituals for their happy married life. Arora people are fun loving and their wedding is believed to be grand affair full of dance, fun and excitement. Their wedding is always considered as big wedding bash. Let’s take a look at some of the wedding rituals of Arora community.

Pre-wedding ceremony:

Roka ceremony: This ceremony is generally conducted in presence of both the families. All the relatives and family members are present in the ceremony. It is a kind of formal announcement of this new relationship. As a ritual both the families exchange different gifts, fruits, dry fruits, clothes and other things.

Sagan: This is very important ceremony. It is generally conducted at groom’s home or a venue selected by his family only. Bride’s father applies tilak on groom’s forehead as ritual of this ceremony. Bride’s father and other males of the family offer sweets, gifts and other things to would-be-son-in-law.

Chunni chadhai and ring ceremony: In this ritual, the groom’s family visit would-be bride’s family to perform the rituals. The mother of the groom offers a chunni or saree to would-be-bride. She also offers some jewelry, small make-up kit and as shagun boiled rice and milk is served to the bride. Ring ceremony is conducted after this, both bride and groom exchange rings.

Sangeet ceremony: Sangeet is generally started two or three days before the marriage and most importantly on the pre-wedding night. All the family member, relatives and friends tap their feet on the beats of dhol and some good dance Bollywood songs. Nowadays, both the families conduct combined sangeet ceremony to increase the fun and excitement of this entertaining ceremony.

Mehendi ceremony: The bride’s sister-in-law or brother-in-law brings mehendi for her. She applies the same mehendi on her hands and feet.

Chuda ceremony: This is very important ceremony and performed by the family members of bride. All the elderly people of the family keep fast till the chuda is not shown to the girl. This ceremony starts with a pooja.

Haldi ceremony: The bride’s family and groom’s family applies paste of haldi and mustard oil on their face, hands and feet. After this ceremony they take bath in holy water and wear their wedding dresses.

Sehrabandi: One elderly man or boy’s father ties the sehra on groom’s forehead. Then the boy leaves for the wedding venue for further ceremonies.

Milni: In this ceremony, bride’s father and groom’s father introduces each-other’s relatives and close family members. Bride’s family members offer shagun to relatives and family members of the groom.

Jaimala: After milni, bride and groom exchange heavily garlands and proceed for the fera and other rituals. Arora Matrimony portal gives profiles of Arora birdes and grooms for wedding. Select your perfect partner with updated Punjabi matrimonial profiles.

North East India: Divine, Dazzling & Dreamful, Just Perfect For Your Honeymoon

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north east India honeymoon tour

Are you still confused between a national or international destination for your honeymoon? If you are looking for some national honeymoon destination, which is at par with some international destination, then North East India is the perfect choice for you. It is a perfect honeymoon gateway for newly married couples. From the enchanting walks through the woods, to the high quality couple-spa therapies, candle-lit dinners made from freshest products and adventure activities. North East is the perfect place for honeymoon if you are planning budget honeymoon destination for more than a week. You could easily explore one and more than one destination in North-East, if you are planning to visit this place for honeymoon for a week or more.


Gangtok, Sikkim: Gangtok is emerging as one of the most preferred honeymoon destinations. Gangtok offers you everything at one place like beautiful scenic views, hills, shopping some really nice things from the main market, natural beauty and adventure as well. Sightseeing in the city should include meandering up to Tsuklakhang Royal Chapel and Monastery via Deer Park, etc. Here, you can easily shop the special and famous things of Sikkim from Old and Naya Bazaar. Sikkim carpets are really famous, apart from that you can also shop warm shirts, woolen wears, boots and fur articles from there. If you are in Gangtok, then you must visit the gorgeous Tshangu Lake, the most bewitching destination of Gangtok.


Darjeeling, West Bengal: Darjeeling is the first choices of all those couples who want to spend some romantic honeymoon time together in the lap of lush green beauty. The location was even the most preferred location of international tourists as well. Here, you can explore the Natural History Museum for wildlife and Everest Museum. But, you can’t miss visiting the beautiful Tea Estate and Happy Valley. Your Darjeeling trip will be incomplete if you will miss visiting these scenic beauties. View the most magical sunset from the Observatory Hill from where you can see the twin peak of the Kanchenjunga, plan a visit to the Tiger Hill for panoramic view of Mt. Everest and spend quality time in the arms of nature at the Senchal Lake.


Cherapunji, Meghalya: In the world Cherapunji is known as the wettest place on the earth. This small town is really a great place to frolic amidst lush greenery. If you love water sports and activities, then this place is just perfect for you. Don’t forget to carry your swim suit as you can splash in the Seven Sisters Fall. You can also visit the nearby Mawsmai caves. You can also explore the excursion to the local eco-park, or visit the Mawsynram, which gets the most rainfall on the earth. You can also relax your senses with massage as most of the hotels offers you couple massages at a very decent price. Indulge yourself in the candle-lit dinner under the stars.


Shilong, Meghalya: Shilong is the capital of Meghalya. It is really beautiful and iconic place. Here, you can indulge in various activities and sightseeing. You can take a boat ride on the Ward Lake, visit the botanical garden and Museum, walk around Lady Hydari Park with its Japanese garden. If you want to buy something as memory of the place, you can shop from the Bara Bazar. You can go to nearby Elephant Falls, just off the road to Cherrapunji and Umiam Lake. If you love monsoon, then this the best time to visit this place and see the heavenly rain.


Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh: Tawang is another beautiful place in North East Indian which you can’t miss if you are on your honeymoon. It is filled with jagged hills and lush greenery. It is very popular among young couples who want to explore the impeccable scenic beauty. Lofty mountains, waterfalls that cascade into deep gorges, azure sky and sparkling lakes make Tawang more than just any travel honeymoon destination. If you are here at this divine place, then you can’t miss visiting to Zimithang, Gorsam Stupa, Khinme monastery, Tatsang gompa and Singshur nunnery, which gives you a different experience altogether. If you are looking for some peaceful place to spend some romantic time together, Sangeshar Lake is the perfect destination for you. matrimonial portal provides facilities for wedding of Indian grooms and brides. Find your suitable perfect life partner.

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