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Welcome Happy New Year 2015 with LoveVivah Matrimony

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Happy New Year 2015

Happy New Year is the time to welcome the new calendar year which starts on this special day. Most of the traditions observed as New Year (Gregorian calendar) in all over the world which natural falls on 1 January. In few nations like the UK, the US, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, the 1 January is official national holiday. However, it is widely celebrated all most every countries in the earth. It is time for exchange of gift, greeting cards with friends, relatives and family members.

According to the Gregorian calendar, New Year’s Eve is referred as the last day of previous year which is normally on December 31. In the evening of New Year’s Eve, the social gatherings, party, dance, music, foods with light fireworks to celebrate with welcome the upcoming New Year. Normally the young people start enjoying from on past midnight into 12pm of January 1 to mark the delight of joy. It also popularly observed in the India including the cities of Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata and Goa.

New Year’s Day is official on January 1 which is very 1st day of Gregorian calendar. There are many more events, sports, competitions for kids on behalf of New Year which known as public holiday across all the nations. Observed as the global time zone with fireworks marks of midnight reached. So New Zeeland and Australia celebrates the New Year first in the world. matrimony site team welcomes the prosperous Happy New Year 2015 for all the friends. God bless you for delightful and success year for your family.

Gifts from Santa Claus wishing Happy Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas - Santa Gifts

Christmas is a yearly festival holiday on the honor of Jesus Christ birthday. It is celebrated worldwide with traditions of love with family and brotherhood. On this occasion everyone in the friends makes to get together with exchange gifts among the relations. Most famous customs decorating Christmas trees, going to church, party with family and friends. Children are waiting for their favorite Santa Claus to arrive with gifts and chocolates. December 25 is officially celebrated as Christmas Day in all most every country around the world. It is also observed culturally by most of non-Christian people for the holiday season.

The birth year of God Jesus is estimated between 7 and 2 BC in Vatican City. The observation of customs related to Christmas have Christian, and secular themes and non-Christian people. Now the modern customs with gift exchanging, Christmas music and caroling at church, giving Christmas cards, special party, decorations of Christmas trees, lights in the home and outside the home as well. Popular figure Santa Claus and Father Christmas are mostly associated with providing gifts to kids during the Christmas week. The idea of decorations at Christmas is to symbolize the welcome of Jesus to earth. The exchanging of gifts aspects of Christmas is celebration for profitable from time of Roman celebration of Saturnalia. On Christmas day gifts based on the tradition of Christ related to St. Nicholas and gifts given to the baby Jesus by the Magi.

In India the Christmas is one of the official festivals in India, since the Christian communities are celebrating with peace. Christians Roman Catholics are widely presence in Goa, Kerala, Manipur, Meghalaya, Nagaland and Mizoram with large populations of Christians. Even cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad are presence of the Christians community to celebrate the festival with full of harmony in the country. In midnight mass celebration of festival, the Christians in Indian Catholics offer prayers. All the family members will visit to the massive feast of different delicacies in Churches in India which are well decorated design with colorful candles and Poinsettia flowers on Christmas Eve. matrimonial sites wishes a very Happy Merry Christmas to all the people in the world.

Beautiful Wife with Smart Career for Marriage

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Smart Professional Bride

Marriage is the best relation between man and his woman with love. You should be think about the bond which strong as natural husband and wife. To being more effective of the love the family relation it is to impact the social structure. However, we can see the special family boning of the loved member to encourage with pure affection. After the wedding of couple, they need to start their family with new lifestyle. Every one of the marriage bond has equal responsibility to mention the good relation till the last day of life.

Beautiful is the character of the girl with good behavior, respectful, education to get suitable husband as life partner. This kind of woman is well respected among all the family members of parents and in-laws house. So a beautiful wife should have best quality and education to regard as the love woman of her husband. The career of the woman after wedding should be well equipped with quality of job she is doing. Her professional career should be supported by her husband and family as well. This will lead to more effective relation which stands at every situation of the family.

After wedding, both the husband and wife will take the new life with mutual decision favorable for their family. The family relation of the wife with her in-laws is widely respected by the good behavior to their family members. So we can see the better understanding of the husband with her wife can the best thinking to manage the house. All the members of the family need to support the newly married couple to start the journeying. Smart career of the husband is essential to stabilize the financial status of the family to run the daily expenditure.

You can get suitable wife or husband by searching the profile of brides and grooms at matrimonial sites in India.

Tamil Marriages are Popular in South India

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Tamil Marriage couple

Tamil people are mostly educated and highly respective for good social behavior. The community belongs to Tamil are part of the south India states in India. The people in state of Tamil Nadu are referred as the Tamils. The culture, traditions of Tamil people are very popular among the southern states of India. The people of India are also very careful to ensure the relation among the various people from all the states. This will be positive impact on the cultural exchange among the people of India through the music, song, traditions and education system.

The Tamil marriages are more famous among the south Indian family to establish the love relation between the husband and wife. There are some steps of Hindu traditions which are followed by the Tamil community or Tamil speaking people’s wedding.

Pre Marriage Rituals

These rituals started with prayer to God by the both families of bride and groom. Then, the bride family welcomes the groom with Aarti on the previous day of wedding. The groom eats sweets, the Pandit sprinkling water on the head and braking of coconut for holiness. After this ‘Vratham’ puja is arranged before wedding. Naandi is ceremony for the Tamil Brahmins where the groom offered gifts and sweets for wedding tip. The official engagement is called ‘Nicchiyadharatham’ when both the groom and the bride exchange wedding rings. Then after, formal announcement of marriage is organized to inform the relatives and friends about the wedding alliance.

Marriage Rituals Ceremony

On the marriage day the ‘Mangala Snaanam’ arranged when the groom and bride take bath for purification. And make sure they applied oil and haldi on their body before the bath. Then the groom goes towards the marriage Mandap to meets his bride. Here bride and the groom exchange the garlands with each other. Next is ‘Kanyadaanam’ wherein the bride’s father gives his daughter’s hand to the groom. Then the ‘Muhurtum’ ceremony when the groom puts Vermillion on the forehead ties Mangalsutra on the neck of his bride. Finally they take seven rounds ‘Saath Phere’ and seven vows around the Saptapadi (sacred fire).

Post Marriage Rituals

After the marriag function, the families of bride and groom exchange gift which is known as ‘Sammandhi Mariyathai’. Now the bride leaves for her marital home to go with husband’s house. The married bride is most welcomed by her mother-in-law with the traditional Aarti in the presence of her new family members. The ceremony is known as ‘Grihapravesham’. Reception party is now organized at the groom’s house for relatives and guests to meet the newly married couple to give blessings. You can check Indian matrimonial sites for Tamil groom and brides for wedding.

Husband should be Gentleman for His Wife

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Indian wedding couple

Man is a natural leadership with born gifted to his parents. So this helps him to create good active environment for the society. He is responsible for the future of his family including wife, children and parents. For his wife he should be a gentleman to run the good relation. As a father, he is inspirations to his own children to building up their careers, education and job. Taking care of his parents as obedient son to the entire life of his father and mother with full of dedication.

Husband is the greater responsible person in the family to take care of the whole members with his earning and learning. This is to reflect on the situation with the good quality of education that created on the value of the credit life. As the husband to his lady love wife he should be caring to the relationship to mention good personality. The human life is more stable to attract the best solution to help the couple. Better understanding of the situation which could be standard of the family to going live with their members of the society of state.

The house of the family member will be situated to well environment to create suitable status of living. Wife of the family is soul responsible to take quality decision making to fulfill the house hold issues. Everyone has the quality of the responsibility to sure the better understanding between the husband and his wife. This could be more value added behavior of the husband. Also she needs to submit the entire structure of the house hold to solution origin. Mr. Husband has more general condition of the home to get better value to add resources. As the house wife to her husband to find out better solution of understanding to home matters.

Men are natural efficient to handle the leadership of the family with greater social responsibly. Just like a gentleman you need to start up your best situation with regarding to the value of the relation with wife, children and parents. Let the woman should have more engaged with decision making for family as her husband. This kind of practice will definitely encourage the woman empowerment of the society. Better life to woman will be a better world tomorrow. If you are looking for suitable husband or wife as your dream life partner you can see the matrimony services in India for grooms or brides profiles.