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6 Gifting ideas for your Husband this Christmas & New Year

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Who doesn’t like to be pampered with gifts and surprises? Though widely perceived as something that excites women, even men are taken aback by such surprises and lovely gestures. They might not show their excitement, still the fact remains that they also wish their partner to make them feel important and show love and affection. And gifts are one of the best mediums to do so. Though one need not wait for any specific occasion to surprise his/ her partner, but missing on the occasions should be avoided.  As we head towards an exciting New Year, just preceded by Christmas, why not make the best of the occasion by gifting something unique to your husband. Here are a few gifting ideas you can surprise your husband with, and keep the spark alive in your married life.

Customized coffee mug: For a coffee/ tea lover a coffee mug makes the best bet, that too when it has a personalized message from the one you love. Yes, you got it right! You can get your coffee mug customized from any of the gift shops with his pic or your couple pic along with a customized message. Every time he will use it, he will fall in for you.

Smart Watch: Smartwatch can be a good option if your husband loves to wear watch. This will not just be an accessory but also a motivator to keep a check on his health. You can look for multiple options available across various brands. Choose the one you feel suits your husband’s personality. A watch organizer along is another add on to help organize all his watches at one place.

Perfume: A light scented perfume that he can wear all day long can be another gifting option. This will keep him reminding of you even when he is away from you. You may also opt for a perfume that you like him to wear that can be used when you two are together.

Wallet: A nice leather wallet can be decent and useful gifting option. You can also choose to surprise further with a movie ticket kept inside or anything else you feel can excite him, for example a spa coupon, concert tickets etc.

Favorite book: Is he the one who loves to read and can’t spend a single day without books? A new addition to his book shelf would surely entice him. Gift him a book that’s probably in his checklist that he wants to buy or would love to read. Getting the same as a gift from his beloved would surely bring in a smile on his face.

Weekend Trip: You can plan a surprise weekend trip for just two of you. Look out for the weekend getaways options and get the best deals through any of the online travel sites. Pack in advance without revealing your plan and surprise him at the last moment when everything else is ready. Surely, he will be surprised and happy to see you putting in all the efforts.

5 Tricks Revealed To Buy A Perfect Watch For Your Wife

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img_9When it comes to buying something for your friends it sounds really easy, but when it comes to buying something for your wife, it always seems a bit complex. You are buying it for the first time or you are gifting it once again, still you really want to make it perfect. Buying a watch for your spouse could be a complex task. A watch itself a very complex item that requires a lot of knowledge, when it comes to choosing the right piece.  Here, we are revealing five essential tricks to buy a perfect watch for your wife.

When was the watch launched: This sounds really simple and easy when you ask this question to salesperson. But, it is important to test the knowledge of the salesperson and to know whether he/she is pretty aware of the watch or not. Even, this way you will be able to find out the age of the product and how good its market value. So, you can easily decide whether you want to buy it or not.

Should match with her style: While buying the watch for her, always keep her style statement in mind. There are plenty of designs, colors and styles available in the market to choose from matching different personalities. A sporty watch is not the ideal for the one who is spending most the time in office. You should always buy a watch which will match with the wearer lifestyle and profession.

Color of the watch: This is another important factor you should consider while buying the watch. The color of the watch is really a show stopper while buying the watch. Consider the complexion of your wife in mind and then only chose the color of your watch. If your wife is fair, you can buy a black, brown or a white watch. If she is of whitish complexion, you can consider brown, yellow, pink and silver color for the watch.

Go for a well-known brand: While buying a watch for your lady love always go for a branded one. If your budget is not too high, still there are various brands which offer pocket friendly watch for all. There are many shops which sell the first copy of the original watch that looks exactly same as the original watch. But, always ensure that if you are going for the first copy watch, you are buying it from the genuine store where you will get a warranty card with your watch as you get it for any branded watch. You can also buy a nice branded watch from the online stores as well and there are many brands that promote online shopping and offer heavy discounts.

Ask for the servicing cost: Most of the watches come with one year to five years of warranty period. Don’t forget to ask for the things covered in warranty period. So, before going for the buying decision it is important to ask for the serving cost. There are some mechanical watches that need to be serviced, but not that often. But, there are watches that need special servicing and care, which require just cleaning and oiling. Therefore, it is always a good idea to know what a basic service for a watch might cost and also ask is that retailer can do servicing or you need to visit some other workshop for servicing.

Some Unique Tech-Friendly Gifting Ideas For Your Husband

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It is difficult to buy something unique and intelligent for your man. But, you have to enter into this new territory to make your man happy and give him a very much desired surprise. If you start your search in right direction, there are chances that you will find plenty of unique gift for husband. You always want to make his birthday special and unique.  So, what could be better than gifting him something which he was really looking forward to buy. Here, we are sharing some unique gifting ideas to give him a pleasant surprise.

Samsung gear VR: This virtual reality headset is a top choice because of its unmatched features. It is comfortable fit, offers wide field of view and user-friendly functions. It is always available with USB port for your convenience. It is enough spacious to accommodate glasses as well. So, don’t wait longer to give this special gift on his birthday.

Fitbit fitness tracker: If he is health conscious and don’t miss is morning jogging, this is just perfect gift for him. A fitness tracker is a great device to track your health record. This GPS-enabled fitness tracker is just ideal for both cyclist and joggers. It gives you very accurate fitness data. It also monitors your heart rate, tell the time and give you call and text notifications too. It is a must buy for your darling hubby to help in tracking his fitness routine.

Play station: If he is gaming crazy and you see him glued most of the time to his laptop or on phone and watch him playing games, go and buy a play station for him. It is just a perfect gift for him. Buy the latest version of play station with some latest and his favorite games to give him a nice surprise.

Digital speaker for his car: If you think that speakers of your car are so outdated and your husband is music lover, you can anytime gift him these digital speakers. You can gift him a set of digital speakers for his car and is possible get them fitted before he comes from office to add some surprising element.

Digital camera: If he loves to click images and he loves to do it often, buy a digital high resolution camera for him. These cameras are available in different rage and specifications. Choose the one, you think is best suited for his requirements and interest him more.

Smart watch: There are plenty of smart watches available in the market from different brands. Choose a smart watch which you think is ideal for him. These smart watches offer you features like viewing text and calls, organize a planner, water-resistant and much more. So choose the one, you think will compliment him.

Latest smart phone: Smart phone is basic requirement of the day. You can’t imagine a day without your smart phone. As you do many things with your phone only and you need not to open your laptop. You can check email, respond to them, attend calls, text messages, order something online and much more. So buy a latest smart phone with latest features, meeting his daily work requirements and choice.

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