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Incredible Wedding Gifts for Newlywed Couple

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Wedding Gifts

Do you really think that choosing a wedding gift is really simple? Do you want to gift that so common kitchen appliance as gift or you are looking for something different? Some people really believe that selecting a special gift is really simple and you are not required to put much energy on it. Nowadays, it is not that simple to choose a marriage gift as there are numerous options available in the market to choose one. Do you want to give something really expensive or you are thinking about something in your budget? Here are some important tips to choose the best gift.


Buying gold/diamond jewelry: This is one of the most traditional and preferred gifting idea. If the budget is not constrain for you and you can spend a good amount to buy a nice wedding present for the couple, then gifting them gold or diamond jewelry is nice option. You can buy gold or diamond ring bands or you can buy a bangle and bracelet set for them. Depending upon your budget you can choose the gift in gold or diamond.


Giving cash/cash gift vouchers to the couple: Most of the people in our country prefer giving cash then any gift. Generally, people are not sure what is really required or not or whether the couple would like the gift or not as in many cases you are not aware of their taste and liking. Therefore, the best way out in such situation is gifting them cash rather than giving them anything. Nowadays, there are many outlets which offer gift vouchers starting from Rs. 5000 to lakhs. So, you can also gift them these gifting vouchers so they can buy a gift of their choice with that cash gift voucher.


Gifting electronic items: If you are aware of the requirements of couple or you already discussed with them what they really require as electronic item, then you can gift them electronic items such as TV, fridge, washing machine, microwave or mixer grinder, etc. You can select a gift that suits your budget and at the same time is required by the couple.


Smartphone for the newlyweds: Smartphone is one such gift, which is always welcomed by all. You can gift smartphone to the couple. If you know what kind of smart phone is required by them or they are looking for a good smart phone then gifting them a smart phone is really a nice idea. There are various brands available in the market with numerous features. So, choose the most trendy and smartest phone for the newlyweds.


Honeymoon package: If the couple has not planned about their honeymoon or yet not finalized the destination, then gifting them a honeymoon package is really awesome option. You can book a honeymoon destination with package for them in India or abroad depending upon budget or preference. You can discuss with the couple about their desired destinations and book a package accordingly. There are various online sites like MakeMyTrip,,, and many more which offers national and international honeymoon packages.  You can also book honeymoon packages from tour and travel companies such as Thomos Cook, Club Mahindra, and Rai Travels, etc. wedding portal provides online matrimonial services for Indian brides and grooms. You should gift suitable candidate profiles for marriage.

5 Tips for Monsoon Wedding to Make it a Perfect Affair

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Monsoon Wedding

A wedding in monsoon sounds really interesting and exciting. All girls and boys have so many dreams in their heart about their wedding. You want to look stunning on that day to capture the eyeballs of everyone. You want everything to be perfect on that day. Monsoon is the most romantic and beautiful weather, but a little rain during your function can spoil the mood of whole affair. But, it is not really difficult to turn the story on your side and make a perfect plan for your Monsoon Wedding! Here are some important tips for all those bride and grooms to make their special day memorable for all.

Choose the venue smartly: It is the most important thing while planning a wedding in monsoon to choose the right venue. You should always select the venue very smartly and wisely. A small mistake can spoil the fun of wedding. Go for a venue where you will have both indoor and outdoor arrangements. So, you can enjoy the weather without spoiling the fun of your wedding ceremonies.

Negotiate well with vendors for venue and other services: In India, most of the marriages happen in the later months of year. During the monsoon season as most of the 5 start hotels don’t have any booking, so you can bargain well with them to get slashed price and save on hotel booking

Theme of venue: While selecting the theme don’t just go by the colors or props. Also, pay attention to the kind of things vendor is going to use for venue. You can ask him to go for light colors or rainbow colors to make it more vibrant. You can also go for full flower theme as during this time florists slash the price of flowers. You can also arrange some rain dance party or pool party for pre-wedding function. You can also use umbrella for decoration and also give as gift to guests. So, decide a theme that you feel goes well will your wedding plan.

What will be the menu? As this is monsoon season and a little carelessness can make people remember your wedding for all  wrong reasons. Take care of hygiene and what you are going to serve to the guests. Don’t go for too much spicy food rather serve or add items in your menu, which are easy to digest. Don’t add seafood in your menu; rather add tava items in for food. You can also add jalebi instead of ice-cream in your sweets. So, while preparing a menu for your wedding pay some extra attention.

Look stunning on your special day: Indian wedding is all about heavy lehengas and jewelry for the bride and sherwani for the groom. But, if your wedding is in monsoon choose your dresses very smartly to stay comfortable.  Don’t use dark colors, select light fabric with bright colors to add spark. Brides should go for waterproof makeup and grooms should go for ethnic Kurta and Churidar or some comfortable fabric sherwani.

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5 Special Rakhi Gifting Ideas for Newly Wedded Couples

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Rakhi - Raksha Bandhan

Every day and every occasion is special for a new wedded couple.  For the whole first year, it is a celebration time for the newly married couple as every festival is important for both the families. Parents and even all the family members don’t want to miss even a single chance to celebrate the different festivals and occasions throughout the year. If you are a newly wedded couple and you too are celebrating the Raksha Bandhan first time after marriage, then you must be also planning to make it memorable for your family. The bride’s family and even the groom’s family make their own plans to celebrate this special day. If you have a younger or elder sister-in-law then it will become more important for the newly wedded couple to get ready with some special gifts to make it memorable for them. Here are some special gifting ideas for the newly wedded couples that you can gift to their family members.

Watches for him/her: Nothing is worth than gifting a watch. You can buy a couple watches for your married sister. These couple watches are available in various designs, colors and themes. You can go for some classic watch or even a trendy one, depending upon your budget and choice. You can buy these watches online as various companies offer special festival discounts during festivals.

Some gold/silver jewelry: A gold or silver jewelry is always happily welcomed by every woman.  If you are not bothered about your budget and you can spend a good amount on buying the gift for your sister. So, go ahead and buy something really special for her. You can buy earrings, gold bangles, bracelets, gold chain or pendent for her. If she is found of ethnic silver jewelry, then you can also buy some classic ethnic bangles or earrings for her that’s suits her style and taste.

Silver pooja thali: This is another important gift which you can buy to surprise your sister. To make that day more special you can buy a silver Pooja Thali which will have all important stuff related to pooja. You can easily get these specially crafted pooja thali’s from gifting shops or even you can order these online.

Soft toys: Soft toys are best buddies for you. All girls like soft toys, so to make your sister feel special you can also buy a good adorable and cute soft toy for her. This is the best way to make her feel special. You can buy a good soft toy from any of the leading brands such Archies,  Hallmark, Playtoon, Babyhug, etc. and many more.

Chocolates and customised photo frames: If your sister is crazy about chocolates, then you can buy some good chocolates for her. There are various companies which offer special discounts on imported chocolates and gift hampers. You can also go customised photo frames and or photo cups or mugs to make it memorable.

Enjoy your special festival with all family members and special ones. matrimonial service wishes Happy Rakhi to all newly wedded couples and their family members.

Independence Day: Are you enjoying the freedom as Indian woman?

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Independence Day India - 15th August

Indian Independence Day celebration, what it means to you or to a woman? Nowadays, Independence Day on 15th August is just a national holiday where most of us spend our holiday with our family or friends or some of us make a plan to spend our long weekend out of station if we are getting this opportunity. Is Independence Day just a holiday? Are women of our country enjoying the same level of freedom? On this Independence Day as an urban woman I can still enjoy some freedom and equality, but the women’s at rural areas are really enjoying the same? To make this Independence Day special for all Indian women we should bring small changes in our thinking to make them feel equally important and at par with their male counter parts. Here are some important things, which we all can do to make them feel that they are Independent too.

Let them pursue their higher studies: This is really important for all us to understand that higher studies are not just meant for males, but all girls of our country have equal rights to pursue their higher studies in whichever field they want.

Freedom to dress the way they want: Most of us judge a girl the way she is dressed, but not by her attitude and behavior. If any girl is wearing a short dress everybody is looking at her. Why can’t she wears or dress the way she wants? Women should also have the freedom to wear whatever they want.

Freedom to go anywhere and everywhere: Most of the young girls and even women in India got instructions from their family members to come back home before evening or sun set to avoid any unwanted situation. Is it the right way to protect the females? Why can’t we change the mind set of men and make them understand that they should create an environment where females can move out of their homes any time without any worries.

Freedom to get marry whenever they want: In India we start forcing our daughters to get married once they complete the age of 18 years. Parents and family members give thousands of good reasons to get marry at early age. Even in remote areas they don’t have freedom to utter a single world over this topic and they have to agree with the opinion and choices of their family members and parents. So, it is very important to give them freedom to get marry whenever they want or they are really prepared for.

Freedom to do any job: Women should also be counted and treated in the same way as men. At work places people and management should not do any kind of discrimination because they are women. They can’t work in night shifts, they can’t work in manufacturing units because of safety reasons.  Women are equally capable of doing the same things what men can do, therefore, they should also get the opportunity to grab a job in their desired field. matrimonial site wishes a very Happy Independence Day to all! Your search for a perfect life partner ends with us. Search a perfect soul mate from the millions of eligible prospective brides and grooms. Jai Hind!!!

Rio Olympics: 10 interesting facts about Olympic Games in Brazil

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Rio Olympics Game 2016

The big day with the great excitement doze is about to start with its inaugural ceremony on 5th of August, 2016. India is also participating in this Rio Olympics is great hope and aspirations. Indian athletics are participating in different sports such as Boxing, Hockey, Shooting, Rowing, Judo, Gold, Badminton and many more. Let’s take a look at 10 interesting facts about this great event of excitement, fun, craziness and sports fever.

  1. South America is first time hosting the Olympic Games. It won this bid beating out Chicago, Tokyo and Madrid in 2009.
  2. On 21st April, 2016 the torch relay started in the Game’s birthplace before travelling across Brazil for more than 90 days and completing its journey on 5th August, 2016.
  3. Maracan Stadium in Rio will witness the great opening ceremony and closing ceremony of Olympic Games.
  4. More than 6000 volunteers will participate in the opening ceremony of Olympic Games.
  5. The games will be held at 33 different locations across the four districts of Rio de Janeiro-Barra de Tijuca, Copacabana, Barra de Tijuca, Deodoro and Maracana.
  6. Rio 2016 Olympics mascot is a mix of different animals called Vinicius, paying tribute to the Brazilian musician Vinicius de Moraes.
  7. More than 10,000 athletes from 206 different countries are likely to participate in this grand sports event.
  8. Over 30,000 foreigners are expected to watch different games held during this Rio Olympic.
  9. This year the youngest athlete to compete at Rio 2016 Olympic Games is Gaurika Singh, swimmer, who is going to represent Nepal in these games.
  10. You can enjoy the golf tournament this year as the game has managed to get re-entry in the games list after the long gap of 112 years. matrimonial website wishes best of luck to all the Indian athletes for Rio Olympic 2016.