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Marriage is Sacrifice to Personal Love Story

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Love marriage in India

Marriage is happy life for both the man and woman to start as the husband and wife. We can think the celebration time of the family which created new story after the wedding. The responsibility of the husband and his wife become more important to improve their relation in the social circle. In the professional way they should have to greater facility to extent the facility of the lifestyle. Proper decision marking for with coordination can enhance the greater stability to their relationship. Everyone in the family is also looking for great social value to enable the criteria for married life.

After the happy ceremony for new family, the combination of the work with life should be more comfortable to each other. This will definitely help to work out for the quality living for standard trends in the society. Every source of the income money will to be filled with better facility to enhance the modern social structure. Finance stability of the family will improve the lifestyle for members and partner as well. Good social behavior will also play an effective role to gain stability for sustainable growth. Decision making is the main factor for coordination among the family members.

The responsibility of the husband on the domestic house matters with his wife and parents. Personality on the professional job is very crucial for the taking more update in the career growth. You know this kind of job will reflect the personality of individual man or woman in the work station. With same time you can find the same type of role for the woman as the house wife or working lady with professional job. Make sure the professional career should not be any obstacle to friendly family life at home as husband and wife.

Married couple should sacrifice the personal matters in case of family situation to improve the good decision. You can be better half to your life partner if you support the value of spouse. Better coordination with your partner to create more trust with your lovely spouse. Husband and wife are equally responsible for the successful marriage life to live with family. If you are looking for better candidate for life partner you can login to the Indian matrimony sites. Also update your full profile to get searched by the potential bride or groom candidates available in the online site.

Holiday after Wedding for Happy Lifestyle

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Honeymoon destination

Wedding is best event of your life to start new journeying with partner. The married couples have more responsibilities than the batcher life. Once they get marriage it is duty to fulfill the nature of the family as per social value. Husband is looking the finance matter of the family to achieve the requirement of money. Wife takes care of the house hold things along with special focus to their children and parent-in-laws. Woman is also sincere about her own professional career to manage better job life. She is fully dedicated to the improvement of happy family.

Enjoy in the life is important to the refreshment of the friendship, dear, love with the partner to heart. Getting more engaged with the family will create better surrounding to encourage your working. Professional career is also important to the gain the stability in the official situation as per the company status. This can help to improve the career steadily to such manner of the appreciation. Good to watch the fun and enjoy the career with full of stability to manage the accounts on the effectively. Great personality will be part the better understanding the family situation with practical way.

Holiday from the working job is to take break from the busy life of everyday. It may be sort break or long vacation for family tour. In sort holiday you can enjoy in your home town or working city which you are living. On the long vacation you can go for honeymoon trip to favorite destination with you love partner or spouse. This kind of holiday will great for love and happy life together. Refine the capacity of the family style which could be good for fun moments of the wedding. Celebration of the joy is arranged by the love birds with their beautiful nest for marriage.

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Gujarati Wife Suitable for Business Family Marriage

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Gujarati bride

People of Gujarat state in India are referred as Gujarati. Most of them are from business families and affluent class. Gujarati culture is very vibrant with beautiful. Here the people of Gujarat speak Gujarati- it is their local language of communication. Besides, Gujarati people also speak some other languages like surti, charotari, kathiawai and kutchi. These people are highly educated and famous for the strong bonding and togetherness. They are highly professional and career oriented. They pay more attention to career and their business. Gujarati people are very traditional and fallow all the rituals in weddings. Most of the people in Gujarat are Hindu followed by Muslims. Gujarati males are usually involved in the family business.

Gujarati marriage is like an extravaganza for eye and a cultural treat for all. The parents or Gujarati bride and groom search the prospective life partner for their children. Nowadays, most of the families give respect to the choice of their kids and give them chance to select a life partner for them. If they will say yes to their choice, then only they take the next step. All the pre-wedding rituals are performed in their respective families. The first and foremost ritual of the pre-wedding is Lord Ganesha pooja. This ritual is conducted to seek the blessing of Lord Ganesha for the grah shanti and uninterrupted marriage rituals.

The next ritual is ‘Jaan’ where the groom come to bride’s house and seek blessing of his mother-in-law by touching her feet. The mandap is specially decorated for Vedic ritual ceremony. The mandap symbolize the four parents of both Gujarati bride and groom and they are the pillars of their life. Their parents take oath for the marriage of their children. Most of the ceremonies are conducted in the presence of guests, relatives and friends.

On wedding day, the groom and bride exchanges garlands which is popularly known as ‘Jaimala’ function. The groom’s feet are cleaned with water. He is offered milk and honey to drink which is called as ‘Madhuparka’ before wedding ceremony. Next is ‘Juta Churai’ where groom’s shoes are traditionally hidden by sisters of the bride. After this ceremony, the next ritual is ‘Kanyadan’. In this ritual, the father of the bride gives the hand of his daughter in the hand of groom and expects that he will take care of her and support her in all ups and downs of life.

In ‘Hasta Milap’ ritual the grooms shawl is tied with the saree of the bride. The last ritual of Gujarati wedding is seven rounds take around the holy fire steps which are considered very sacred and known as saptapadi. After completing the saptapadi their parents and elders give them blessing for their happy and successful married life.

After the marriage rituals, there is a reception party for family, guest, relatives of bride and groom. In ‘Vidaai’ ceremony, the bride takes farewell from her family and house. Once the couple reaches groom’s house the next ritual is ‘Ghar Ni Lakshmi’ ritual where the bride knock down rice vessel with her right leg before entering the home. The Hindu bride is considered as Goddess Laxmi for the house. Gujarat matrimony provides marriage profiles of grooms and brides for marriage, Find for Gujarati matrimonial resumes for perfect life partner.

Woman’s Love for Her Husband and Family

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Married Indian Husband Wife

Woman is the most beautiful creation of the God. She is also the creator of human being with her love to family. Woman comes as a daughter of her mother with lot of hope to the parents. This is also responsibility of the mother to give better environment to her child for quality life. Every parent has a dream to fulfill the family with best of the love for her kids. Standard of living is greater ability to find out the solution of the profession of the career as well the family life in the house.

Girl child is the valuable to the society as the boy to the balance of the social and economic balance in the state. For this same the world organizations are working with greater stability to the various regions and countries for improvement. It can be the greater impacts of the woman social structure to able the future growing structure for equal entity. Now the global institutions of the woman are focusing on the education, health, employment and safety in their own region. The important of the life woman is depends upon the quality living in the society and her country.

After good education, career of the woman, it is also necessary to search a better life partner for marriage. She looks for her dream man to be her fried, guide with role of the husband to start own family. Wedding is special event of both the husband and wife in their lifetime. However, the woman has to shift to husband’s house after marriage for living till life. This is the very critical situation where she needs to adjust everything with her new in-laws house. Wife connects her husband, kids and parent-in-laws with her love of good family bond.

The beautiful lady loves her husband with great hope to run relation for good family in the society. This kind of behavior of the woman always respected for scarify to members with full of joy. She takes care of her child with very sincerely which she feels the affections. Wife manages most the house hold thing with better coordination with her husband to balance the work life. She loves the sweet as her beautiful face to family as the member of the life and society. It will better option if you can search your better half with help of online matrimony services in India.

Love Affection is Trending to Arrange Marriage

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Love with Arrange Marriage

Love is the sacred word of God to the human kind in the world. It creates bong between to person with hope in the relation. The type of the relation depends on the quality of the stability among those in the bond making. So most beautiful relation is the love between the man and woman with affection. The love gradually trends to the strong bond which ends with marriage of the two soul mates. After the wedding ceremony they are called husband and wife in the family for the life time among the relatives.

Better human beings are selective upon the adding love to quality of the lifestyle in the marriage life. Every boy and girl has the dream to get dream soul mate in their life which they can enjoy with full of joy. This starts from the searching of the soul mate like suitable bride or groom as per the choice of them. The choice for the partner depends upon the family status, financial stability, and social life of both the family members. As per the criteria of the likes depends on the grooms character and brides matching to the similar things.

Sometimes there is situation where the boy attracted to the particular girl whom he likes more. Then the girl fall in love with the same boy with impression of the quality standard. This creates the possibility of love life which will reflect the future bond of the life family to lovely birds. They further process the story to their respective family members with mutual approach. Also they can be approved or not by their families depends on the situation of matching requirements. It is specially selection of the love which leads to the marriage of the two hearts with love bond.

Affection of love between the boy and girl will leads the situation favorable to start the family life. Bride’s family looks for the good earning, education, social status of the groom’s family to which the bride will come to live. On the other hand the groom is searching for beautiful, education, behavior with honest girl suitable for his wife. The marriage arranged with mutual consent of the both boy and girls family reference of their personal views. This kind of love trends to the beautiful wedding ceremony of the new husband and wife to be celebration of happy life style.

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