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Make them feel special this Women’s Day!

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March 8th is reserved to make all the precious ladies around us feel more precious.  On this day, we go on celebrating all the courageous and inspiring women around us who are shaping the world towards betterment. The day is also a reminder that so much more needs to be done for numerous number of women whose voice is still unheard and who are not given the freedom to showcase their full potential.

With Women’s day right around the corner, the merriment is on!

There are numerous reasons why we still need to observe this day as a tribute for example Power balance is still unbalanced as majority of power seats are still not women friendly. We still raise eyebrows when a woman takes up kick boxing instead of yoga. Women are still blamed for being raped. Irony! Right? We still judge women for anything they do to feel confident. From tattoos to surgeries- Nothing is judgement proof.

Women are still objectified in most of the movies and that really reflects in real life. There is so much more. From the pay discrepancy that still exists, to many struggles across the world, lot needs to be done. So, this women’s day, let us take a pledge and celebrate incredible ladies, because yes! We do not do it enough.

Cherish all the ladies around you this women’s day and solute to the courage of many. From the one who still struggles to the one who brought in the revolution, let us take a bow.  Take a look at how to make your special women feel cherished this women’s day: 

1) A Promise: Well! This should be budget friendly, but this will work. Make a promise to yourself to cherish and celebrate incredible ladies round the year. If you are a lady, make sure you extend all the support to your special ladies because it is a crazy world out there and you have got to be there for each other.

2) A Spa Day: Women all around the world are perfect planners. They manage career and most of the family and there is no denial to it. She needs pampering for all the efforts. Gift her a spa day to relax.

3) Organizer: Admit it, she makes the best out of her house and her job. Gift an organizer to the women who loves paying attention to the very last detail.

4) Customized stuff: Most women are self-empowering. They can very well take care of their needs. The idea of a gift for women’s day is to celebrate the fact that you have an incredible person around you worth celebrating all day, every day. Buy things with thoughtful messages like mugs, t-shirts or any of that stuff and personalize it. These inspiration messages will always keep boosting the mood.

5) A Desired Gift: Gift something, she has been planning to get. If you know her too well, you know what she needs. If something has been on her mind, work it out and gift it. Everyone loves those kinds of gifts. Right?

Gifts are numerous in number but the only thing that matters is celebrate the fact that you are surrounded by her. Celebrate it every day, because she is special in one million ways.

She is a sister, mother and a wife. Let all important women in your life know that they hold an important and unique position in your life and heart. Let them know and feel that they are special, this Women’s Day!

Buy Some Pocket Friendly Gifts For Her On Women’s Day

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gifts for her on womens day - 8 march

You can’t imagine a day without your mother, sister, friend, girlfriend or wife. Women are real heroes of our family and without them this society is incomplete. To make your wife/girlfriend/sister/friend feel special on women’s day, do something nice and special for them. This is your chance to show your love and affection to them and shower your love. Here, we are sharing some nice, interesting and pocket friendly gifting idea for her on Women’s day.

Bunch of flowers:  Beautiful flowers are the best way to express your love and affection to her. After all, a woman is a special and priceless and a bunch of flowers is the perfect gift for the day. Pick her favorite flowers, get them decorated well and gift it to her on Women’s day. Get ready to see the sweetest smile ever.

Gift basket: If you are searching for something different and unique, the gift basket is just perfect thing to pick as gift for her. These gift baskets are available in different sizes and with different goodies as well. You can buy a chocolate and cookies basket if she loves chocolates. You can also buy some body bathing and pampering kit for her or perfume baskets as well. There are other options as well like coffee mugs with some chocolates, soft toys, key chains and other small showpieces.

Buy her favorite book: If she is a book lover and she loves to read books, then this just the perfect pick for her. You can buy her favorite book or some latest best seller for her to bring smile on her face. You can also buy some motivational book as well to make her feel special.

Book movie ticket for her & her friend/s: You can also book movie tickets for her and her friends to make it more special and girl’s meet-up. You can invite her best buddies to watch a movie with her and keep it a secret to see that special smile on her face when she will meet her friends in the theatre. It is important that you make a perfect plan to keep the surprise element alive.

Buy some phone accessories for her: You can also buy some phone accessories for her. Whether she is using an iphone or any other smartphone you can buy some funky and cute accessories for her. You can buy a trendy phone cover or sticker as well. You can also buy some nice phone jewelry for her.

Make a picture collage: To relive the sweet memories, collect all your sweet and special pictures and make a collage with them. This will be a nice gift for her. You can get them printed and framed as well. You can also go for collage on cushion overs or wall poster as well. Choose your style and relive your sweet memories.

Cook something nice for her: Give her a break from the day’s cooking job and cook something nice for her. No one can ever say no to the something which is cooked with love. If you are not good with cooking, then you can cook a simple breakfast for her. You can try some easy breakfast recipes like sandwiches, salads, pastas and something else which you think you can cook well.

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5 Special Ways To Celebrate Women’s Day Differently With Your Lady Love

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women's day- 8 march

No one can deny this fact that women hold special place in everyone’s life. Your spouse or your life partner is the one who is with you all the time in all ups and downs of your life and still remains on your side always. It makes your life perfect and she is the one who sacrifices everything for you to make you happy. If you are married or in a relationship it is important to show her that you love her and she is really special for you. Women’s day is the perfect day to tell how important she is for you. This is your chance to show your love and care to her and make her feel special and just like a princess. Here, we are sharing some special ideas to celebrate women’s day with your lady love.

Give her a break: We all are very much aware of the fact that women are multi-taskers and this is the perfect day to give your magical lady much desired break from her personal and family responsibilities. This women’s day just ensure that your partner gets that well-deserved break from her hectic schedule and responsibilities. Let her take a break and enjoy her day, the day she wants. Let her do whatever she wants which she generally doesn’t do because her other responsibilities.

A girl’s gang party: This the time to call her girl’s gang and let her enjoy the day with her best buddies. Let her chat, laugh and remember her school, college days or sweet memories with her best friends. Make a plan and execute it well. This is your chance to surprise her with your efforts. To organize a girl’s gang party all you need to do is to call her best friends and ask them to join the party at the decided venue.

Take her out on a ‘Thank You’ date: Do you remember when was the last time when you took her out for a lunch or dinner? If you really don’t remember, then this is the right time to take her out and thank her for everything and being with you always. This is your chance to shower your love and spend some romantic moments with her.

Buy something special for her: It might sound really common and cheesy, but this is just perfect to woo your lady love. Buy something nice and special for her to give her a pleasant surprise. If you are not very sure what you should buy for her, then flowers are just perfect to make her happy. There is no woman who will ever say no to flowers.

Be romantic with her: Romance is really important for a good and healthy relationship. Spend some special and lovely moments with her. Be romantic, sing a nice romantic song for her, if you are not good in singing, play some nice romantic songs and dance with her. Write something nice and romantic for her or send some awesomely romantic love messages to make her feel special.

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