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What to Pack for Your Honeymoon?

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In the commotion of the wedding, we often overlook the need to be prepared for the first trip together. We may be completely absorbed in planning for our wedding, going through various matrimonial sites or related content. As a result, planning for a honeymoon might go on the backburner. And the result may be a haphazardly packed suitcase for your honeymoon. Yes, wedding needs and deserves all your time and effort, but the importance of a honeymoon is something that you must not overlook. It will be your first trip together, as a married couple, and you will be able to spend time together. It will also give you a much-needed break right after your wedding. For the Indian bride and groom, who hardly get a moment together alone, it will be the perfect time for you to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

And, we do not want you to miss the opportunity to make it special or to leave anything important behind. The following is a quick look at all that you need to carry along (or leave back).

Know What Is Suitable

One size does not fit all. What may be preferable for one destination may not work for another. So, do thorough research on your destination and then choose what you may want to carry along. Look for information on the expected temperature range, chances of rainfall, local sensitivities, and the likes. In case you have not yet prepared an itinerary, you should at least know the kinds of activities you might want to be a part of. And if you do, check for any specific clothing requirement. For example, for parasailing, you may want to keep a pair of shorts, or if you are the adventure type, then a hiking outfit should go in along with the other clothes as well.

Keep A Formal – Just in Case

Even if you love the idea of being casual in flip flops and walk-in quaint little towns, consider keeping a formal outfit, just in case. You never know when a chance for a formal dinner or a lunch might show up, and you would not want to be dressed in casuals. So, do keep at least one for that special meal!

For Your Feet

Leave some of your attention to the selection of your footwear too. Often, our clothes get all the attention while our feet get none. So, depending upon the kind of honeymoon destination you pick, select your shoes. No matter what you choose, your bag must always include one comfortable walking shoes and one formal pair of shoes (to go with that formal outfit).

Don’t Forget SOS

We do hope that all goes well and you never have the need to use medicines, but, it makes complete sense to keep some medicines for common ailments like fever, stomach infections, or anything that you may be prone to. You would not want to run around in a new place looking for medicines! So, include a just-in-case, medicines kit with your belongings as well.

Honeymoon can be the start of the memories of a lifetime that you will cherish all your life. So, spend a little time on planning for it and enjoy!

Worried About Honeymoon Expenses? Save More Money On Your Hotel Booking

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If you have spent most of your savings on your wedding shopping and arrangements and now you are worried about how to bear the expenses of your honeymoon? Don’t worry! Planning your honeymoon is not that difficult if you plan well in advance. In your planning two things are really critical, one is choosing the right destination and another is booking the ideal hotel for peaceful stay. Here, we are sharing some simple ways to save more money on your hotel booking.

Avoid last minute booking: If you already know that you will surely go for honeymoon to your chosen location and you know your departure dates as well, it is always good to book your hotel rooms in advance to save money on hotel booking. If you book your hotel in advance you will pay the discounted amount as room rent. However, the discount varies from hotel to hotel. But, it is always a wise idea to book your hotel in advance.

Set your budget: Before booking any hotel, fix your maximum budget. It is always good to stick to your budget and not to go beyond that. It will help you in saving the money. Don’t get tempted to book a hotel room which is beyond your budget. It is your honeymoon, but doesn’t mean that you spend money blindly for short-term fun.

Call hotels directly: There are many hotels that offer special discounts to customers who approach them directly. Many times these hotels offer different rate card to the promotional websites and offer different price to the customers who approach them directly. If you like some hotel and you are sure that you will book that only, there is no harm in contacting that hotel directly and getting a better deal.

Ask for special honeymoon discounts: You are on honeymoon and there is no harm in disclosing that to your hotel. There are many hotels, which offer special packages and discounts to honeymoon couples. Besides, they offer special services and complimentary gifts as well to honeymoon couples.

Search online deals and packages: There are many online sites offering lucrative honeymoon deals and packages. These websites offer various packages from three days packages to month long honeymoon packages including various benefits like free pick-up and drop services from hotel to airport, free meal and local tours, etc. Therefore, search for online deals to save more money on hotel room booking.

Use your credit card for booking: Most of us own at least one credit card. Your credit card is your tool to save more money when you are doing your hotel booking. There are many credit cards offering special discounts and deals on hotel room booking. There are cards which are specially designed for travelers, you can use such cards to save more on your hotel booking.

Use your card reward points to enjoy more discounts: All the cards offer special reward points to its users. These rewards points can be used in different ways. You can use them to buy products, get discounts on your movie ticket bookings and even to get lower price on your hotel booking. Redeem your reward points to enjoy more discounts on your hotel booking.