Silk Sarees to Embrace in Indian Weddings

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Giving silk sarees as a gift in Gujarati matrimony, Marathi matrimony, Kannada matrimony as well as many other matrimony occasions is quite an old tradition in India. Silk sarees are one such attire that instantly adds grace and charm to your look. It perfectly symbolizes the essence of pureness and depicts the rich tradition and culture of India.

Not many people know this, Silk is a protein fiber, which gets produced by the silkworm spinning around the cocoon. Then this filament is used to obtain the silk. The silk sarees are not only popular in India, but they are also embraced by people all over the world for its durability, shades, luster, comfort, rich texture as well as comfort. The best thing about Silk Sarees is that they are classy, elegant and fits in almost all occasions.

Below we are listing the some major varieties of silk that you should definitely add to your wardrobe or bridal trousseau:

1. Kancheepuram: Also widely known as Kancheevaram Saree, it is undoubtedly one of the finest silk in the world due to its double weft and warp. In Kancheepuram, silk threads dipped in liquid gold and silver are usually used to design gold motifs that further enhance the beauty as well as the value of the Saree. The exquisite, colorful silk threads are also used throughout the border in a typical tribal style.

2. Paithani: Paithani Sarees are made up of silk and detailed metallic patterns. The various different colors used in this Saree are usually produced by natural sources like flowers, leaves, and soil. Designed with motifs of peacock, lotus temples, Jain temples as well as designs inspired from Ajanta Caves, this is undoubtedly one of the sarees that you should definitely add to your wardrobe.

3. Patola: It is one of the finest forms of handloom in Gujarat and is widely used in Gujarati Matrimony. This saree is very carefully woven with precision and clarity. The Saree usually takes 5-6 months to complete, depending on the complexity of the design. The Saree usually gets embellished with  flaming colors, folk motifs and geometric designs.

4. Banarasi: Also known as Banarasi Brocade, Banarasi Sarees are made in Banaras, the holy city of India. Though the sarees are quite expensive, yet are quite popular worldwide. This saree usually gets decorated with brocaded ornament, gleaming zari, woven on a heavy silk. The delicate floral figures, architectural ornaments and figures designed with golden threads has a Persian ornament style.

5. Bandhini: This Saree has its origination in Gujarat and Rajasthan. Designed using the traditional hand tie dye method, it is also widely known as Bandhej. The beautiful and bright Rajasthan color palette perfectly compliments the monochrome landscapes of Rajasthan designed on it.

6. Ikkat: One of its kind, this saree from Orissa looks absolutely stunning due to its metallic finish, delightfully designed dyed yarn patterns and heavy gauge silk. Decorated with heavy thread work borders and pallus embossed with exquisite geometrical Ikkat patterning makes this saree the right pick to flaunt your looks in Indian matrimony.

Whether you are soon to be bride or someone who is looking for the perfect saree to embrace this wedding season, the above listed silk sarees are definitely the perfect pick for you. Try them yourself!

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