How To Get The Desired Dark Color Of Your Wedding Mehendi?

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wedding mehendi for bride

The Henna or Mehendi has its importance in Indian wedding. The mehendi is considered as one of the important thing in bridal look and make up. It is believed that the darker the color of the bride’s mehendi, the more love she will get from her husband. However, some people also believe that the bride with dark color mehendi gets immense love from her mother-in-law.

Whatever beliefs people have with this wedding mehendi, one thing is sure that you can’t imagine a bride without mehendi in our country. Even the first thing the relatives and friends of the girl want to see is the color of her beautiful mehendi. If you too want to have nice and good color of your mehendi on your wedding day, here are some important tips for you.

  • It is really important that you book the mehendi artist at least a week before or 15 days before you wedding day to avoid any last minute hassle.
  • To get the best result, try to make a fresh heena paste at your home or ask the mehendi artist to get the fresh paste. Also ensure that your mehendi artist will use good quality heena to get the desired results.
  • Before applying the mehendi, make sure that you wash your hands and feet with soap to remove the dirt and any body lotion or oil. These body lotions and oil will work as barrier and reduce the color effect on your skin.
  • Wipe your hand and feet properly and let them dry and normal before applying mehendi.
  • Try to wear something really comfortable as you are supposed to sit for long hours.  A normal bridal mehendi design might take two-three hours where a theme/pattern based design might take five to six hours. Therefore, it is really important that you chose the most comfortable and perfect outfit for your mehendi session.
  • Don’t sit in the sun while the mehendi is being applied.
  • Don’t move your hands up and down or side way to dry your mehendi as it might get spread by doing so.
  • Avoid moving, walking or dancing after applying the mehdndi, it might be that your mehendi might get smudged.
  • Don’t wash your hands just immediately after applying the mehendi. It will fade the color of your mehendi. Don’t wax and shave your hands and feet after applying the mehendi as it will remove the layer of design and fade your mehendi.
  • To get the desired color of wedding mehendi, it is recommended to apply it before 24 hours of wedding.
  • Keep the heena on your hands for minimum seven to eight hours and maximum 12 hours.
  • You can also get clove steam to get the rich and dark color. You can warm a few cloves in a pan and run your hands over the smoke to get the desired color of your wedding mehendi.
  • After your mehendi dries a bit, dab a mixture of lemon juice and sugar on it with a cotton ball for a few time. Don’t over use the lemon juice to avoid smudge.
  • Use mustard oil or any other body oil to remove your mehendi. Don’t dip your hands in water for six to twelve hours to get the desired color. matrimony portal give online platform for Indian grooms and brides looking for wedding. Hundreds of matching profiles are registered for marriage.

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