Role of Family Support behind a Happy Married Life

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The rudimentary concept of the society is that it is in a state of interdependence. While growing up, we learn the values and acclimatize ourselves according to the same society we live in. In our lives, we come across a web of diverse relationships from our immediate family in particular and to society in general.

These relationships shape our lives. But as the general notion goes, the basic fundamental relationship that makes our society is of marriage. Good marriages are the nitty-gritty of strong societies.  Marriages are bolstered together not only by two partners but by a chain of relationships that surrounds them.

What else goes into a happy marriage besides the bride and groom?

Many argue that it is just two partners who ultimately make a marriage work out. This is obviously a gospel truth, but we live in a social setup wherein additional support counts and makes a huge difference. None of us can live in solitary on a long lost island with our partner and never grow tired or irritated at some point in time.

There is always something special about an  Indian groom and Indian bride as they are always regarded as not just two individuals, but a part of a larger family.

Our current social setup is a hierarchy, and our family is the crown. When a relationship like marriage is thought upon, the families of the bride and groom provide the ultimate support. Families are the ubiquitous web of relationships which boosts the growth and development of every member throughout the life cycle, from birth to the old age.

The culture we live in considers matrimony as a family affair. Marriages are validated, witnessed and supported by our families in most of the cases. We undertake a lifelong commitment to supporting loving and caring for a partner we choose. Our families act may act as strengthening glue and minimize the friction. Relationships become much more amicable and gratifying when you have the additional support to make them work.

Nothing Can Take the Place of Family Support

A strong and supportive family protects and strengthens a couple’s matrimony by making it facile for the partners to endure marital stress. In many cases, families help couples to see the best in each other. Families keep on reminding a couple about how good both are together, or how good the chemistry is. Now as applicable to every other relationship, boring is lethal in marriage too.

If the family is friendly and supportive, they might encourage the couple to live life fully together. This encouragement is most important when a couple is trying to adjust as newlyweds. It is stressful when two partners are entirely dependent on each other. Here is when family support comes in. Family in such cases provide additional support so that the partners in a marriage are not solely reliant on one another.

If you think about it, the stare of a matrimonial resides in a gravitational field. The two partners are of course in a union which is strengthened by convivial charges instilled in them, but they are also strengthened and held together by all the other forces moving around in the same gravitational field.

Marriage can survive between two individuals against many odds, but it’s a confidence booster when you can count on additional support to tackle those odds!

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