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Plan a Ravishing Sangeet Ceremony

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The Sangeet ceremony is the most awaited moment of any matrimony. Earlier sangeet used to be a ‘women’s function,’ and men were not allowed to attend it. Even the songs used to be traditional folk songs and were hummed by the womenfolk. But with the impact of Bollywood on Indian weddings, the sangeet ceremony has become a more elaborate event than the wedding itself.

Today every Indian wedding is preceded by a Sangeet night, irrespective of the religion of the Indian bride and Indian groom. Some matrimonial sites also offer event managements for such occasions.

So how to plan the sangeet of the year?

The date for the Sangeet is usually decided upon before the wedding invitations are printed, so that is one thing that you can take off your list of to-do things.

Pick the perfect venue- Most people prefer to keep the sangeet venue same as the wedding, but it usually helps to have these two functions at different places. The reason being there is less confusion with decorations and many other minute details. It is usually preferable to hold a sangeet ceremony at a venue which is convenient for both families. There should be ample place for people to dance and enough place for others to sit and enjoy as well. Your choice of venue should also depend on the number of the invitees to the ceremony.

Plan a Budget- The Sangeet itself works out as expensive as the wedding itself. It all depends on you how elaborate you want to make it. You can also plan for simple and elegant decorations as the guests are more interested in good food and catchy music.

Choreographed or not- Most couples like to get their sangeet ceremony choreographed by a professional, for that expert touch. It brings elegance and grace to the entire ceremony.

Choose the Music- You are spoiled for choice. You can always start will some old favorites of the elders and make them start the sangeet ceremony. Allow things to slowly warm up by bringing the parents of both the bride and the groom. Choose your songs well and line your favorites to be played in a specific sequence. Make someone in-charge of the music so that there is never a silent moment. Start it with old melodies for the elders, but don’t forget the little ones in the family. Line up songs to fit the taste of every guest present at the ceremony.

Play the latest and catchy songs as the night matures, but don’t forget to take to the floor with your would-be partner with your special song. Divide the time between both families, so no one feels left out.

Keep it Short- Don’t allow the Sangeet ceremony to drag for hours together. Remember that the main event is the wedding. Keep it limited to a 2-3 hour, so you and your guests are well rested for the wedding.

Group Dance- Try to end the ceremony on a high note by requesting all the guests present to shake a leg. Pick a happy song, or the latest favorite and play it as the last song of the night.

Make it a night to remember for you and your guests.