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Holi Party At Home: Enjoy It In Stylish Desi Ways!

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Happy Holi Party

The most vibrant festival is here, the festival of colors, fun, enjoyment, food and lots of excitement is round the corner. This is the perfect time to plan a grand Holi party. Holi is about delicious food, mouthwatering dishes, gunjiya, thandai and gulal. Holi is best celebrated with friends, relatives and family. Plan something really happening to make it special. This is one of the most vibrant festivals that give you opportunity to reunite with your friends, family and relatives. Here, we are sharing some of the mind-blowing ideas to celebrate Holi festival in stylish desi ways.

Decide the place for party: Before sending the invitations, it is important that you finalize the place for your party. Are you going to organize this party in the lawn, terrace or some small party hall of your society? Finalize and fix the place and ensure that it should be spacious enough to accommodate all the people easily. Holi can’t be celebrated in-house, you need some open place where you can play it with water, colors and other props.

Prepare a guest list: Before you start sending the invitations to the guests, it is important to make a guest list. Note down all the names of the people on a paper and prepare a list. It will help you in figuring out the exact number of guests as well help you in doing the preparing and planning in better way.

Be creative with your invitations: It is Holi time, which always known for its fun elements and excitement, therefore, it is important to send an invitation differently. Use your creativity and be different in your messaging. Write something funky and innovative in your invitation. You can also use handmade invitations if you have enough time to make them. So, be creative while sending the party invitations.

Dress code: To add some spark and flavor in your party go for some dress code. Don’t forget to mention this in your invitation that you are expecting everyone in the as per the dress code. The best part of the Holi is that you need not to dress up specially, but, you need to stay cool, comfortable and funky to enjoy the festival mood. You can also ask your guests to dress up in white color to add some flavor and fun element.

Choose the right music: Music is soul of any Holi party. You can’t imagine any Holi party with some peppy beats and dancing songs. We can’t imagine a single Holi party without some well-known Holi songs like “Rang  Barse Bheegey Chunar wali” and “ Holi Khele Raghuvira”. However, there are people who like to dance on dhol beats or some other dance number. So options are unlimited, choose your Holi songs rightly to make it blasting.

Don’t forget to add some flavor of methai & thandai: The real flavor of Holi is incomplete without the methas of Gunjiya and thandia. Add some street snacks like golgappe, bhala papdi chaat and some other mouthwatering street food. Make a menu according to the festival and keeping the Holi mood in mind. Don’t go for some really oily and spicy food, rather go for some mouthwatering snacks and starters.

Funk it up: This is the time to add some fun and funky element into your party. Go for some miniature pichkari, mud Holi, and some other fun games to add some excitement into your party. Go for some crazy and fun games to enjoy it to the fullest.  

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Celebrate Your First Holi After Marriage In Most Amazing Fun Filled Ways!

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First Holi after Marriage

Holi is all about losing your hairs and going crazy with friends, relatives and family members. If this is your first Holi after marriage, then this is really important for you as newly bride. Your new family expects you to enjoy this first festival with them and look your best at the same time. The best way to celebrate Holi with your new family is to spend it wisely. Here are some special ways to enjoy your first Holi after marriage.

Try to know the mood first: Before you start planning anything grand, it is good if you know about the mood and plans of your new family. Try to find out whether they want to throw some party or not. Are they planning a small get-together or it will be just a personal family affair. Are they not going to celebrate it and what’s the reason behind it? If some tragic incident is the reason behind that, discuss this with them before planning anything.

Be creative with invitations:  Holi is not a formal festival where you need to behave formally and show all etiquettes to the guest while sending the invitation. You can use your creativity and add some fun part in Holi invitations also. You can call them up and tell them about the party or you can send them some text messages or whatsapp message as well. You can also create a special Holi whatsapp group to send the invitations to all the members and invite them. Do forget to remind them about the party a day or two before the actual date.

 Get dressed according to the occasion: Holi is not the festival for dressing up in your best dresses, but it is more about dressing up for the occasion to enjoy it to the fullest. As you are the new member of the family and don’t know how they celebrate this festival, so try to wear something decent, simple and comfortable. Don’t forget to apply a thick layer of good cream or sunscreen on your face to protect your face.

Be perfect hostess: It might be that many people will visit your home to wish you Happy Holi because this is your first Holi in the family. So, get ready to manage such surprise visits of guests on that day. Become a good hostess and greet everyone with smile and warm wishes. If someone is comfortable with colors, don’t force them to play with colors, rather offer them something to eat and let them enjoy the way they want.

Invite your friends as well: This is the time to meet the friends whom you have met from some time or those who were not able to attend your wedding. Invite your friends on Holi and ensure that you are making sufficient arrangements of colors, beverages, snacks and food for everyone.

Don’t forget to enjoy the party: This is your first Holi in the family and you must be busy with a lot of different things from looking after the arrangements to greeting the guests. But, during all these things don’t forget to enjoy the party, after all this is your first festival with this new family and your chance to gel with other family members. Don’t miss the chance to dance with your husband and get little flirty with him. Don’t forget to gel with all family members this is what everyone is expecting from you.

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Happy Holi Festival of Colours Celebration with Indian Tradition

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Happy Holi - festival of colours

The festival of Holi is a Hindu festival which is observed in the spring season. This is popular as festival of colours among people. Hindu festival is now more popular in other parts of South Asian countries and Indian communities across the world. It is an official holiday in India which falls on 6th Mar 2015. On this day the people celebrate with throw Colors and exchange sweets with friends, relatives and family members. Various types programs like dance, music, food party are organized to enjoy the Holi festival.
This festival of colours falls on the Phalguna Purnima as per the Hindu calendar which refers arrival of spring. Mythology says, it is victory of good over evil. People gather for Holika bonfire on the previous night of Holi. On the Holi morning they play, chase dry colour and coloured water with each other. The participants visit friend’s house to play Holi colours and share foods, sweets and drinks. The legend says, ‘Holika’ was the evil sister of king Hiranyakashipu who killed on the Holi festival day. Also another myth, the celebration love colors of Radha for the Lord Krishna in Mathura. The playful Holi colouring between Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha is remembered as Holi festival of love among people.

In the family homes, people play with colour pigments with party drinks. Festive foods and regional delicacies are cooked in the different regions India. Traditionally organic colour of turmeric and kumkum were used in ancient times. People throw coloured water with delighted friends on Festival of Colours. They are playing drums, music and dance to add more enjoyment to the festival. After playing, they clean up their body and after that they visit to friend’s house in the evening to exchange Holi sweets. This is celebrated among all the religion as social harmony in all most every states and cities of the country.

Holi is widely celebrated in the Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan and regions with significant India Hindu people staying in the world. It is spread to parts of Europe and America as festival of colours. We suggest you play with natural colours for safety of your family. However, you should not use synthetic colours which are commercially available in the market. LoveVivah.com matrimony sites wishes for safe, prosperous Happy Holi to your family.