Mistakes You Should Avoid When You Are On Your Honeymoon

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When you talk about honeymoon– there are many people you will tell you what you should do on your honeymoon? How should you plan for your honeymoon? Everyone is always talking about all the things you should always do when you are on your honeymoon-but about the DON’Ts of honeymoon nobody will tell you. Honeymoon is the most anticipated vacation after the hectic rituals and ceremonies of your wedding. Everyone wants to make their honeymoon a perfect affair, but, after all efforts at times you don’t meet the expectations you have from your honeymoon. Here is a small list of things, which a newly-wedded couple should not do when they are on honeymoon

Not checking the hotel reviews:  Nowadays, people want to explore new destinations or such destinations which are luxurious, lavish, mesmerizing and lavish at the same time. Most of the couples make their decision after checking the details on different websites and internet. Before booking your hotel room, it is important that you should check the hotel and room reviews before booking it. Try to read more reviews posted on different travel sites. It will give you a clear picture of things like room, room service and facilities, hotel ambience and hotel food. Even check the details by visiting the official website of the hotel as well.

Ask for upgrade to get better services: Don’t forget to mention the hotel hospitality staff that you are on honeymoon. The hospitality industry tries their best to go all out to make a couple’s honeymoon special. If you will ask them to upgrade, it might be that they will easily upgrade your seats or room or surprise you with a complimentary spa, wine or chocolates.

Not rechecking/confirming the booking: Most of us hardly bother to recheck and confirm out booking in hotel and other schedules. The wedding season is followed by the honeymoon. Most of the hotel and resorts are full and pre-booked. At times these hotel and resorts change their policies and rates because of peak season. Therefore, it is important that you should always recheck your booking and confirm other charges as well before you leave for the destination.

Not rechecking the luggage before you leave: Amongst hectic and busy schedule of the wedding ceremonies, it is very common that you might forget to pack something in your baggage. Always check that if you have packed essentials, like your medicines, night wear, winter wear if going to some hill station, sunscreen if going to some beach, your reading glasses and your tickets with other important documents if required.

Not considering the season and destination: If you are going abroad for your honeymoon, then you should always consider the weather in mind. If you are going at some beach destination pack the dress according to the destination. If you have selected a hill station and it’s month of November or December, then you can’t miss packing woolens in your honeymoon luggage. Therefore, it is really important that you should always consider the weather while packing your luggage. It will also save you from shopping there and wasting your important time in just looking for showrooms to buy necessary clothes for both of you.

Not fixing your budget: It is always suggested that you fix your overall budget of honeymoon before you go for honeymoon. It is good if you search about the expected expenses and general rates in that city. It will give you a clear idea about how much money you exactly need when you are in that city. It is your first holiday together as husband and wife, so you want to give the best to your wife, but don’t go beyond your budget. Fix a budget for your travel, shopping, your hotel stay and other activities in that city. Try to stick to your budget, it will help in regularizing your spending.

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