Typical Features of a Kayastha Wedding

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Kayastha weddings are special in themselves with a wide range of rituals before and after the wedding ceremonies. Each ritual has its own charm and significance. The ceremonies include all the members of the family who participate and relive the moments of their own weddings. For example, in one of the ceremonies, all the women of the family try to hit all the men of the family in a fun game, and the men try to defend themselves. People of all age groups attend this ceremony and have a great time.

Here is a list of some other interesting rituals that will give you a glimpse of a type of Kayastha matrimony ceremonies!

Some of the interesting matrimonial rituals include:

Tikhati Mejwani: It is one of the rituals where both the quarters invite close relatives and family members for a feast. In most cases, it is a non-vegetarian meal with a lot of mutton dishes. The main dish is usually mutton-vade and mutton biryani. Traditionally, liquor was also served with the food, but it varies between families.

Farishta: After the engagement ceremony, the pundits fix a date and a time that would be auspicious for the bride and the groom according to their horoscopes. After fixing a date for the wedding, the groom’s family prepares a list of Gods, Goddesses, names of elders of the family and other relatives and sends to the bride’s family. This list is called “Farishta.” Once the bride’s family receives this list, they start making clothes for all the relatives as per their budget and also write small notes on the dress that shows the name of the person and their relationship with the groom.

Mehndi: Mehndi is a fun ceremony where the bride, her friends, and relatives get henna designs on their hands. There are special henna artists who come and make the designs with the initials of the groom on the bride’s hand. Later, as a fun game, the groom has to find his initials.

These were some of the pre-wedding ceremonies! Let’s check out the fun-filled wedding ceremonies.

Jaimala: In this ceremony, the bride and the groom exchange garland with each other. The groom stands on a higher pedestal and then the maternal uncle takes three rounds around the groom. Then finally, the bride puts the garland around the neck of the groom, and the groom does the same to the bride.

Joota Chupai: Right before the pheras, the siblings and cousins of the bride steal the shoes of the groom and hide it. Then, the groom has to pay an amount so that he gets the shoes back and can continue with the pheras.

This is followed by the pheras and other rituals with the pundits. But the ceremonies don’t end here. There are some fascinating post-wedding ceremonies too. It includes Tani Khulai, Vida, Dwar Rokai, Rooh Umai and Dhol Poojan. Kayastha Matrimony is rich in rituals, so if you are looking for a Kayastha bride or a groom, you can check out some of the matrimony sites or matrimonial sites to choose the right one for you!

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