Stylish & Traditional: Select The Best & Unique Wedding Card

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An Indian wedding is a grand affair and you can’t imagine a single wedding without months of preparation and planning. Wedding card invitation selection is very tricky affair. You want something which is traditional yet trendy. It should be within the budget, but should look lavish. So, there are different criteria to choose a wedding card. In all Indian wedding, wedding card hold special place and considered as auspicious and bears religious significance too. The vast diversity in the culture also adds variety to the wedding cards.  Here are a few tips to select the best and unique wedding card.

Fix a budget: This is one of the most important parts in the planning process. Fix the budget of your wedding cards. It is really good if you pre-fix a budget for buying the wedding cards. As these wedding cards come in wide range of cost, so you can finalize a card that is very close or coming within your spending limits.

Design of the wedding card: Most of the Indian wedding cards hold special religious and traditional place in the wedding rituals. You can easily find a card with images of motifs, quotes and designs. But, these days there are plenty of modern designs available too. So, pick the design based on your interest and choices.

Color of the wedding card: You can easily find a wedding card in different vibrant and bright colors highlighting the mood of celebration and happiness. Some of the most preferred and trendy colors of the wedding cards are green, red, maroon, saffron, pink, golden, yellow and purple. There are people who also like sober and modern tones of pastel colors. The color and design of the wedding card should match with the envelope of the wedding card.

Chose the perfect size: These wedding cards are available in different sizes and shapes. You can decide on the size and print of the card depending on the number of functions to be held before and after the wedding. Select the color, design and appropriate font of the content, keeping in mind the tradition of your community.

Material of card: The quality of the paper used in making the card makes all the differences in the final appearance of the card. A high quality material of card can make it more impressive and attractive. The market is flooded with variety of material and quality papers. If you really want to go for something original and unique you can also buy handmade cards.

Courier friendly: The size of the card should be courier friendly and easy to handle. Ensure the size of the card is postage friendly, so that you can send it to your relatives and friends with any hassle. matrimonial sites in India gives profiles of brides and groom for wedding. Register now for choosing future partner with verified marriage resumes.

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