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7 essential bridal jewelry you can gift to complete her wedding look

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Buying the perfect wedding dress, looking the best on the D-day is one of the top priorities of every bride. She wouldn’t want to miss even a single opportunity to catch the fancy of everyone on wedding day. Jewelry is one of the most essential thing in bridal look. You can’t imagine a bride without good wedding jewelry matching her wedding attire. These wedding jewelries are very important and have their own significance. To woo your lady love and to make her feel special you can gift her something really special and royal which she can flaunt on the wedding day. Here, we are sharing some essential bridal jewelry which you can gift her to complete her wedding looks.

Earrings: A good matching earring is an essential jewelry for a bride. You can gift her gold or diamond wedding earrings as marriage jewelry. Before buying the matching earring for her, ask about her preferences and choices. Is she looking for an average length earring or for heavy earrings? Besides, don’t forget to ask about the stones and kundan work if she is fond of it. Most of the brides prefer kundan jewelry when it comes to buying wedding jewelry. Buy a nice pair of earring matching her wedding dress to complete her bridal look.

Ring: You can give her a nice ring as a wedding gift. There are plenty of options available in the market to pick as wedding gift for her. You can buy a big nice wedding ring matching her bangles and other jewelry. Buy diamond studded or gold ring for her. If you have already gifted her diamond ring on the engagement ceremony, then you can gift her gold or some stone ring matching her wedding attire. Try to buy some big ring for her, covering her fingers to give a fuller look to her hands.

Anklet: Anklet is one of the important piece of bridal jewelry. A bridal look is incomplete without bridal anklet. You can gift her heavy anklet for the wedding day. These anklets are available in different designs, patterns, and weight. You can buy heavy anklet with tinkling sound which looks very sweet. Stone studded anklet looks very beautiful and most of the brides prefer these anklets.

Kamarbandh: This is very beautiful and pretty ornament and looks very nice with bridal attire. This waistband a kind of beautiful belt that adds grace to a bride. This special ornament is designed beautifully to add grace to the looks of a bride. It allows you to hold key bunch and special jhalar to add more beauty.  Nowadays, brides prefer thin and sleek kamarbandh belts instead of heavy kamarbandh belts. You can get it customized according to her interest and taste. If you want you can ask the jeweler to add some stones in the Kamarbandh to complete the bridal look.

Necklace: If you want to gift her something precious and elegant, then a necklace will be a perfect choice for her. Gift her an elegant necklace that she can wear as wedding jewelry on her wedding day. These neckpieces are available in gold, diamond and kundan as well. Buy a gorgeous neckpiece matching her wedding dress. If she is planning to wear it with her wedding dress, try to match it with her other jewelry as well to completer her bridal look. If you are not sure about the design and length of the necklace, ask her preferences.

Maang Tika: This is one of the most gorgeous head accessory and worn by most of the brides on wedding day. A bridal look is incomplete without an elegant Maang Tika. It has its own relevance and importance in wedding rituals. It signifies the holy union of male and female on spiritual, physical and emotional level. Always try to buy a maang tika with stones and beads, they look very attractive when your maang tika falls on the forehead. This is available in different size, shapes and designs according to different choices of people.

Nose ring/nath: Wearing Nath or a nose ring is an age-old custom and one of most important ritual. In some communities, it is very essential to wear a nose ring on the wedding day as they consider it very auspicious. Even in some states the size of the nath also represents the financial status of the in-laws. You can gift her a nice nose ring/nath on the wedding day as bridal jewelry. Always buy the perfect size nath as if you buy too heavy and big nath, then it might make her uncomfortable during the wedding rituals. So, before buying a nose ring for her take her view on it.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Wedding Jewelry

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Wedding Jewelry for Bride

When it comes to wedding everything is important, even the tiny things are also important. From your wedding dress to make-up, to your mehendi and accessories everything is important. You don’t want to take a chance with anything when it comes to your most important day. You want to look great on your wedding day and can’t take a chance with your looks. Your wedding jewelry is very important and you should always consider a few things before buying the wedding jewelry.

Don’t copy designs:  Most of us make this common mistake while buying our wedding jewelry. We want a jewelry, which we have seen in any magazine or we have seen any actress wearing that in some movie or in some serial. Therefore, finding such kinds of jewelry is really a tiring task and at the same it might prove expensive as well. There are chances that that jewelry was going well that dress, but it might not suit your wedding saree or dress.

Think about your wedding dress: Before buying the wedding jewelry, think about your wedding dress. If you have not finalized your wedding dress and not sure about the color combination and work of your wedding dress, then it is better to buy it first. Wedding jewelry worn on lehenga is different from the jewelry worn on saree. Therefore, it is important to decide first whether you are going to wear a saree or a lehenga on your wedding day.

Heavy-low weight jewelry: Before buying the jewelry, it is really important that you decide whether you want to buy heavy or low weight jewelry. Make up your mind before buying your jewelry. You want to go for heavy stone work with meena and kundan jewelry or you want to go for sleek, delicate nice jewelry.

Mix and match your jewelry:  If your wedding dress has two-three colors, then it is not necessary that you just go with one type of jewelry piece. You can mix and match your jewelry accordingly. If jewelry of your other sets are also going well with your wedding dress, you can choose and finalize the one that look more stunning with your dress.

Pay attention to detailing and work: While choosing the jewelry, it is important you pay enough attention to detailing and work of the jewelry. Check each and every piece minutely to avoid any issue later. At times, there are some defects in the jewelry and we don’t able to figure it out there in the lights. Once we reach home, we are able to identify such issues and then we need to rush again to replace it or change it. Check the jewelry in sunlight if possible.

Type of stones and metal: Imagine your wedding outfit and think about which type of stones and metal will go well with your wedding outfit. If your wedding outfit has golden thread and stone work, then kundan jewelry will go well with the dress. Similarly, if you are going to wear a saree in your wedding, a good gold jewelry will look stunning with it.

Your budget: Before finalizing any jewelry, it is important that you decide your budget. If you know your budget in advance, the salesman will show you jewelry within your budget only. It will help you in deciding the jewelry faster and you will not get tempted to buy an expensive one.

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