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Top 5 Wedding Destination In India To Make Your Wedding Exotic

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WeddiDestination - Honeymoon

Your marriage date is already fixed, now you need to pull up your socks and start searching a wedding venue before it got booked.  A trend which is nowadays catching up the craze among youngsters is planning a destination wedding. Now, more and more youngsters are looking for some destinations to tie the knot. Are you looking for a wedding destination, but not sure which one to choose? It is not very simple to choose the destination to say “I Do” as there are plenty of options. Here, we are sharing some wedding destinations to ease your search journey.

Goa: Goa is undoubtedly one of the great choices when it comes to tying the knot with your partner. You can choose between a beach wedding, garden wedding, sunset wedding or Church wedding as well. You can add Goa flavor in your wedding with Portuguese music and dance, fireworks and jugglers. You can hire a wedding planner to help out in wedding preparations. It is always good if you book your wedding venue in advance as it is one of the most sought after beach wedding destination.

Jaipur: Jaipur is famous as pink city of India and is another famous wedding destination. This exotic place offers a great heritage and beauty. This city is quite popular for extravagant wedding celebration that always held in lavish palaces and mansions. The city itself showcases a complete combination of festive ideas and venue choices. If you want to give royal touch to your wedding, then you can organize your wedding in old forts and palaces, besides there are other good hotels and wedding venues are available to make your choice.

Kerala: It is another popular destination that is not famous as honeymoon destination, but one of the first choices as wedding destination. It offers you perfect beach point where you can have the most romantic and memorable wedding. The place offers you exotic beaches and tea gardens or different heritage building to conduct your wedding.

Jodhpur: You must be having some special dreams for your wedding. It is a beautiful place that offers comfort, magnificent locations and pleasant atmosphere to prepare for the royal wedding. There are various havelis and historical palaces, which are perfect for a royal wedding. You can choose a wedding destination in the city or at some exotic palaces.

Pushkar: Pushkar is very famous for its Pushkar Fair, but also due to the lavish weddings that are organized here. If you are really wanted to make your wedding special and memorable then it is the perfect destination for it. This is one the most beautiful cities for wedding couples.

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Tip To Enjoy Amazing Vacation With Your Spouse

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honeymoon vacation with spouse

If it is the first time that you are going out with your husband on a vacation after honeymoon, you must be very excited for this special trip. When you are going out for the first time always remember that you are going there for the enjoyment and to spend some special time together. No matter how many years you have spent together, but going out and enjoying each other’s company is different experience all-together. Vacation can be a way to build your relationship and strengthen it. Here are some useful tips to enjoy amazing and memorable vacation with your husband.

Carry clothes which you both liked: When you are going out with your spouse on vacation carry clothes which you both liked. It is good to carry clothes which are according to the weather of that location and you like to see him in those clothes. Similarly, ask him which dresses you should carry for yourself. Ask for his interest and choices and don’t forget to pack all of those.

Be flexible: When you are selecting your hotel, fun activities and places you will be visiting, don’t be rigid with your choices. Be flexible in your approach, while finalizing your plan. It is good if you will be open with options and ready to make changes in your interest to enjoy your vacation. Write down your activities and choice of restaurants and other things you think that you want to indulge there. It is good if you zero down your options and select such activities which you both like.

Make sure you are taking enough sleep: After spending whole day in travelling, exploring and visiting different places and exhausting yourself throughout the day, it is always good that you take enough sleep to restore your energies. When you are out for vacation, don’t skip your meals and take proper rest. Lack of proper sleep and skipping meals can lead to irritability.

Always have buffer time: When you are travelling, don’t make plan with really stringent time schedule. It is good that you always have some buffer time in your travel. Take plenty of time between catching your train and taxi and some other mode of transport. Giving yourself a buffer time will easy your stress and allows you to enjoy your vacation without tension.

Ensure to have enough funds:  While calculating your funds for the trip always calculate round the trip calculations. Always remember that you need some money way to home as well. Include the expenses of local travelling, food, shopping and some miscellaneous funds to enjoy the trip and avoid last minute hassle. It is always better to carry more money than required to stay tension free on your trip.

Take advantage of occasion: If you are travelling to celebrate your anniversary or this is your honeymoon tour don’t forget to mention that to your booking agent or at your hotel. There are many travelling companies, tour packages and hotels which offer some freebies for such special occasions.

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