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Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti – International Day of Non-Violence

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Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti - 2nd October - International Day of Non-Violence

Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated on the 2nd October year on the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi (Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi). The great freedom fighter of India is regarded as the ‘Father of the Nation’. Mahatma Gandhi is popularly known as ‘GandhiJi’ and ‘BapuJi’ in India and the world. He was born on 2 Oct 1869 to his Hindu parents named Karamchand Gandhi and Putlibai in Porbandar, Gujarat. This day is observed as national holiday across all the states and territories of Republic of India. It is also one of 3 official national holidays of India which are 26 January (Republic Day) and 15 August (Independence Day) declared as public holidays.

On this national day, all the Govt. offices, banking, and postal services (excluding the emerging services) are normally closed to remember the great the son of Mother India. Private companies mark as holiday with opening of emergency services like medical, health care, and transport service for urgent needs of the public. However, most of the school, college, university and education institutes organise essay completion, quiz, public debate related on life and history of Mahatma Gandhi. There are cultural functions from the Govt. and private organizations, TV Channels and media circles to celebrate the learning and quotes by Gandhiji.

International Day of Non-Violence by the United Nations

On 15 June 2007, the United Nations General Assembly announced by adopted a resolution which declared that 2 October will be observed as the International Day of Non-Violence in the world. On this day, there are so many public debates arranged by the United Nations offices in various cities of the world.

In India, Gandhi Jayanti official celebration starts with a prayer services at Raj Ghat, Gandhi’s memorial (his cremated place) in New Delhi. National slogans like ‘Vande Mataram, Jai Hind and Satyamev Jayate’ are given with prayer meetings, commemorative ceremonies in different cities by local government institutions and educational institutions and political parties. Favourite painting competitions are conducted among the children with prizes given for projects in schools for peace, non-violence. A Hindu devotional song “Raghupathi Raghava Rajaram” is usually sung in his memory which Gandhi’s favourite Bhajan of spiritual.

People lighting candles and offering flowers on Gandhi’s statue or photo in all parts of India. Remembering his patriotic and philosophy which inspires all the Indian freedom for Independence of India from the British. Awards are given to important personalities for glorifying non-violence and peace of Gandhi’s ideology. There are 3 most important places of Mahatma Gandhi. Please travel the following historical places which explore you more about the life of Mahatma Gandhi.

Sabarmati Asharm – The place of the Gandhi’s most of the life living.
Martyr’s Column at Gandhi Smriti in Delhi – Here Gandhi was shot down.
Raj Ghat on banks of river Yamuna in Delhi – The place of his cremation.

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Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti: Birthday Tribute to Father of the Nation

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Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti

Mahatma Gandhi is most popularly famous as ‘GandhiJi’ to everyone in India. He was born on 2nd Oct 1869 as Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi to his Hindu bania parents named Karamchand Gandhi and Putlibai in Porbandar, Gujarat state of British India. Gandhi is also known as ‘Bapuji’ in India for his unforgettable struggle and leading contributions for the freedom of India from the British rule. Govt of Republic of India declared 2 October as National Holidays of India to mark the birthday of the ‘Father of the Nation’. Every year this day is official observed as ‘Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti’ in all the states and union territories of India.

Gandhi Jayanti is one of the three officially declared National Holidays in India. Another two national holidays are 26 January (Republic Day) and 15 August (Independence Day) which celebrated with lots public functions throughout the country. Public services from Govt offices, banking and postal services are normally closed on Gandhi Jayanti. Private organizations also marked as holiday with opening of only the emergency services like hospital, medicine store, and transport service for urgent requirements of the people. Education institutes like school, college, university are generally hold completion of essay writing, quiz, debate and cultural function related on life and history of Mahatma Gandhi.

The main public event of Gandhi Jayanti is observed in the national capital with prayer services at Gandhi’s memorial ‘Raj Ghat’ in New Delhi. The honorable President and Prime Minister of the India are present on this national ceremony with prayer of ‘Raghupati Raghava Raja Ram’ favorite devotional song in his remembrance. Gandhi Jayanti conventionally observed with singing prayers, meeting, lighting candles, commemorative ceremonies and offering flowers on Gandhiji’s statue or photo in various cities and all parts of the country. His patriotic and valuable philosophy inspires all the Indian as the ideal person for Independence of India.

People around the world also certified the glorifying non-violence and peace of Gandhi’s effort in Freedom Struggle of India. The United Nations on significance reputation of Gandhi Jayanti commemorating Mahatma Gandhi’s birth day as the International Day of non-violence. The three most important locations of Mahatma Gandhi are Sabarmati Asharm the place of the Gandhi’s most of the life. Second is the Martyr’s Column at Gandhi Smriti in Delhi where Gandhi was shot. Third is the Raj Ghat on the banks of the river Yamuna in Delhi the place of his cremation. Please visit these places to know more about the life of Mahatma.

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