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Family Relations After Marriage

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“The love of family and the admiration of friends are much more important than wealth and privilege.”  –Charles Kuralt

What exactly is the meaning of Family? The true meaning of family lies where there is love, trust, communication, sharing, understanding, freedom of speech, caring, sharing. A true and a happyfamily is one that embodies these values and practices them in their everyday lives. But in today’s society, things have changed. These habits and qualitieshave disappeared from our families. Some bad habits have been adopted that have completely misled our attitude towards the members of our family. n

There are many factors that are to be blamed here. One of the main reasons for such formality among families and family members is the lack of appreciation and the emotional contact. It is these qualities only that brings family members together and forms a bond of personal touch and provides the family emotional support to each its member.The problem arises when this quality disappears from the families. What happens is the need for such support does not go away but the member seeks to external society to fulfill this support that he or she requires. It leaves the person mentally much more vulnerable and he or she feels much more broken down and lonely in life.

The second most important reason is the over desire of the family for financial growth or simply put, want of more and more money. In this the entire family indulges deeply in trying to make more money and in this process leaves all the family values behind for gaining worldly possessions. Here, making more money is not the problem but surely, lack of family unity is!

In trying to bring the families back together, one must keep certain things in mind. The first and foremost is the presence of trust and honesty among each other. Secondly, constantly staying in touch with the family in terms of contributing to family problems, and generally talking about family discussions about important matters and talking about future planning is a very good way to go ahead.  And last but not the least, make sure to provide ample amount of love to the person whom who swore and agreed to stay with the rest of your life, for that is the main reason why two of you are together. Do not talk about each other’s failures but embrace each and every other quality with happiness.

Talking in overall, maintaining familyrelationship is a huge responsibility that must be undertaken with great respect and honor. And it is not only the responsibility of the oldest member in the family to take care of these qualities but rather each individual’s responsibility to make sure that a peaceful harmony is maintained within their families. As long as each member plays his part perfectly, nothing can stand between your family and happiness.