What Makes Kannada Weddings So Elegant?

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Kannada weddings are considered very elegant because they are full of interesting traditions that are fun and joyful. The pre-wedding ceremonies start a few days before the actual wedding. Several ceremonies follow this on the day of the wedding and after that.

Let’s check out these interesting traditions one by one!

1. Nishchay Tamulam

Nishchay Tamulam is a tradition that is followed to fix a marriage by giving leaves of betel and betel nuts to the bride’s father by the family of the groom. They also send other gifts like silk sarees, fruits, coconuts, sweets, etc. for the bride. Similarly, the family of the bride sends gifts like coconut, dhoti, fruits, etc. for the groom. After chanting of mantras by a Brahmin, they match the kundali of the bride and the groom. During this ceremony, they fix an auspicious time and date for the wedding ceremony.

2. The Custom of Naadi

The Naadi custom is done by both the families to ensure that there are no obstacles in the matrimony. The idea behind this ceremony is to take blessings from the almighty for having a perfect ceremony with no trouble.

3. The Haldi Ceremony

Haldi signifies purity in the Kannada tradition. Therefore, it is a Kannada tradition to have a Haldi ceremony on the day of the marriage. A paste of pure Haldi is applied to both the bride and the groom in the morning. It also results in a glowing skin during the wedding.

4. The Kashi Yatra Ceremony

The Kashi Yatra is an interesting Kannada tradition that takes place in the house of the groom. The main idea of this custom is for the groom to leave the house in order to go to Kashi and pray to God to give him a bride of his choice. Right then, the maternal uncle of the groom goes and stops him and tells him that he has already found a bride for him from a kannada matrimony site. So, he does not have to stay alone anymore. People in Karnataka believe in traditions & customs and are strong believers in God. Thus, these rituals signify that they make prayers to God for a successful wedding.

5. Dev Kriya Tradition

Similar to the previous one, Dev Kriya is another ceremony to pray to God before the final matrimonial ceremony. During Dev Kriya, the families put all the wedding-related items in front of Lord Ganesha to make prayer so that the groom, as well as his entire family, can pray to Lord Ganesha for a successful wedding. Only after this prayer, the whole family leaves the house to marry the bride.

6. The Final Wedding Ceremony

The final wedding ceremony is also full of various praying rituals like mandap puja to purify the stage, var puja, dhare henu and the final saptapadi where the bride and the groom take seven rounds of the auspicious wedding fire.

If you are looking for a Kannada bride or a groom, you can check out matrimonial sites to find the right match so that you can also enjoy these elegant Kannadiga traditions and ceremonies.

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