Brahmin Wedding Rituals: Interesting & Fun-Filled

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Brahmin Wedding Rituals

When we talk about marriage, the first thing which comes to our mind is colorful and larger than life wedding venue decoration, mouthwatering dishes and fun filled and colorful ceremonies. But, a Brahmin wedding is more about ceremonies and rituals and you can’t imagine a single wedding without these rituals.  These rituals are not just for showoff, but they have a sure hidden meaning that is known to all and sundry. However, some of the rituals are very old, but still people love to perform these rituals traditionally. Let’s take a look at some of the Brahmin matrimony rituals.

Siddhant ceremony: In this ritual, the panjis of the families are observed by the priest or panikar. This ritual takes place before the actual Brahmin matrimony. During this ritual, the wedding of Brahmin bride and groom is accepted by the panjikar. On this day, the marriage date is fixed by both the families according to the Maithil panchang or lunar calendar.

Nischaithambul: This ceremony is also popular as roka or engagement ceremony. But, Brahmin families call it Nischaithambul ceremony. The Brahmin bride and groom exchange the rings in front of family members and relatives. Generally, most of the families prefer to have some month’s gap between the engagement ceremony and marriage.

Naandi Pooja ritual: This pooja ceremony is conducted ten days before the wedding day. This special pooja is performed in both the families respectively.

Yedur Kansani ceremony: This ceremony is attended by the females of both the families. It is conducted to build healthy and strong relationship between the two families and their family members. The females of the bride’s family welcome and greet the women of groom’s family with haldi and kumkum. The young ladies and girls sprinkle the rose water on the guests.

Uradha-moorthu ceremony: This is one of the most common ceremonies among all Brahmin families. In this ceremony, the would-be bride grinds the moong dal on a stone with the help of her unmarried cousins and sisters. The same ceremony is performed in groom’s family as well.

Mehendi ceremony: This is one of the most fun-filled ceremonies of Brahmin wedding. Mehendi ceremony is conducted just a day before the wedding. All the females of bride’s family and groom’s family apply mehendi on their hands. Even the bride smear special mehendi designs on her hands and feet to complete her wedding look. Mehendi ceremony is also considered one of the auspicious ceremonies as this is the symbol of marriage. The females of the family sing and dance on the traditional folk songs. This ceremony is all about fun and enjoyment.

Haldi ceremony: This ceremony is conducted in the morning of wedding day. The females of the groom’s family apply haldi paste on the face, hands and feet of the groom. The same haldi paste is carried to bride’s home with sweets and other gifts. The same haldi paste was applied on the face, hands and feet of the bride as ritual.

Groom’s entry in the wedding venue: As the groom arrives at wedding venue, the females of the bride’s family welcome the Brahmin groom at the wedding venue. Vidkari is the bride’s friend who welcomes the groom with a sandal paste. After taking the ceremonial bath, the groom wears jenui and dhoti.

Gauri Pooja: In the Gauri pooja, the Brahmin bride offers special prayer to goddess Gauri for taking blessing from her for her happy and fulfilling married life.

Wedding ceremony: The bride and groom sit together in front of the holy fire. The Lord Agni is worshipped by sitting in front of the holy fire. After that the kanyadan ceremony take place where the father of the bride places the hand of his daughter in the groom’s hand and expect that he will take her responsibility. The priest chants the holy mantras in front of the fire.

Saptapada ritual: In this special ritual, the Brahmin bride and groom take seven rounds of the holy fire. After completing the seven rounds the groom ties the mangalsutra in the neck of the bride and applies the sindoor on her forehead. Brahmin matrimonial website gives marriage resumes of brides and grooms. Find your life partner with Aadhaar matchmakings.

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