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Are you in love with a Bengali girl? Are you desperately searching for the ways to woo her? Do you want to learn things about the Bengali girls and  Bengali marriages? If yes, then below we are listing the top 10 ways to woo a Bengali girl and win her over:

1. As most of the Bengali girls are very intellectual, try to have only stimulating conversations with them. Useless talks hardly impress them. Choose a few important topics beforehand and prepare to talk about them. This will surely help you to maintain a long conversation with her and will impress her instantly.

2. Read a few Bengali writers and talk about them in a way that it doesn’t feel that you are forcefully bringing the topic in between the conversation. Talk casually about it in a way that it feels that you have good handy knowledge of the written Bengali works. Bengali girls love to read and are absolutely crazy for books.

3. Learn each and every thing about Bengali marriage. Most of the Bengali girls love to marry in Bengali style only. If she feels that you have a good knowledge about it and you are highly inclined to get married in the Bengali way only, she will feel at ease with you as regards her marriage style.

4. If you are taking a Bengali girl out for a dinner, take her to a restaurant which serves excellent Bengali food like Maach etc. Before going out, you should also learn the art of ‘Kata Baachna’ used while eating a fish.

5. Dress up well and in an informal style, but not in a Rancho style. As the bong girls are highly intellectual, mostly the girls prefer, simply and informally dressed boys. Mostly, such girls do not go after pomp and show. No girl like shabbily dressed guys, so suit up well.

6. Have a good cultural knowledge about the Bengali people. Bongs like to be respected for their cultural heritage. They take pride in it and expect the same from the other.

7. Show immense respect for her family. Not only Bengali girls, but all girls like to see a glimpse of respect for her family in the eyes of their prospective groom. This isn’t too much to expect. Talk in praise about her family values and virtues.

8. Keeping all the points in mind, don’t pretend to be a different person. Be yourself and just show respect for her, her family and her culture. That’s it. If you will try to be some different person, she will be very quick to identify it.

9. Show her that you love her for what she is. You will not force her to change in any way and will respect her choices as regards career and other.

10. Bongs ask a lot of questions. Don’t feel annoyed by them. Give all the answers of their question by being calm. This is all what she needs from you, nothing else. Short and simple answers attract Bengali girls the most.

You can learn more about these girls by visiting the web pages of the Bengali matrimony sites, where these bongs specifically mention about what they look for in their prospective groom. These 10 tips that I have explored are useful to impress any Bengali girl. Taking help of the  best matrimonial site can also help you find the right Bengali girl for you.

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