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Celebrating First Christmas as a Couple

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Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year when everyone is decked up with high spirit and enthusiasm. It is not just about the festival but the excitement of the New Year adds on to the realm. And to top it up, if you are recently married then there is much more a reason to celebrate and enjoy your togetherness. For a magical tint to the occasion, we have listed here 7 ways to make the most of occasion and start new family traditions of your own.

1) Carry forward family traditions

Its the best time to relive your childhood fantasies. Recall all those things that made Christmas special for you as child and find ways to twine them into your adult lives. It could be decorating your house with your favorite stuffs, preparing all the junk food that you would love to have but would refrain on a regular basis and restrict to just a few important occasions or watching out your favorite movie.

2) Start your own customs

Following age old traditions in your family is fun, but since you are starting your own family and creating your own new home, it is a nice idea to pick a few things that you can put into practice every year creating a tradition of your own. It could be as small as opening a secret gift on Christmas Eve to making a special meal of something that you two would enjoy as a couple.

3) Reorganize your memories

With the year-end approaching, it’s a great time to have a look back on how the year went by! Celebrate it, get your memories printed in photos, frame them and hang it around the places where you can cherish them and let them speak a story of yours that was created during the year.

4) Sing a Carol

You might not be an expert singer to be a part of the carol team, but singing old holiday carols in the comfort of your own living room has its own charm. This can be a part of your own tradition list, adding some romance to your life.

5) Plan your “WE” time

It can sometimes be a little tough to prioritize your relationship amidst all the festivities, family gatherings and celebrations. Make sure to set aside some time that’s for just the two of you, when you can reconnect without distractions, recollect on the past year, and plan together for the coming year.

6) Be crazy in your clicks

Surely you would love to pose as a perfect couple in all your clicks, but clicking a few goofy pics that are more humorous will bring a smile on your face year after year at every glance. Let your humorous and lighter side reflect through your pics to cherish forever.

7) Plan your travel and family commitments

In case you are travelling to celebrate your Christmas with your loved ones, you can still plan your personal time. Make a reservation at your favorite restaurant a few days in advance, so that you can get some alone time. In case your family lives nearby, you can plan mornings alone with your partner and evenings could be a family affair.

Christian Wedding Rituals: Right Mix Of Traditions & Contemporary World

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christian wedding rituals

Indian Christian wedding has its own charm in India and an important part of Indian culture. However, the Christian population is very less as compared to Hindu and Muslims in India. The Christian wedding rituals are very simple and sober as compared to other Indian weddings. You can view a visual treat in the Christian wedding. The Christian wedding rituals are conducted in the presence of Christian Bride & Groom, their respective families, relatives and friends. Their wedding rituals are spread over the pre-wedding, wedding and post wedding too. Let’s take a look at some important Christian wedding rituals in India.

Engagement Ceremony: This ceremony is generally announced in Church in the presence of both the families. This is one the most important and first rituals conducted before Christian wedding. The engagement ceremony is generally conducted by the bride’s family. Family members of both the families attend this ceremony. The couple exchanges rings on this occasion in front of family and friends.

Bachelor and Hens parties: It is a trend that is gaining popularity among the young people in India. The brothers and friends of the groom host a bachelor’s party for him. The party is conducted to celebrate and enjoy the last day of his bachelorhood. On the other hand, a similar kind of party is organized by the bride’s sisters and friends. It is known as hen’s party.

Roce ceremony: This special ceremony is popularly known as Haldaat in Christian families in India. The ceremony is all about having fun and applying the paste of turmeric and sandalwood on both bride and groom. This ceremony is very significant among the North Indian Christians. This Haldaat ceremony of North India is known as Roce in other states of India. In other western and southern states of India, the coconut paste is applied on both bride and groom instead of turmeric and sandalwood paste.

Bridal reception: On the wedding day, the bride arrives at the wedding venue in a car, which is generally sent by the groom. His best man receives the bride and escorts her inside the Church. After that, father of the bride escorts her down the aisle on the other side of which her groom patiently awaits for her. He hands over his daughter to the groom and gave his best wishes and blessings for their happy future.

Exchange of wedding vows: Both, the bride and the groom write their own wedding vows, which they read out to each other at the time of wedding. These vows are messages of love and respect that they have for each-other. It is symbol of their true love and commitment for their new beginning.

“I do”: After reading all the wedding vows, the priest asks both the Christian bride & groom for marriage if they agree to love and cherish each other in the health and sickness for as long as they live? In return, the couples reply to this by saying “I Do”. Then, the priest announces them husband and wife.

Indian twist to Christian wedding: Traditionally, in Indian Christian wedding the groom ties the ‘Thali’ or ‘Mangalsutra’ around the neck of the bride instead of exchanging the rings. However, the trend of exchanging the ring is also gaining popularity among young Indians.

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