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Are Women in India Really Enjoying the Independence?

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independence day 15 august

We are about to celebrate the 70th Independence Day. We claim to be one of the fastest growing economies of the world. We are working on various things as a nation and improving our infrastructure and resources day-by-day to get into the league of developed nation. But, are we still in a state where we let the women of our country live freely. Are the women from every part of the country, be it the remotest areas in Jharkhand, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh or Manipur really enjoying the same level of freedom? Are the women from all class and parts of our country free and independent enough to make their own decisions? If we ignore the 20-30% of modern women who are privileged and born in open minded families whom you find driving cars, wearing branded clothes and enjoying their life, rest of the females who belongs to a middle class family from rural areas or semi-rural areas, are they enjoying the same level of freedom? Women in our country still don’t have the level of freedom where they can live their life as per their wish. Here, we are mentioning a few points indicating that women in our country are still not enjoying the freedom to the fullest.

Need permission before going out: We have made our women so dependent that they need to take permission from their parents if they want to go out. Even if they are married, they have to seek permission from their in-laws or from husband before stepping out of home. They are not free to go anywhere as per their wish. They are still not able make their own decision of going out of home, they need to take permission from family members.

Can’t wear a dress of own choice: This is another thing faced by most of the females in our country. They can’t wear a dress of their own choice. They are supposed to wear whatever has been instructed to them either by their family members, in-laws or by husband. They are not free to decide what she should wear on daily basis or how she should dress up if she is going to office or to meet some relatives. This is something very common faced by most of the females in their life. “You should not wear this short dress”. “Don’t wear jeans or hot pants, my parents will not like their daughter-in-law wearing jeans or hot pants.” – are some of the common statements/instructions given to females.

Can’t go out alone in late hours: Being a female you are not supposed to go out alone in the late hours. Generally, the family members would instruct your brother or some male member to pick you up from the required point. Even the husband would tell her that either he will come to pick her up or ask his father or brother to pick her up if she is getting late due to whatever reasons. This is something very common in most of the Indian families that they don’t allow females to travel alone in the night.

No freedom to seek a career of choice: You are a female and career is not meant for you. You are not supposed to make a career of your choice. Pick a career like teaching, banking or something similar where you can leave office early in the evening and reach home on time. A career in corporate or something else is not the right choice for a female. You are supposed to give up your career for your family, kids and for the sake of married life. You are liable to take care of your home, kids, in-laws and other household things after marriage, but thinking about a career is not meant for a female.

No freedom to decide when to marry: You are not the right one to decide whether you want to marry or not. If you have crossed 24 years, then as a typical Indian this is the ideal age to get married. You should get married as soon as possible otherwise you will not find even a single eligible male to marry. When you should get married is not your decision, but your family is the right one to decide whether you should marry or not. If you want to go for higher studies or make your career first, still these things are not meant for you. Marriage is the ultimate thing in a female’s life and she should settle down as soon as possible. The freedom to decide when to get married is not for females at least in our country.

No freedom to choose a life-partner: Being a girl you have no rights to choose your life partner. You are not supposed to get married to someone you liked or go for a love marriage. Your family is the right one to select a life partner. As a girl you are not smart and intelligent enough to make this important decision. Your family knows it very well who is right and who is wrong for you. Therefore, they are the right one to select a life partner for you.

Partying is not meant for them: This is one thing, which is not meant for Indian girls. You are not supposed to go out with friends and party. If your brother, father or some male member of the family is going out for party, it is absolutely fine with all family members. But, if you tell the same thing to them, then they will raise their eyebrows and would not allow you to go for and party.

Girls are still living in a nutshell where they are overprotected by their family members. Actual freedom or independence is not meant for them. They are not free to do whatever they want. They are still living under control of their family members and male counterparts.

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