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Jat Pre-Wedding Rituals: Feel The Essence Of Ethnicity!

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Jat wedding rituals

Jat community follows their rituals and traditions religiously; you can see the same thing in their wedding rituals as well. Jat wedding ceremonies are full of various traditions and customs. Their wedding customs resembles the Vedic-Aryans as the Jat girl and boy for marriage from the same gotra never get married. However, they are very much keen to get their children marry within their community. They never look for prospective bride or groom from some other community or religion. Here are some of the Hindus wedding rituals of Jat community.

Sagai: The first ritual of the jat wedding is sagai. The elder members of the family select the bride and groom based on their family status and other requirements. After selecting the prospective Jat bride and groom for marriage, they fix wedding date on that day.

Ring Ceremony: On this ceremony, the groom visits the bride’s home with family members and relatives. They offer gifts, clothes, jewelry to bride and her family as well. Besides, the main ceremony is ring ceremony, groom presents the ring to the bride and she wears the ring on her left ring finger. It is a declaration of formal engagement and beginning of other marriage ceremonies.

Bhat nutana: In this ritual, the mother of the bride and groom visits their paternal homes respectively to invite her paternal family formally. This ritual is done generally a month before the marriage.

Ban baihana: Both the families do a Ganesh puja before the marriage, to receive the blessing of God Ganesha for the peaceful completion of all wedding ceremonies.

Pithi lagana: A thick paste made of grounded barley, turmeric and ghee is applied on the face, hands, and feet of the bride. All the ladies of the family participate in this ceremony and apply the pithi on bride turn by turn.

Banorj: After the Ganesh puja the bride and the groom can’t have the food at their home. Their first meal is served at officiating priest’s house. This ritual is known as baman banori. Rests of the meals are served by close relatives and neighbors as well.

Ratijka: On the pre-wedding night, all the family members of the bride and groom’s family stay awake all night and sing folk songs and dance.

Mehndi Lagana: Mahendi is applied on the bride’s hand and feet. Besides, the females of both the families, relatives and friends gather on the occasion and apply mehendi on their hands.

Khichai: This ceremony is conducted at groom’s home where all the relatives and villagers are invited for a small feast with a dish made of rice and daal.

Chak puja ceremony: This is one of the most important ceremonies. They worship the potter’s wheel and start all wedding rituals after praying the wheel.

Barak nikasi: This ritual is for the procession of the barat towards the wedding venue. The groom rides a decorated horse to the wedding venue. He wears safa with a kalgi pinned on it.

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