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Know More About Pre-Wedding Rituals Of Gupta Community

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Wedding Rituals Of Gupta Community

Wedding is considered as one of the most auspicious occasion. Gupta community’s wedding rituals are more or less similar to baniya community. The parents start looking for a matrimonial match when their son or daughter enters into a marriageable age. However, there are still many people who search for matrimonial alliances through friends and relatives. But there are people who create profiles of their son or daughter in different Gupta matrimony sites. You can easily find Gupta bride and groom there by creating the profile. The wedding ceremonies of Gupta community last for 5-7 days. Let’s take a look at the pre-wedding rituals of Gupta community.

Tilak ceremony: One of the wedding rituals in Gupta marriage is Tilak ceremony. You can also say that this is the beginning of other wedding rituals. Gupta weddings are full of traditions and rituals. This ceremony is attended by males of both the families. The father of the bride along with other males of the family visits the house of the groom. There he applies Tilak on his forehead and offers him gifts, some shagun (money), sweets, clothes and fruits as ritual. After this, the family of the groom also sends some gifts for the bride.

Godh Bharai: This ritual is conducted at girl’s home. The women of the groom’s family performed the ceremony. The ladies of groom’s family offer gifts, clothes, sweets, toy and fruits in the lap of bride. They put tilak on her forehead.

Ring Ceremony: It is also known as engagement ceremony, which marks the beginning of the wedding ceremonies. All the family members of both the families attend this ceremony. The would-be-bride and groom exchange the rings. It is a kind of formal announcement of their new beginning and on the same day they announce the wedding date as well.

Sangeet & Mehendi ceremony: The sangeet ceremony took place just a day before the wedding. All family members, friends and relatives participate in this ceremony. It is conducted in both the families respectively. The ladies of the family sing traditional songs and dance on folk songs. As the trend is changing, nowadays, the males of the family also participate in this ceremony.  Now people also perform and dance on various Bollywood songs. Some families also arrange DJ as well for sangeet ceremony.

On that day, Mehendi ceremony is also conduced. This ceremony is also held in both the families. All the females of the family smear mehendi on their hands. The bride and groom also smear mehendi. The bridal mehendi has its own importance and relevance. It not only enhances the overall beauty of the bride, but it has many believes as well. Some people believe that the darker the color of the Mehndi, the more bride’s husband will love her.

Haldi Ceremony: This ceremony is the one in which a paste of haldi is applied on the bride and the groom’s face, hands, shoulders, feet and forehead. It is also conducted in both the families. Haldi ceremony is conducted on the wedding day. In this ceremony, the married females of the family apply haldi on the face, hands, shoulders and feet of the bride and groom. After this ceremony, all the other ceremonies of the wedding day begin.

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