Do Not Try to Change Your Spouse, Embrace Them for Who They Are

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No human being is perfect, every person in this world has multiple flaws in their character, even you and you cannot deny this fact. Therefore, it means that the person you are married to isn’t perfect either, and they have their own sets of flaws. So, what do you do when you come across a flaw in your spouse? Do you lash out them? Do you nicely ask them to change the habit or behaviour that you consider a flaw? Or do you do nothing?

A lot of people will be inclined to choose the second option, when you do not like something your spouse does or says, asking them not to do it anymore seems like a reasonable thing to do, and make no mistake, it is alright to do that. But, is it the proper thing to do? The answer is no. What you need to understand is that change is not something that happens overnight, and in some cases, it may not happen at all. It is not the fault of your spouse if they cannot change the way you want them to, they might be really trying hard, and you probably would not have realized it, or maybe they were not trying hard enough because they did not want to change. And they cannot be found at fault in both the cases.

First of all, it is you who wants them to change and they are not doing it out of their own will. Changing a character trait is no simple thing, unless and until the person really wants to bring about the change, there is no chance of it happening. So, forcing your partner to do something they do not want to do in the first place is of no use at all. Secondly, remember what love is about? It is all about loving every little part of each other, both the good and the bad which means that you have to embrace each other’s flaws. Otherwise, you need not be together at all. What is love without acceptance? And what is a matrimony without love?

Yes, obviously it is not going to be easy. Your spouse may do or say a lot of things that might irritate you, even drive you nuts, but this is the place you have to apply one of the key principles of every successful marriage – compromise. It starts by accepting the fact that whatever you do, you cannot change your spouse, because however long you search, no matrimonial site is going to help you find a spouse who has no fault at all. And once you accept that fact, you will automatically move on towards embracing your partner for who they are. Once you do that, you might start feeling the change yourself. The things that made you feel like going on a rampage before will no longer even bother you. In fact, you may find yourself laughing at how silly you were to have lost your cool about something so trivial. Indian Brides  and Grooms may benefit a lot from following this simple thing as arranged marriages mean you often have little or no time to know your partner before you have already tied the knot.

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